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World Health Organization
WHO -- Margaret Chan,
Director-General; Geneva, Switzerland; 2015
also home to the Red Cross which works closely with FEMA )

Dr. Thomas Frieden to head CDC-- Center for Disease Control;  Atlanta, Georgia--2015
Frieden has run one of the nation's largest public health agencies, in New York, since January 2002. He had served at the CDC from 1990 to 2002. In the early 1990s, as an epidemiologic intelligence service officer, he investigated issues such as a spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis, according to the White House

Dr. Francis Collins to Head NIH --National Institute of Health -2015
Genome Project Leader

The New Healthcare System
by Christopher S. Bentley
Excerpts only: Fair educational use

"Applied Digital wants millions of Americans to be implanted with an RFID chip for medical purposes, and the Frist-Clinton bill (S. 1262) would pave the way.......
On July 31, London’s The Business reported that Thompson “is putting the final touches to a plan that could result in US citizens having [an RFID] chip inserted under their skin.” Scott Silverman, CEO of Applied Digital, told WebMD Medical News on July 27 that “some 2,000 people worldwide are using” his company’s implants. “But,” the WebMD report noted, “soon he expects that millions of people will get VeriChip implants every year.” ............

Skeptics will dismiss Silverman’s optimistic business forecast as greatly exaggerated, and those with a natural distrust of polls will question the validity of the data. But putting that aside for a moment, consider the fact that Applied Digital is positioning itself to get some major help — from the federal government.
According to The Business report, “the RFID capsules would be linked to a computerized database being created by the US Department of Health to store and manage the nation’s health records.” Thompson said he “intends to publish the proposal in the next 50 days, by which time he plans to have had a VeriChip inserted in his arm.” The former HHS secretary is definitely positioned to use his past employment to help his new employer.

If this socialist healthcare scheme is allowed to pass, and Applied Digital succeeds in partnering with government, then Americans will be seduced into accepting a “seamless” nationalized healthcare system. But those who participate will also end up with a medical ID implant that will undoubtedly morph into a mandatory national ID.
end of excerpts

From the Newswire: Educational fair- use

1.2 BBBillion to electronic records
Ed: What slice of this pie goes to subdermal rf-ID, scanners and databases ??

Probiotics help maintain good health  ( obtainable at health stores )

Flu vaccine linked to life-threatening nerve disease

Cell-based vaccines
We are accelerating efforts to develop the next generation of vaccine technology,'' McClellan said yesterday. ``That means using cell-based techniques versus the egg-based, because we believe that if we can move to the cell-based technique, we have the manufacturing capacity to be able to mass produce that vaccine quickly.''

DNA vaccines

Their technique: extract just a few genes from the virus and inject it into people.
The nascent technology, called DNA vaccines, is a form of gene therapy that proponents argue is the best way to overhaul a 50-year-old vaccine manufacturing system
Most government and big pharma efforts on the influenza vaccine front are doing one thing new: They're seeking to shave a few weeks off the process by trading in the chicken eggs for mammal cells, the standard brewing technique used to make biotechnology drugs

Under the current system, the three flu bug versions that are expected to be the coming season's most prevalent strains are injected in chicken eggs to multiply before undergoing a long process of inactivation, sterilization and packaging
Flu also is the only vaccine made fresh every year because the virus mutates so rapidly. Because vaccines are biological products, not chemicals, they can't be cranked out quickly in times of need

DNA vaccines were first introduced about 10 years ago as a possible treatment for a variety of diseases, from AIDS to cancer. They worked great in mice, but largely failed to work in humans because the injected genes did not find their way into the cells

Vijay Samant, chief executive of Vical Inc. in San Diego, said those initial problems have been overcome and his company is testing DNA vaccines in cancer and AIDS patients to battle those diseases

PowderMed overcame the problem of getting the flu's DNA to cells that need to be tricked into thinking the body has been infected with flu by coating the flu's genetic material with microscopic gold particles and shooting it into skin cells at the speed of sound, said PowderMed's chief scientist Dr. John Beadle

Live Polio vaccine virus mutates causing polio in Nigeria


Death Panels

Palin and Obama statements

Refusing the vaccine makes one a "criminal ", says WHO

Accepting the vaccine  ( please see
Acts 28:5,6 )

Administration: Just cut life short
--  counseling elderly on assisted-suicides
"One of the most shocking things is page 425, where the Congress would make it mandatory absolutely that every five years people in Medicare have a required counseling session," she said. "They will tell [them] how to end their life sooner."
The proposal specifically calls for the consultation to recommend "palliative care and hospice" for seniors in their mandatory counseling sessions. Palliative care and hospice generally focus only on pain relief until death.

Squalene adjuvant : harmful to joints, tissue

Adjuvants added to vaccines ...perilous ;
adjuvants: that which modifies ( changes) something.

Cannot sue vaccine makers

Mandatory vaccination or jail ?

