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The Church

God has always had a people. People who are blood-bought, born again, separated, free. People who are not for sale. People who are sound from center to circumference. People with consciences as steady as Gibraltar's mighty rock.

God has always had a people who'll stand for the right, even if the heavens topple and the earth fades away. People who'll look the world straight in the eye and tell the truth. People with courage without shouting, with holiness convictions without denying it. People in whom the strength of everlasting life flows deep and flows strong.

Sure, some have misunderstood the church. Like Simon, the magician, they have failed to realize that God's Holy Spirit is not a blessing to be bought, but an experience to be received.

Others have maligned the Church. Through their noisy unbelief, they've tried to spread a false rumor and tell us that God is dead. My friend, God is not dead. Oh, He's been pushed out of many of our churches, expelled from public classrooms, ignored in many homes; but God is not dead.

Many today believe their doubts and doubt their beliefs. They've succumbed spiritually. Many have fallen, but many have stood the test of time and trial, and have come forth as pure gold.

It's the church, my friend. It's not going down, it's going up----for it is alive.

Listen, child of God, Jesus said,
"Upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

John, the Revelator, said that all nations, kindreds, peoples and tongues stood before the throne with palms in their hands crying aloud, "Salvation to our God."

Oh, my broken-hearted friend, you are not forgotten. If you're away from God , He will not forsake you when you go to Him. Young student, if you'll stand by the Word of God, the God of the Word will stand by you. Busy housewife, give those cares to Jesus. Family of God, be filled with fresh faith, lift up your hands and rejoice.

He's coming soon to bring His people home.

The Seven Churches

"I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be:
Religion without the Holy Ghost,
Christianity without Christ,
Forgiveness without repentance,
Salvation without regeneration,
Politics [government] without God,
and [the teaching of ] heaven without [the teaching of ] hell.
by William Booth --Founder of Salvation Army

From Richard Belcher:
"If one were to suggest that the time would come when a group of evangelical Christians would be arguing for a salvation without repentance, without a change of behavior or lifestyle, without a real avowal of the lordship and authority of Christ, without perseverance, without discipleship, and a salvation which does not necessarily result in obedience and works, and with a regeneration which does not necessarily change one`s life,  most believers of several decades ago would have felt such would be an absolute impossibility.   But  believe it or not, the hour has come. "
www.fivedoves.com scroll to "letters"

Seductive entertainment -- Paul Proctor 2- 4- 04 http://www.newswithviews.com/PaulProctor/proctor37.htm

Andy Neckar

Concerning giving out information at churches ( forms and surveys ) :
"This is incredible! The mindless sheep are going to give the state run churches all the needed tools to come round them up! Databases galore andall for your own good, how ignorant can we be???
Since when did our Lord and Savior need a database of congregations so he could market his church? This is so sad and yet funny at the same time, we are espousing a social gospel that needs Madison Ave. marketing in order to grow and meet the needs of the church.

What next, do we now ask God the Holy Spirit to sign up for unemployment now that we have these new marketing tools?
My how close we are to his coming? I wish it were today! Thanks for sharing this with us. My ex-church wanted to do the same thing to study the
Charismatic church membership, I said yeah right I gave them squat, in fact I left the church; but this was just a fraction of the many reasons.

Keep the fight of faith through sharing the news of our apostate church and the good news of our brothers and sisters doing a good work.
Blessing to all"
Leon H....from Ed Tarkowski's email list


"To whom do we appeal to find the truth? Do we set benchmarks determined by consensus through surveys or do we pray in the spirit to receive the truth? I'm curious how the gathered information will be proposed to be used.
Looks like TQM applied to the church where the first step is to take an inventory."
John S
......Ed's email list

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