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A Spiritual Solution to today's animal epidemics and plagues

The following true story is a true testimony by Demos Shakarian who had the largest private dairy farm in the world with 3,000 cows in the 1940's.
( Rockview Dairy -- Downey, California )
From the Book "The Happiest People on Earth" by the late Demos Shakarian pages 77 - 80
Time : December 1941 ..... Place: Southern California

And meanwhile there was another anxiety. All over Southern California dairymen faced a crisis. With so many veterinarians away in the service, tuberculosis (TB) was on the rise in cattle. Every thirty days, officials from the State and County Health Departments arrived to test our herds. The injection was made in the smooth, hairless skin at the root of the cow's tail. If the skin remained smooth after three days, the animal was uninfected. But if a bump the size of a pencil eraser appeared, she was classed as a "reactor"; a small bump made her "suspect". When incidence of reactors and suspects in any herd reached a certain level, all the animals had -- by law -- to be destroyed, unaffected ones as well as sick ones.

Several herds in neighboring counties had already been slaughtered when the first of our cows showed up with the disease. Of course dad and I prayed over them. Nine year old Richard prayed for them when he came to help out in the barns after school. It was Reliance Number Three, our model dairy, where the problem was.. Nearly one hundred animals there now tested as reactors, with two hundred suspects. If there was any increase at all in these figures on the inspectors' next visit---as seemed inevitable--- all one thousand cows must be destroyed !

The day we received this news, Dad and I remained on at Number Three long after the evening milking, sitting disconsolately at our two facing desks . No dairy we'd ever heard of had reached this incidence of disease and saved their herd.

To cheer us up, Dad switched on the nightly radio broadcast from Angelus Temple. Into the gloom-filled room came the warm
voice of Dr. Kelso Glover. Dr. Glover was speaking that night about God's power to heal any and every disease . Dad's eyes met mine across the desks.

Early the next morning, I telephoned Dr. Glover .
"When you said 'any disease', sir, did that include sickness in cows too?"

There was a long silence over the phone as the Berkeley-trained theologian thought this over.
"Any disease", he repeated finally, in animals or men."

"Then sir, would you be willing to pray for one thousand Holsteins ? Today ?"
And I described the situation at Reliance Number Three.

He arrived at the dairy at 11:30 A.M. and the two of us went out to the corrals. There were sixty animals in each enclosure, most of them with their heads in the hay mangers at the farther end. But as Dr. Glover and I stepped through the first gate they stopped eating and crowded around us, as cows will, in a gently jostling circle.

Although the sun was directly overhead, Dr. Glover removed his hat; I snatched off mine as well.
"Lord Jesus ! " he cried. "The cattle on a thousand hills are Yours ! In Your Name , Lord, we take authority over every tuberculosis germ attacking your creatures."

The cows' ears pricked up; their moist black eyes regarded him earnestly.

It took three hours to visit every one of the corrals. I worried about the sun, for Dr. Glover was not a young man, but he would not replace his hat, so long as he was praying---and indeed the atmosphere out there among the silos and watering troughs had grown strangely hushed.

The [hired] hands sensed it too. They were mostly old-timers, men too old for the armed services and the factories, who'd been with dad and me many years and were used to Pentecostal goings-on. But I could see that Glover's manner impressed them. When he rebuked disease [
in Jesus name ] you could almost see the germs turn and flee.

Now I could hardly wait for the next lesion test. But it went just as usual, the health officers' faces grim and preoccupied as they went up and down the rows of cows---tests were done in the milking barn while the animals were in their stanchions---pausing after each injection only to wipe their syringes with alcohol. These men knew better than most how the health of the nation, especially the children, depended on the dairy industry, and how devastating was the current epidemic.

Three days later, they were back for the all important reaction reading, two doctors from the state and the head county man. They didn't talk much as they pulled on their rubber boots.. This was the toughest part of their job.---telling a farmer his herd was condemned.

We milked 120 cows at once at Reliance Number Three, in thirty-two stanchion rows. At the end of the first two rows, the State men met. I stepped closer to hear over the clank of the milking machines.
"It's a freak thing," said one of them. "There wasn't one reactor in that whole row. No suspects , either."

The other man blinked a little. "Not in the row I checked , either !"

In that entire barnful of 120 cows, not one showed a trace of the disease. By the time the second shift had been milked and 240 cows tested negative, the [hired] hands began to gather in the barn, too. The third shift: the same result.

By the end of the morning, over one thousand cows had been milked and not one case of tuberculosis--or the suspicion of one--had been found, even among the animals which had previously tested active. The government men told us there was no medical explanation or precedent for such an occurrence. The only answer was the one I shared with the now-crowded barn : Dr. Glover had prayed, and God answered.

[ Anyone believing on the Name of Jesus Christ can pray and receive God's blessings. God is no respecter of persons ]

Nor did He answer only for this wartime emergency. For the rest of the time that we had a dairy on this site--over twenty years--until Downey became so built up we had to move all the dairies north of Los Angeles, there was never a single case of tuberculosis, or suspected tuberculosis, at Reliance number Three."

-- end of excerpt pages 77-80
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Demos Shakarian was the founder of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International FGBMFI

"Is Anything too hard for the LORD ? " Genesis 18:14

In Exodus Chapter 9 God heals the murrain ( diseases) of the cattle, horses, asses, camels, oxen and sheep ( all husbandry).
"And the LORD shall sever between the cattle of Israel and the cattle of Egypt: and there shall nothing die of all that is the children of Israel. Exodus 9:4

"And the LORD did that thing on the morrow, and all the cattle of Egypt died; but of the cattle of the children of Israel died not one." Exodus 9:6

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