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REAL ID SMART CARD with Computerized Microprocessor


What is a Smart Card ?


CHIP CARDS http://www.anu.edu.au/people/Roger.Clarke/EC/ChipIntro.html

What is a microprocessor ?

Banking smart cards http://www.mips.com/content/PressRoom/TechLibrary/WhitePapers/smartcard

REAL ID and VeriChip
The federal law mandates that every US citizen and legal resident have a national ID card that in most cases is a driver's license meeting federal standards. It requires it to contain an individual's personal information and makes one mandatory to open a bank account, board an airplane, be able to vote, get a job, enter a federal building, or conduct virtually all essential business requiring identification.
[ Ed: will include all commerce, especially grocery shopping; a great tool for profiling and for survival ]

From the newswire:

IBM and Israel high tech development
IsraelNN.com) The Foreign Trade Administration of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor is teaming up with IBM Israel to help Israeli hi-tech companies compete in international markets.
Global corporations, like IBM, Microsoft, and Google, believe in Israel’s hi-tech potential
Ed: Online shopping with chips ?? ) ,

and have opened numerous research and development centers throughout the country. IBM began working in Israel in 1949 with three employees, and presently employs about 2,200 in Israel.
With more than 3,000 companies, Israel has the highest concentration of hi-tech companies in the world, second only to California’s Silicon Valley. In addition, Israel leads the world in the number of scientists and technicians in the workforce -
145 per 10,000, as opposed to 85 in the US, 70 in Japan, and 60 in Germany

Israel and Hewlett Packard to roll out biometric smart card
..."representatives of the Ministries of the Interior and Finance signed a contract with HP Israel CEO Yehoshua Bakula to bring the smart ID cards to Israel.
The project is worth about NIS 270 million. It will take three years, and will include 5 million ID cards. As part of the project, HP will set up a plant in Caesarea that will employ 30 workers
Ed: Tabulating every significant move you make :
" The smart ID cards has been a long-standing vision in Israel. It is a plastic card with an embedded electronic chip, and on the chip will be the details of the holder. The details will allow identification through various public computer systems. The card will also be ready for biometric identification.
Using the card, Israeli citizens will be able to access government services, to identify themselves to authorities through verification and identification (electronic signatures), to pay taxes, to renew drivers licenses, and other actions. "
" Israel's Ministry of Interior has announced it has selected the consortium led by Hewlett Packard for a tender to produce electronic identification cards for local citizens. Hungary's printing house Állami Nyomda is part of the consortium.
HP has partnered with Zetes, Gemalto and Pitkit (local printing house) for this project, estimated at around USD 68 m for the consortium. Zetes, a leading pan-European supplier of solutions and services for the automatic identification of goods and people, will feature as a sub-contractor of Hewlett Packard (HP).
......like Állami Nyomda, a Hungarian specialist of polycarbonate cards whom Zetes has strong ties with, and Pitkit, an Israeli specialist in secured printing.

 By "government applications" it is meant all issues dealing with Health and Insurance, DMV ( driver's license ) , Social Security,  passports, living wills, civic documents, etc. 
All information will be data based, networked and profiled. Decisions based upon this arbitrary data will impact a person for life.
Thus we become labeled and pegged ... a living "minority report".
The REAL ID position paper :
The REAL ID Act : " Why REAL ID cards should be based on Smart Card Technology "
Flexibility as a Secure Multi-Use Credential.....
" establish banking relationships, complete retail point-of-sale transactions, and apply for employment. "

The above article enumerates many  "privileges" attached with the use of  this card . It is well worth the entire read. 

Basically the way we see it is this :  there are several reasons why the Elitists want all global citizens to have a
Smart Card for Identification purposes. ( REAL ID, National ID card, e-ID). 

*  Because it is the world's smallest mobile computer ( microprocessor ) , it can perform many operations
( multi-functional ; multi-applications).

*  Because of its "interoperability" it is standardized to function in all places of the globe for all civic applications.
( The only uniqueness left is one's number.) We become numbered global citizens with a global mind set ).

*  Because of its "multifunctionality" ( also called "flexibility" ) , the microprocessor chip can make electronic fund transfers ( eft ) which will eventually enable the world to go cashless.

*  Because of its Access Control , one can be denied access to one's bank account , should they be politically incorrect, or for whatever reason the System decides ... like deciding not to transact with 666.
( no shopping for groceries;  no employment  etc. )

It is THIS last item which gives the System a particular advantage over the population, steering the masses into accepting the 666 global economic System, which we are told is headed by Satan the Dragon himself
Rev. 12:3,  ... Rev. 13:4  and Luke 4: 5, 6 ) .
The System will be the enabler whereby the masses will worship the devil. Two elitists will bring all of this about:
the antichrist beast and the false prophet.

