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Self-deceived Christians who willingly take the 666 economic Mark of the Beast
Why ?
1. Bible Illiterate ; Incorrect theology OSAS ( once saved Always saved ) ; apathy
2. Love of money; love of their ministry- empires ; popularity ( go with the flow )
3. Fear of survival ( fear of starvation ; fear of unemployment etc. )
4. Political correctness ( fear of imprisonment, fines  etc. )
5. Various other reasons

The major cause of self-deception is Bible illiteracy
( not reading the whole entire Bible consistently ) ...
relying on others to relate Biblical doctrine

From "libertytothecaptives" ( website against the MOB )
Interview regarding the "Left Behind " series :

Q: How is it possible for Chang to be saved after receiving the double mark?
A: "God looks on the heart," relates Jerry B. Jenkins. "He was a believer first, and thus, always


Ed: OSAS is a doctrine of demons

From "SeekGod" :
( website against the MOB )
"Five years ago, if anyone in the church had been asked if they could bear both the mark of the beast and the mark of God, I would have felt confidant that no one in the church who knew anything about Revelation would have endorsed such an idea. The sad truth is however that there are now many on Tyndale's
Left Behind message board have began to accept the idea that if they or someone "left behind" are chipped they will be just fine because they were marked by God first. Given the popularity of the series in the western world, it could be conjectured that the Church is indeed being primed to accept that they can be "chipped" and still be spiritually safe because they were marked by God first. As strange as it may sound coming from such men Jenkins has actually stated this. 

Bearing these common sense facts in mind the next logical conclusion is that it is necessary to infiltrate the leadership of the church. From pulpits, to cemetar... I mean seminaries, to councils, to religious books. The church attendee has for 2000 years been commonly called "sheep" because they follow the teachers of the scriptures. It is necessary to the agenda of the N.W.O. that they be given leaders who practice the art of "appearing" to expound on the teachings of Christianity, while in reality they are leading them into acceptance of a one world government and the acceptance of "getting chipped".

How we have stopped worrying, and love the coming of the Antichrist ?

Loving the Antichrist
"The Anti-christ will not be Jewish but pose as a righteous Christian and will bring a false peace through war. In that he is riding upon the back of Babylon will give him a Christian mandate to those foolish enough to accept it and those in the luke-warm church of the last days will believe that this man of sin is anointed by God himself. Those Christians that are under the grand delusion and have taken the mark of the beast will not recognize him as coming from the evil one but rather welcome him. Even now, there are those that expect an obvious satanic figure, like another Hitler or the pope or a warmonger that opposes America. He will not be a person of the people but an exploiter promising prosperity through economic advantage. The Anti-christ will come into power through deceitful flattery and words of peace.
His understanding of dark sentences will serve the Anti-christ well in the deception of Babylonian religiosity."

Christian Babylon will give their allegiance and power to the Anti-christ, so what we will see is a person that appears religious with an allusion of a Christian mandate. He will claim fellowship with God but walks in darkness and the people in Babylonian confusion will be giving lip service to Jesus, but in actuality, worshipping the dragon. The kingdom of Jesus is not of this world so worldly Christians will look up to the Anti-christ as their spiritual leader. God has already by this time sent the people a strong delusion because they have believed a lie. Because God has allowed this to happen, Christians will accept and pray for the Anti-christ in the name of Jesus not knowing that he had gained his power through satan's deception. He will be desired as the people's choice so we may see him as democratically elected but through a miracle, because he has gained ascendancy from rising up from a mortal wound. "

Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way, Truth and Life -- Cardinal Biffi
If Christians set aside their belief that salvation comes only through Christ, he said, they may find dialogue with others easier, but they will have denied their obligation to share the Gospel and will have placed themselves "on the side of the Antichrist."

Christians in the marketplace

Ed: will they take the mark to stay in the mark-it place ?


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