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1. DIY Do it Yourself ... Implanting tags in your own hands
( cyborgs )
2. Chips implanted for specific medical purposes
3. Hazards and Drawbacks

1. DIY (doing it yourself )   Not FDA approved
But are these experiments safe? Graafstra and Sklar's chips are not approved by the Food and Drug Admistration. In fact, there is only one device approved for human implantation and it's for medical purposes.

Sensors Can be configured to READ numbers
Graafstra has engineered the chips in his hands to serve the same purpose as the code that opens his apartment door or the key fob that unlocks his silver 2004 Volkswagen Golf. He keeps no data on the chips, just a 10-character code.
He waves his hand within a few inches of a sensor on the windshield, and that performs the same function as pressing a button on his remote control, unlocking the car door.....
One advantage to the do-it-yourself approach is that his system works only with his property, unlike corporate systems with many users linked to one database. With those systems, hackers could stage random attacks on anyone in the database

Cyborg Chip---- DIY: Do It Yourself development kits
Before confusion starts, remember that all IDs will be a two-factor authentication ...a number PLUS a biological identifier. Please see hopetotheend.com/verification.html

Technotronic dictatorship ...electronic control over 'cyborgs'
Controlling the masses through chip implants
Quoting Valery Filimonov ....... from Interfax-Religion (  http://www.interfax-religion.com )
"It’s an old dream of the high and mighties.
 Zbigniew Brzezinski [Ed: of the Carter administration ] wrote about the necessity of total control and technotronic dictatorship, in 1968.
  David Rockefeller cynically said,
 “The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination”[ Ed: democracy ]
 Today their plans [Ed: the elitists ]are gradually materializing. All of us can witness the process. They foster the society where each person will stay under the vigilant eye of the Big Brother who keeps guard of the interests of today's masters, the kings of profiteering and the pawnbrokers of the global scale.
 It is becoming only evident that the current recession is part of the world's elite scheme to enslave humanity.
  "they are building the system of absolute power over people"
"make us your slaves, but feed us " -- F. Dostoyevsky
"For example, Opinion 20 of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies states the need of "the transformation of the human race" through "the multiplication of body-friendly technologies" which can "herald the coming of cyborgs.” It proposes to modify individuals “via various electronic devices,
under skin chips [ Ed: like "medcomp" ] and smart tags.”
"According to a number of international agreements, the "new world order" is usually called "global informational society" or "global network society"
In fact, this unitarian transnational cyber society will become an electronic death camp.  People will be turned into impersonal user-friendly “bio object.
 He will be helpless before [ the ] cyber system, which is to control the society, and its masters. In fact, it will be a global technotronic fascism using the latest informational and telecommunicational technologies as a powerful instrument of electronic suppression of free human will.
 It is an open secret that the main driving force behind the global Internet community unites
antichristian [ Ed: godless people with a darkened conscience; amoral ] and cosmopolitan members of the world's elite [ Ed : the rich and powerful] , rather than science experts.

"Is it possible to preserve God-like dignity in the society of creatures stuffed with electronics and subjected to various manipulations ?
 ** "It is evident that people are not able to follow their religious beliefs within such global network community, and it is no secret that those in charge of "a new world order" have made the Holy Orthodoxy [ Ed: GOD ] their enemy number one. " ***
 Ed:please see 
Jude 15 -- judgement upon the ungodly.

Smaller-scale portal product ... BlueBean LLC
The do-it-yourself RFID kits, company officials claim, “come complete with everything you need to set up your own RFID development lab including the portal, RFID reader, power supply, RFID antennas, cables and tags.”
Subdermal Chips that are NOT allied with the 666 global financial system
But they do break down the resistance to subdermal chips; paving the way for 666

Body as conductor
Other groups have explored ways of using the body itself as the networking cable, but early chips consumed too much power or used data rates that were too slow for effective communication, Song said. KAIST's chip uses wideband signaling to reduce power consumption while boosting data rate. The chip sends low-power impulses across a wide swath of frequencies, rather than sending a high-power signal down a narrow frequency

Cyborg loves

Trossen-chip ( cyborg-like) not same as Verichip; no global databank
Ed : no global databank = no global banking
Technology will not save us, Sklar and Graafstra
THIS will save us .

Never Need Physical Keys


2. Medical Chips

"Brain Gate"

He's already been the first human guinea pig for ''Braingate," a brain-operated computer system invented at Brown University. Not quite two years ago, Nagle agreed to have implanted a tiny sensor that converts brain cell impulses to computer signals. It successfully translated his thoughts into actions on a computer screen. He thought ''up" and a cursor moved up; he thought ''right" and it shifted right.
''The big moment was when we asked him to imagine moving his arm to the left and then to the right, and you saw different patterns of activity in his brain for each thought," says Dr. John Donoghue, one of the Brown University neuroscientists who worked with Nagle -- and who, incidentally, spent a year in a wheelchair as a child. ''Once you knew that he could think and change his brain activity, that was huge."Continued...


3. DRAWBACKS and Life threatening HAZARDS


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