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The world would have you believe that we are on a line of progression...that everyday in every way things are getting better. That is the cry of the evolutionist.

But God's word speaks not of progression or progress or of being "progressive". We cannot get to a better state from an inferior state.

God's word tells us that events are cyclical. We do not get better and better. We have prosperity, followed by degeneration because of the human heart. Deuteronomy Chapter 8.

Ever since Original Sin, the human heart is corrupted. The unregenerated heart is inferior to God's original design and therefore can only choose inferior things. It is ever tending toward sin.

"Prone to wander, Lord I feel it" ( Hymn )

It is only when we become Born Again that the heart is regenerated :
" a new heart will I put in you and a new spirit." Ezekiel 36:26

Then the inferior heart can make superior or better choices. It can be led from its sinful state into a unique, personal relationship with God. The word "better" is found in the Book of Hebrews wherein the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ regenerated the human heart.

All of history proves how unregenerated the human heart really is.

The most classic example is the Holocaust of the 1930s and 1940.
Germany-- a cultured civilization steeped in education, democracy and organized religion feigning as "christianity" perpetrated the most maliscious government in modern history.

While all of us are familiar with the 6 million Jews who were sent to the gas chambers and worse, the labor camps, few recollect that 5 million Christians also perished at the hands of mad dictators and militia.
The Holocaust lays bare the naked unregenerate heart.

If one wants to read a crash course in World History, all one has to do is read the book of Judges. Here you will see how cyclical all of life is. It is not progressive.

First the people are taught of God and obey. Then God blesses them and they become prosperous. Then they become self-sufficient--not needing God and they become godless (Jude 15 ) and immoral to the point of degeneration . It is then that God steps in and sends judgement...no rain, no harvest, no economy.

In their desperation they cry out to God . They remember Him as their source of all blessings.

Then God show His unfathomable mercy and sends rain and crops and blessings, as the people return to Him.

And yet as their prosperity grows, so does their pride, vanities, idols and ambitions. And once more the wheel of events turns toward judgement. It is ever thus.
It only takes an evening to read the Book of Judges. But if you do, you will realize how all governments and people become corrupted.

The main fact of the Holocaust --that is completely unspoken-- is the glaring fact that a government turned against its own people. The people that burned in the gas ovens were Germans. Germany turned against her own people. A "christian" nation, turned against Christians and people of the Book ( Jews ).

History reveals that the Russian government has turned against Russians , the Chinese government has
turned against her own Chinese ( dissenters June 4 ), so on and so on. And if cultured Germany could commit the most heinous crime of turning against her own people, so can all the "civilized" organized religious " christian " countries of the West...including America.

When you have a Police State, you have a government turning against its own people. But wait a minute . A Police state couldn't survive one moment without the aid and abetting of its own citizenry...the neighbor-spy...the co-worker spy.. the relative--spy, the friend-spy; children betraying parents, parents betraying children etc. Matthew 10: 21.

All of their unregenerate hearts conspire together for the abuse of power and control.
The victims are the regenerated hearts who live in perfect freedom and love of God.

Those in the bondage of SELF hate the freedom of those who live in God's Light and Love.
Bondage hates freedom and will seek to kill those who are truly free.

The regenerated heart can only be free by applying God's grace to each situation.

The OSAS ( Once Saved Always Saved) believer thinks that the equation is 0 plus 100. That a person does nothing,  but to acquiesce to the fact that Jesus died for our sins;  and that God does all the rest. Well, the Book of James ( 2:20 ) says that "faith without works is dead". We must "Work out our salvation in fear and trembling". Philippians 2:12.

Those who know their God, realize that transformation of the soul is a 50-50 proposition. God does His part ( dying for our Salvation ) and we do our part: repent --confessing daily our sins to God-- and  obeying the Holy Spirit each and every single day.

This 50-50 is actually 100 - 100. Jesus' redeeming blood means His commitment went all the way ...100%.
Our obedience and cooperation with God must also cost us everything ..100%.

We cannot earn Salvation. That is God's 100 % gift to us.
But we can lose our Salvation because we have a free will. Judas exercised his free will when he lost salvation.
Please see Ezekiel 33: 18.

God never takes away our free will.
When we read Romans 8:38, 39 the only thing that can separate us from God is our self ... our selfish-will that becomes habitually unrepentant separates a person from God. Does God still hold out forgiveness ? Yes, if you ask for it with a broken heart and contrite spirit ( Psalm 51 ).
Are we sorry enough to change ??

Bask in God's love by being continuously obedient. His mercies endure forever. Praise God !

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