Bringing vaccinations to your door


Perilous vaccinations
Flu shots to be dispensed this Fall 
"Vaccinations will begin in October only if tests scheduled to begin in August prove that the vaccine is safe and effective. Even then, officials expect only tens of millions of doses to be ready, so they will have to decide who is vaccinated first. The most likely candidates, Ms. Sebelius said, are
school children,
health care workers,
pregnant women
and people with
asthma or other conditions that make the flu riskier

a Web site tracking flu mutations (recombinomics.com).

Health Reform and Medicare Cuts
Vice President Biden announced an agreement today to cut $155 billion in payments to hospitals for Medicare and other subsidies. But hospital officials cautioned that the deal, like an earlier one that Obama's administration reached with the pharmaceutical industry, is contingent upon the passage of a broad-based reform effort that would place new burdens on all of the players in the health care field.
Lawmakers are also considering ways to reform Medicare payments to emphasize the overall quality of care over the quantity of treatments. But lawmakers are not going as far as Massachusetts did; it is considering shifting entirely from a fee-for-service model to one where salaried physicians would be paid an overall annual price for covering a given person or family

......'We're not going to care for you, because we've decided it's too expensive to care for you,'
Democrats' caution has not kept Republicans from accusing them of embracing rationing. They raise the specter of the British agency, which goes by the acronym NICE, that decides whether that country's nationalized health-care system will pay for items such as costly cancer drugs that extend lives a few months on average.
"You're going to be saying to people, 'We're not going to care for you, because we've decided it's too expensive to care for you,' " said Robert E. Moffit of the right-leaning Heritage Foundation.

Homeless people die after being given vaccine


Germany ( Novartis ) makes H1N1 flu vaccine for 2 consecutive jabs

Will Universal Health Care require microchip ID ?
by Sonya Haskins

H1N1 achieving global solidarity
"We must therefore be prepared. Our best response is a firm demonstration of global solidarity,” Mr. Ban said, adding that he will convene a meeting of the Influenza Steering Committee in New York on Monday [ June 15, 2009 ] to “map out our immediate next steps.”
"This outbreak is yet another reminder that we live an interconnected world. A threat to one country is a threat to all, requiring a collective, global response.

Schools to become clinics for mass mandatory vaccinations


Jerusalem : International Bio-Med Center ( drug innovation )
"I am personally committed to the field of biomed and the health and life sciences business cluster as a core competitive advantage that we must exploit in Jerusalem," Barkat said. "Among other things, I intend to award financial incentives in order to encourage international companies to put down roots in Jerusalem, as well as to define Jerusalem as a Special Economic Zone with tax benefits for high-tech and biotech companies. These steps are intended to turn Jerusalem, the health and life sciences capital of the State of Israel, into a renowned partner in the international arena."
Currently, Jerusalem leads Israel in the field of life sciences, with approximately 43% of all biotech research and about half of all clinical research in the country performed at Hebrew University and Hadassah Medical Center, respectively. In addition, Jerusalem hosts the only technological incubator in Israel dedicated to drug development, BioLine Innovations Jerusalem. Recent successes in the field originating at Hebrew University include two innovative drugs, Doxil and Exelon, which are sold worldwide at over a billion dollars annually."

Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccines

WHO declares flu pandemic
Ed: What is foreseeable in the future: martial law, curfews , quarantines, no assemblies etc etc ? We have turned a global corner.
Nearing Stage 6 on swine flu ( global pandemic ) any and all restrictions apply


Ed: Quarantines : loss of freedom of assembly ( schools, restaurants, churches etc. ) Martial Law.
Mexico: 5 day shut down ( loss of wages from work )


Martial Law passes ( only for the strong hearted )



Raise taxes to pay for new health system
" a raiser of taxes" Daniel 11:20

Flu -- mandatory vaccines and quarantines and martial law.



Doctors mandated to assist suicide

DHS may determine quarantines
" Federal quarantine authority is limited to diseases listed in presidential executive orders; President Bush added "novel" forms of influenza with the potential to create pandemics in Executive Order 13375. Anyone violating a quarantine order can be punished by a $250,000 fine and a one-year prison term
Quarantines are hardly new: their history stretches at least as far back as the Bible, which describes a seven-day period of isolation that priests must impose when an infection is apparent. The word literally means a period of 40 days, which cities along the Mediterranean shipping routes imposed during the plague of the 15th century, a legal authority reflected in English law and echoed in U.S. law.

In response to the 1918 influenza epidemic, states levied quarantines and imposed mask laws – with the District of Columbia restricting residents to their homes and San Francisco adopting the slogan "Wear a Mask and Save Your Life! A Mask is 99% Proof Against Influenza."

The Bush administration released the National Strategy For Pandemic Influenza in November 2005; it envisioned closer coordination among federal agencies, the stockpiling and distribution of vaccines and anti-viral drugs, and, if necessary, government-imposed "quarantines" and "limitations on gatherings." 
A Defense Department planning document summarizing the military's contingency plan says the Pentagon is prepared to assist in "quarantining groups of people in order to minimize the spread of disease during an influenza pandemic" and aiding in "efforts to restore and maintain order."

WHO ( Margaret Chan ) to make decisions on Swine Flu outbreak

Coerced into electronic health system ( like it or not )

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