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"Men's hearts failing them for fear of looking after the things of this world" Luke 21
Is it possible that someday Social Security checks will be witheld because one does not have the mark ?
Will the payment processing system (bank) not authorize the transfer of funds ? Possibly.

"It's hard to believe there are actually Christians who see nothing sinister about implanting microchips into a human body. In the Book of Revelation, we are told that everyone on earth will be required to be "marked," and that without this mark, no one will be able to buy or sell. The problem is, the one who is marked has sealed his own doom by trusting human means of security instead of trusting God.

Some well-meaning souls actually believe that this is a "spiritual" mark – that God will know the allegiance to which each of us has pledged, and that no physical mark will be necessary. Well, that may be fine for God, a Spirit-Being, but what about the government withholding the buying and selling? How will they know who's who?
Also, if we think this mark is going to somehow be forced upon us,
I believe we will be surprised to note that the world will flock to have it implanted. How many would refuse it, if the government's health-care system depended upon an I.D. implant, and if we couldn't be insured any other way ? "Noreen Lowris WND

Excellent Quote: June 2, 2006
"This [ Verichip ] is an insidious, way-beyond-Orwellian way to control people's lives," says Rep. Marlin Schneider, a Wisconsin Democrat and the bill's author. "[The legislation] doesn't preclude a person from requesting a chip, but it precludes government bureaucracies and corporations from forcing people to use it. Members of Congress better wake up to the fact that the biggest threat to our liberty isn't Al-Qaeda, but technology."


Supreme Court paves the way for verichip
Justices shield medical devices ( Ed: subdermal chip ) from lawsuits
''The Supreme Court's decision strips consumers of the rights they've had for decades,'' Mr. Waxman said. ''This isn't what Congress intended, and we'll pass legislation as quickly as possible to fix this nonsensical situation.''
by Linda Greenhouse; Barnaby Feder; Gardiner Harris NYT

Marlin Schneider bill : no chips implanted without consent

" nobody can be forced to use it against their will or without their knowledge."


IBM gets into the RFID industry

VeriChip FDA approved
PALM BEACH, Fla.--Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSX - news), an advanced technology development company, announced today that
it has received written guidance that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not consider VeriChip(TM) to be a regulated medical device.
This clears the way for the company to begin sales, marketing and distribution of VeriChip(TM) in the United States.
Commenting on the FDA notification, Scott R. Silverman, President of Applied Digital Solutions said: ``Since we introduced VeriChip to the world in December, it has received global recognition as
life-enhancing technology. This favorable FDA guidance was a major goal of Applied's new management team. It has been accomplished. We can now begin to sell, market and distribute VeriChip in the United States.''l

The Digital Devil .... by David Kupelian ( WND editor)

You know what? It bothers me too. In fact, the current fascination and excitement over implanted biochips is only the "chip" of the iceberg. The inexorable trends – accelerated mightily by post-9-11 fears – toward biometric universal IDs, toward wall-to-wall surveillance and tracking, toward human chip implantation, toward a cashless society, toward world government, toward digital immortality, all have one thing in common:
They sound an awful lot like what I read in Revelation. What do you think? "

I'm Chipped Off !... Dr. James Hirsen

Subdermal chips by Sherrie Gossett

On February 7, 2002, Applied Digital Solutions announced the formation of VeriChip Corporation as a new, wholly owned subsidiary. VeriChip was first announced on December 19, 2001.


Human chipping centers available 24-7
GLOBAL (repeat "global") database Registry Online

VeriChip manufactured with the help of Raytheon, CIA, NSA, DOD and Hughes
by Stephan Fuchs (sfux) www.Oraclesyndicate.org/index_e.htm [ English ]
"Chip unter der Haut" from Media House Das Medienhaus
www.Oraclesyndicate.org [ German ]

SCI-FI Reality Creep --- Geoff Metcalf
the destruction of privacy. However, McDonald suggests, “Some will holler: 'The Constitution this, and the Constitution that.' But only those social misfits, kooks, and rebels with something to hide will hold out strongly.” Oh yeah? Even those social misfits, kooks, and rebels with NOTHING to hide STILL object. “Little will they know, the very act of objecting, in itself,
will suffice to 'identify' them as trouble-makers.


