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Rumor has it that VeriChip is going to sell the Company.
If they do, it will most likely be to the government --or else receive government subsidies to continue-- since Homeland Security could easily replace "REAL ID " with this system. -- Apocalyptic Hope
"If the firm sells the VeriMed business or the whole of VeriChip, it plans to propose a second, special dividend to its stockholders consisting of all remaining distributable cash then held by VeriChip. " http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/articleview/4091/2/1/

Chief executive Scott Silverman will leave his duties at VeriChip
Is now a Board member of VeriMed Health-Link

Verichip to sell off VeriMed Health Link and Xmark
The Delray Beach, Fla.-based maker of radio frequency identification systems also said it has retained Kaufman Bros. L.P. to assist in the sale of its VeriMed Health Link business, and the possible sale of the entire company, after the sale Xmark deal closes

" he who has ears to hear, let him hear " 
Book of Revelation
Verichip to be sold directly to the consumer
VeriChip said it will launch a direct-to-consumer marketing campaign in South Florida on ( Monday ) April 28. The general idea appears to be to woo a bunch of retirees to implant an RFID chip (right) and connect the information with personal health records. VeriChip will pitch its wares through
HEARx hearing aid stores in the Palm Beach area.
VeriChip will hook up its chip with its patient ID system called Health Link.
The service will eventually be introduced throughout the state and the nation.
Health Link requires implanting program participants with a tiny microchip (similar in size to a grain of rice) just under the skin in the rear upper portion of the right arm.

Verichip campaign  Dana Blankenhorn
Over the last four years an entire sub-culture has developed to attack the VeriChip. But the company is not backing down. If the present marketing effort succeeds the company is bound to push for chipping everyone, given the chance of violence or accidents in our society.
will launch its first-ever direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing campaign in South Florida on April 28. As part of this campaign, the Company has renamed its patient identification system Health Link and created a new website at www.healthlinkinfo.com that will go live at the campaign launch. The site will provide complete information about the product and how to enroll as a Health Link member. VeriChip has also entered into a relationship with HearUSA, Inc. (AMEX:EAR), a leading provider of hearing care, which has eight HEARx locations throughout the Palm Beach market where patients can enroll in Health Link.

To lead its DTC launch [ Direct to Consumer ] VeriChip has hired Samuel Ambrose as vice president of business development. Ambrose brings more than 16 years of sales and marketing experience to VeriChip, including senior sales and marketing positions with Office Depot, Boston Market and the Florida Panthers. He has a proven track record of bringing products to market successfully and his experience includes development of local, regional and national level marketing and advertising plans designed to build incremental sales

Microchipping Humans
"The chip works a lot like what people do to their pets to protect them from getting lost or stolen, but some opponents to microchipping say people should not be tracked like dogs. They say that while the chip might be used only for medical purposes now, they fear it could be reprogrammed in the future.
"I get a little nervous when you talk about injecting something -- some foreign material into my skin, into anybody," Payne says.
"It's an invasion of one's privacy," Chris Stuart, Fort Myers resident, says. "I certainly wouldn't want it done to me."

Missouri legislature : Don't force chip implants

Ed: While this looks like a victory for anti-chippers, it falls far short of the complete scenario.
The Powers That Be can create a crisis whereby CHOOSING the implant will greatly expedite matters, and satisfy the American dream of convenience. ( no mandate needed here )
We praise K. Albrecht for her efforts and we commend all State Legislatures for their efforts, but the Bible
clearly states that the system will cause ALL
to receive a mark in their right hand or forehead . ( Rev. 13: 14-18 )
No laws whatsoever will come against that.
CAUSING is not mandating, nor is it "requiring".

CAUSING  is setting up a no-win situation --- unless one takes the implanted chip, voluntarily.

Here is an example of expediting matters with an implanted chip:
Note : This is not mandated nor is it required, but it sure IS convenient !

Subdermal Chip: Expediting by crisis-- Academic Emergency Medicine

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