That is the bottom line of e-ID cards. That is the bottom line of a cashless society. Be it with a subdermal chip or a microprocessor chip in a card, both can open the portals of demon worship and hell by transacting with the 666 number of the beast ( the mark of the beast). 
Please see
Revelation 14: 9-11.


 Because the coming New World Order is such an enclosed System, one can be monitored, tracked and profiled for every action and inaction. The databases and wireless networking will make this globe seem like a ward with no way out.

Yet we are told in
Romans 8:38, 39 .....

"For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present
nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature , shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

God is our way out, even if it means our way through. Just the mere thought of Him and the calling upon His name transcends us beyond this world.

Jesus is our REAL ID

Coke may claim to be the real thing. And " REAL ID " may claim to be real.
But the only REAL REALITY is Jesus Christ ... come in the flesh, and Who died for us so that we would be under no man's System.
Our God knows us by name, not by the indignity of a number.

Jesus came to set us free, and he whom the Son sets free is free indeed (
John 6:36 ) .  Now that's REAL !!

Subdermal ID, VeriChip

Smart Card Overview

Your next Drivers' License will need documents

Ed: renewed licenses will most likely have a multi-application computer chip embedded in them

Driver's License smart card

Muehlbauer ID smart card maker can be set up anywhere
personalized, decentralized machine
Mühlbauer’s CLP54 system solution makes it possible for public authorities to electronically and optically personalize ID cards on site and to deliver them to the citizen. The Spanish public no longer needs to deal with long waiting times from the application to the reception of an ID card
A total of 350 police stations are scheduled to be equipped with these decentralized card solutions.

...experience in highly-sensitive government ID projects. This year the technology group has already been involved in other ePassport projects in states such as Slovenia and Portugal, in the course of which even the strictest of national guidelines are complied with.

Mühlbauer is a global, independent consultant and manufacturer of turnkey automation solutions for the smart card, smart label, semiconductor backend and vision industries. In addition, the company is active in the areas of data enrollment and verification, precision parts and OEM production. With about 1,500 employees in 26 locations on five continents, Mühlbauer is a leading supplier of production equipment for the smart card industry.
In the TECURITY market, Mühlbauer is the only company worldwide capable of developing and offering all required production systems for manufacturing ID cards and ePassports as a one-stop provider. The increasing number of reference projects qualify the company as a reliable partner for even more national governments and authorities. The solution provider considers itself extremely well positioned in order to generate above-average gains in this highly sensitive market for digital security.

MVID applying smart card
According to Mr. Kevin Keipper, president and principal of MVID Group, “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work an industry leader like ID Technology Partners. Given the environment of change and uncertainty being faced by state motor vehicle authorities, driven by increasing federal regulation such as the Real ID Act and increasing pressures within the states for more secure driver license credentials and processing, the demand for credible, competent, independent advice in choosing the right solutions is growing rapidly.
As state and federal organizations struggle with the implementation of multi-factor authentication credentialing systems, the MVID/IDTP team can provide experienced insight regarding the various political, technical, and operational issues the client organization will deal with.”

DigiMarc IDMarc for drivers license

Documents needed for REAL ID
Mexico-US-Canada = one nation; " North American Union"
Human Events Online has been leading the coverage of the so-called “Security and Prosperity Partnership,” a unilateral program implemented by the Bush Administration designed to set the course for a North American Union that would subsume our national sovereignty. A de facto treaty signed by the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., the agreement was never submitted to the Senate for ratification. Now it can be revealed that plans for the
North American Union include a tri-national “North American Union” ID card.
“A number of stakeholders are advocating a driver’s license with enhanced security features as a substitute for a passport. They maintain that when states adopt driver’s licenses with enhanced security features in accordance with the REAL ID Act, the document should be sufficient for land border crossings under the Travel Initiative.”

Red China opens NAFTA ports in Mexico ( viaTX port authority )

Map of Red China sea route
http://www.nascocorridor.com/naipn/pages/san_initiative.html ( Red sea )

From Laredo TX to Canada : NAFTA highway

NASCO alters their message ( Jerome Corsi )

Jerome R. Corsi articles

EMV Card in Latin America : Brazil, Argentina, Mexico
-- August 8, 2006
EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa

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