Hope To The End........................ POEMS


from darkness to Light
by Frank Gallagher

I lived in a world of darkness
Where hatred and sin abound;
I was an actor on the stage of hell
Dressed up as Satan's clown.

I performed just like a puppet
And never missed a cue:
Drugs, Lust, Alcohol, women
Were the rewards that I pursued.

While all the time,
I cried.
I listened as demons praised me
And believed all of Satan's lies.

The devil wanted my soul
And taught me to lie and cheat.
He said the world was mine,
If I would bow down at his feet.

But a voice from deep within
Said that "Jesus is the way ".
So in the darkness of my despair
I fell to my knees and prayed.

"Jesus, I am sorry.
I know I've let you down.
Please help me Lord, I'm falling;
In Satan's chains I'm bound."

Then a Light shone in the darkness,
And the Son of Man appeared.
I watched as Satan trembled
And demons hid in fear.

Hell was all aglow
And Jesus set this captive free.
He said that I was His
And a mansion was prepared for me.

I reached out and took His hand
And heard the angels sing :
"Glory to God in the Highest,
Jesus is the King"

There's much more to the story
And much more I could tell
But words cannot express a lot that can penetrate

Now I walk in His Light,
Though at times shadows appear
I no longer fear the darkness,
For I know that He is near.

He gave me a message to tell you,
And it comes from the Father above:
"Jesus died for our sins and rose again;
He is the truth of all God's love."

Let all give praise to the Father
And glory to the Son;
The Holy Spirit will lead you to heaven
And we will all dwell eternally as one.

Frank Gallagher is now home with our Lord.

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