We at Hope To The End do not believe that an ID chip-implantation will be forced.
The requirement for identifying with the 666 Beast System is allegiance.
It will be offered under the penalty of death, but we will still have a choice.
It will not be forced upon us. The coercion will come through hunger. .... "he causeth all"

However, an external location device, with GPS tracking, may be forced upon us,
which has no eternal consequences.

Mark of the Beast ?...Geoff Metcalf

Wild Hogs ( Dependecy upon the SYSTEM )... Geoff Metcalf

Subdermal Chip
And what does one do with a VeriChip? Why, the possibilities are endless. Though each time we try to start thinking of what they are, we get a very queasy feeling. (Ed: especially after reading Rev 14: 9--11)

VeriChip likely to face Privacy issue debate
VeriPass and VeriTag
and at :
From Keith Bolton himself...."unique identification number"
Each VeriChip contains a unique identification number and other critical data.
VeriChip touted as a Security Chip
PALM BEACH, Fla.--Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. an advanced technology development company, today announced that it is preparing to launch a "Protected by VeriChip(TM)" product awareness campaign to demonstrate the potential for VeriChip(TM) as a personal safeguard technology that includes applications in the defense, security and financial sectors.
VeriChip can enhance airport security, airline security, cruise ship security, intelligent transportation and port congestion management. In these markets, VeriChip could function as a stand-alone, tamper-proof personal verification technology or it could operate in conjunction with other security technologies such as standard ID badges and advanced biometric devices (i.e. retina scanners, thumbprint readers or face recognition devices).
The concept of using VeriChip as a means for secure access could also be extended to include a range of consumer products such as
PCs, laptops, cars, cell phones, and even homes and apartments.

In the
financial arena, the company sees enormous, untapped potential for VeriChip as a personal verification technology that could help to prevent fraudulent access to banking (especially via ATMs) and credit card accounts. VeriChip's tamper-proof, personal verification technology would provide banking and credit card customers with the added protection of knowing their accounts could not be accessed unless they themselves initiated -- and were physically present during -- the transaction. One of the most promising areas being explored is identity theft.

We're moving forward on all of these applications as quickly as possible. We believe the phrase `Protected by VeriChip' will serve as a positive reminder that VeriChip subscribers will enjoy an added measure of safety, security and peace of mind."
Do you get peace of mind after reading
Rev. 14: 9-11 ?????

Big Brother Gets Under Your Skin by Julie Foster

Revelation About Digital Angels by David Kupelian


Roll up your sleeves for a chip implant
Security Chips
STRICTLY VOLUNTARY? So far so good. But now imagine that same chip being used by a totalitarian government to keep track of or round up political activists or others who are considered enemies of the state. In the wrong hands, VeriChip could empower the wrong people.

ADS Vice-President Keith Bolton insists that VeriChips will be used only in voluntary situations. But the company gives up control of how devices are used when they're sold to customers. The U.S. government might consider regulating the international sale of the VeriChip tracking device in much the same way it regulates the sale of arms to rogue states.
[also called "security chips"]
A LITTLE RESISTANCE. The company's aggressive push into South America demonstrates that it sees a market. Already, ADS has deals in three Latin American countries to provide VeriChips for security and authentication. Initial orders exceed $300,000 with anticipated first-year revenue approaching $2 million. ADS President Scott Silverman believes that the global market for security chips will be worth $450 million by 2007.

