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Contactless Smart Cards ... for prox cards

A Contactless chip is an RFID chip with much more capability than a retail tag. It is a PASSIVE Rfid chip.
( just like the VeriChip is also a passive rfid chip and can be read through the skin )
It is also called
a "proximity " chip.

NFC enables powerless rfid to connect

Both are RFID, but with vastly different ranges :
"Vicinity" chips read 30 feet longer than "proximity " chips [ very close electro-magnetic rfid ]
"In a visual ID-check environment, a person may be briefly identified but then forgotten, rendering them anonymous for practical purposes," the report noted. "In a radio ID-check environment, by contrast, a person's entry into a particular area can easily be recorded and the information permanently stored and repeatedly shared." The DHS subcommittee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday to discuss the issue

RFID no swipe cards in use everywhere; very vulnerable to ID theft, hacking
( Ed: baiting the masses to have chip implant )
No-swipe credit cards that use radio waves to relay their data put consumers at increased risk of identity theft, Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday.

Look for this contactless payment LOGO

An extension to the existing Chip and PIN EMV network, Maestro / MasterCard’s PayPass and Visa's contactless system will allow users to pay for small goods such as rail tickets, newspapers and beers by waving their card in front of an RFID sensor on a point of sale or vending machine.

Fortunately, and unusually for a banking standard, cross-compatibility has been well thought out, and cards should be capable of being used across the worldOne thing is certain: the government and banks are serious, and see this as a war on cash.
Cards can even be left inside a purse or wallet and still be read, similar to the way that Oyster travel cards are used on the London Underground system.
UK payments association Apacs noted that the current trend is for plastic to overtake cash and said there was "no reason to think" that this new system wouldn't catch on

Global Standards for Contactless Cards
-- Nov. 20, 2006 ( NFC etc. )
AMSTERDAM, Nov 20 (Reuters) - Sony Corp. (6758.T: Quote, NEWS, Research) from Japan and Netherlands-based NXP Semiconductors
[ Ed: Phillips ] said on Monday they will join forces to create a global standard for contactless chip cards such as electronic wallets in mobile phones.The two companies said they will create a joint venture, to be established by the middle of next year, that will plan, develop, produce and market a secure chip that will include both companies' contactless chip card formats: Mifare and FeliCa.
Mifare and FeliCa already share the same short-range wireless infrastructure technology called Near Field Communication (NFC).
By combining this secure chip [ Ed: SIM chip ] with an NFC chip, a universal contactless IC (integrated circuit) platform can be created for mobile phones," both companies said in a statement
Consumers will be able to enjoy multiple applications such as payment and transport ticketing from various service providers on one device," the firms said.

Contactless stadium; backed by Emirates ( airlines UAE )
Ed: Why are Moslems interested in big stadiums ? For public beheadings ??
The stadium cost £263m to build and was seven years in the planning. Overall the project will cost £450m including the building of alternative refuse facilities – a project which cost £63m alone. The entire project is expected to be finished by 2010
But that is far from the case now, with everything from the turnstiles, accessed using contactless smart card 'Club Cards', to the electronic point-of-sale units at more than 300 catering points all connected to the network
The stadium has 80 wireless access points, 500 electronic point of sale (EPOS) tills, more than 100 smart card-enabled turnstiles, also capable of reading bar codes on anything from paper tickets to MMS messages on mobile phones – allowing for scaleable ticketing options in the future

The club admits it has taken its lead to a degree from US sports stadiums where Arsenal's goal of a cashless environment is already becoming a reality. This move is being driven in part by the US catering company Arsenal employs, who brought experience of cashless EPOS to Emirates Stadium.

Contactless cards : "Highest encryption" not necessarily so
But in tests on 20 cards from Visa, MasterCard and American Express, the researchers here found that the cardholder's name and other data was being transmitted without encryption and in plain text. They could skim and store the information from a card with a device the size of a couple of paperback books, which they cobbled together from readily available computer and radio components for $150.
And because the cards can be read even through a wallet or an item of clothing, the security of the information, the researchers say, is startlingly weak. "Would you be comfortable wearing your name, your credit card number and your card expiration date on your T-shirt?" Heydt-Benjamin, a graduate student, asked
"It's the classic 'Let's depend on security through obscurity--who's going to look? [ Ed: "who's going to know" ] '" he said.

HID -- Flexsmart Contactless Readers -- from 125k to 13.56 M ( while out in the field )
supports 13.56 MHz technologies
Complementing the FlexSmart Reader family, HID Global provides a wide variety of 13.56 MHz credentials including cards, tags and key fobs. Some credentials also include combination technology, used in upgrading end-users from 125 kHz proximity to the benefits of MIFARE/DESFire smart card technology. These multiple technology credentials are ideal for companies preparing to transition from proximity technology to the additional speed and applications of 13.56 MHz smart card solutions.

G6 ( generation 6 ) advanced payment vending machines "e-Port G6 "
( an obvious tangent to 666 )
USA Technologies' (OTC Bulletin Board:USAT) Generation Six (G6) e-Port(R) radio frequency technology, developed specifically to accept MasterCard PayPass and other forms of contactless payments, as well as standard magstripe credit and debit cards, is scheduled to feature on CBS Television News.
MasterCard caught the US vending industry by surprise when it announced a partnership with the Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company and USA Technologies to deploy 1,000 credit card activated vending machines in Philadelphia.
The e-Port G6 is the only technology to accept not only MasterCard's PayPass, but all forms of contactless card payment, including Visa's Contactless, American Express' ExpressPay, and Chase Bank's Blink. The G6 also accepts traditional mag-stripe cards and cash to cover every method of payment.

Paying by Cell Phone

Universal payments possible
The P4100 is the first point-of-sale PIN entry device to combine signature capture and debit PIN entry with vendor-agnostic capabilities enabling integration with Hypercom, VeriFone and Ingenico card payment terminals as well as leading electronic cash register systems. The device will accept magnetic stripe payments as well as EMV and contactless transactions, support multiple electronic payment and value-added applications simultaneously, and feature a small handheld form factor enabling customers to hold and turn it for enhanced privacy.

Royal Bank of Scotland contactless payments
RBS, MasterCard and G&D, working in close cooperation, have now brought a dual interface EMV product powered by MasterCard's PayPass® technology to the UK market, and expect to see solid growth in this sector over the next three years.
The dual interface cards being supplied by G&D are not only able to communicate with card readers over the air, but they can also transfer data conventionally via the contacts on the EMV chip if the transaction value is high or where no contactless reader is available. This ensures payment can be made at the point of sale no matter what.

India SIM cards for e-payment


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