GPS Transponders for wearers of PLD...personal location devices
These are not subdermal, but external

Oncore GPS Chip by Motorola
Oncore GPS represents the first single chip, host-based solution that will enable Global Positioning System (GPS) features to be easily added to products such as cell phones, PDAs, laptops and even children's toys.
Measuring only 8mm x 8mm, the Oncore GPS chip is the smallest GPS ever from Motorola -- smaller than a dime. The Oncore GPS chip marks the first in a new family of single chip products


LITIGATION (law suits)

Withholding information

Lawsuits plague chip company- Sherrie Gossett
and at http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/54/25674.html

Coverage on chip distorted


posted by SVDSL ( RR MB)
" my mother sent me this, [ an alphabetical list of tagging ]

Applied digital Solutions: This firm makes rfid tags that can be affixed to products or implanted in animals or humans or inventory control or identification. The size of a grain of rice, each capsule contains a microchip with a serial number. ADS hopes rfids will replace credit cards, medical bracelets and even keys. It has implanted them in only 30 people in the U.S. but has sold 6,000 for human use worldwide.

Baggage: McCarren International in Las Vegas this year will become the first airport to attach rfid tags to baggage.

Casino chips: U.S. casinos may soon use scanners to read the value of tagged chips and to monitor betting patterns.

Drugs: The FDA is studying whether rfid's can be used to prevent counterfeiting by tracking pharmaceuticals imported from Columbia, Argentina and Mexico.

E-Zpass: This early use of rfid's allows drivers to pass throught tollbooths without stopping to pay.

Fish: The federal government has implanted rfid's in 10 million salmon to study spawning. In Australia officials busted 3 poachers after scanning their freezer and finding fish that had been tagged by game wardens.

Guns: The Malaysian government has purchased the rights to rfid's that may be durable enough to be placed in bullets.

Hitatchi: The company has developed an rfid that measures 0.012 inches-smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.

Information society: Delegates to the World Summit on the information Society were surprised to discover that the ID badges of 50 high powered guests had been imbedded with rfid's.

Jamming: One firm is developing a device that would jam rfid scanners by sending out fake serial numbers.

Kids: Last year ADS {see A} launched a program in Mexico and Brazil called Veri-Kid that allows parents to implant rfid's into their children.

Lipstick: Shoppers who bought Lipfinity {max factor} at an Oklahoma Walmart were not told that it's package contained an rfid.

Money: The European Central Bank may embed rfid's into paper currency to make money traceable to the person who withdraws it.

New Testament: Many fundamentalists associate rfid implants with "the mark of the beast" that the Bible says will identify nonbelievers when the world ends.

Over the border: A federal program provides access cards with rfid's to 50,000 "secure" drivers who frequently enter and leave the U.S.

Prisoners: Inmates at Pima County jail in Arizona wear rfid wristbands. Guards are issued rfid cards to access secure areas.

Quality control: The U.S militery which has so far invested $272 million in rfid's, uses them to monitor 300,000 containers daily. An inventory job that once took soliders 3 days can now be done in 20 minutes.

Readers: The San Francisco Public Library plans to add rfid's to 2 million books to allow patrons to check themselves out.

Spychips.com: Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering {CASPIAN} and 33 other groups have called for a moratorium of rfid's in the marketplace.

Trash: Garbage cans in Sweden and British Columbia come equipped with rfid's. Garbage trucks weigh and scan the cans, and the owner is billed.

U: Tags are Ubiquitous ... everywhere

Veripay: Instead of waiting in line, "chipped" customers stroll past a sensor that calculates what they owe and deducts the sum from the bank account number of their rfid.

Wal-mart: The retail giant has told it's top suppliers to have rfid's in each pallet of products delivered to it's stores by 2005. The system could save $8.4 billion annually by reducing labor costs and theft.

X-rays: CASPIAN suggests finding a vet or a chiropractor to let you x-ray products for rfid's. It also provides instructions on how to disable them {basically, you crush them like a bug}.

You: Save $50 off the $200 list price when you pre-register to get chipped at 4verichip.com. The standard location is between the elbow and the shoulder of the right arm.

Zoology: Entamologists glue tags to insects to study behavior. 50 million pets also have rfid tags.

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