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"The expansion of the application from an  animal to a person 
was relatively simple to patent-legally. 
This transition is supported by
evolutionist- biology,
where  a human being is classified as a higher mammal,  and thus the problem is solved.
Don Small, vice-president of Hughes Identification Devices stated,
" Let's  define an animal as a mammal, and that settles it.
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Die große Welt der kleinen Chips---- Stephan Fuchs

What is VeriChip? http://www.findmellc.com/verichip_pocket.asp

No Chip for me...I want to be free!

Workers get paycards instead of paychecks

Now, Payton has gone paperless, becoming one of 1.8 million workers across the country whose paychecks have been replaced by electronic payroll cards.
The cards, which go by names such as the eCash card, are similar to debit cards. Workers can use them to buy groceries, gasoline, assorted retail items and to withdraw cash from ATMs. But instead of drawing money from their personal bank accounts, they're getting their pay from a central fund set up by their employers.
Many employers like the cards because they do away with the cost of printing payroll checks. They also provide an alternative to check cashing and high fees for workers in the 13 million U.S. households without bank accounts

A Good Summary of the Cashless System

Credit and debit cards; Magnetic stripe cards; Radio transponders; Cellular networks

The Death Of Cash And Checks?
by Luis A. Ramos
Watch CitiGroup
Technology will continue to propel the evolution of cards, making new forms of payment possible and perhaps driving the nail in the coffin of Cash And Checks.
Applied Digital Solutions Inc. Has Developed The Verichip, A Radio-Frequency Identification Device About The Size Of A Grain Of Rice That Can Be Implanted Under Human Skin.
Simply Pass The Verichip Over A Scanner And Information About The Wearer Is Transmitted.
A Leading Card Brand And Two Banks Are Already Pursuing Potential Applications For The Verichip As A Payment Device.

In 2003, Citi Acquired Sears Credit Card And Financial Products Business And Integrated The Home Depot Portfolio, Making Citi The Leading Private-Label Card Issuer In The U.S
Citi Leads In Customer Service Technology, Security, And Prevention.

IRD = Image Replacement Document

NetDeposit and Check 21
Pay By Touch networks with IBM POS point of sale
to access your account
SAN FRANCISCO – Pay By TouchTM today announced an agreement with IBM that would offer retailers using Pay By Touch technology the opportunity to give their customers the option of paying for purchases on IBM point-of-sale (POS) systems using a finger scan to access their financial accounts

Identity theft

Counterfeiting out of control; G8 must find a solution
It is time for all sectors to unite, to pool resources and knowledge, and to work under one umbrella with governments and enforcement agencies. In recent months, more than
600 companies and organizations from all parts of the world, including
1. Interpol,
2. the World Customs Organization
3. and the World Intellectual Property Organization,
have joined together in
Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy,
a new initiative of the
International Chamber of Commerce

This initiative is coordinating and organizing industry efforts, identifying common messages, creating a central location for knowledge, data and other intelligence, developing information materials and ensuring that lessons learned, good practices and various achievements are shared throughout the business community
(Ed: fascism ) <<< click for definition

External Chip and PIN fraud
Ed. note: Would an INTERNAL subdermal chip be the solution ????

VeriSign Payment Services  ( vs. phishing..stealing identities)
Another approach to online fraud that some processors take is to filter all transactions. VeriSign Payment Services, for instance, creates a filter based on a range of information, including such aspects as number of transactions that a card has conducted recently, the number of items in a transaction, the type of item and the dollar amount. It then incorporates information from outside databases such as address verification and other information about the cardholder.

Internet users hooked by identity-theft scams

John Hall, a spokesman for the American Bankers Association, said banks have taken new steps to verify the identities of those requesting credit cards.

Fingerprints and Snowflakes

No two alike--
and we are more than snowflakes.

God makes no clones, no replicas--
only individuals and originals,
In His own image,
all gloriously different.
He named His stars,
how much more His children!
We have been uniquely created,
not mass-produced.
We are the poems of the Great Poet,

the paintings of the Master Artist;
His symphonies--
each one beloved,
No two alike.

lori fiechter

Glow-in-the-dark Christians

Every Name that is Named

We are known to God by name;
not by social-security number,
not by GPS location,
not by rank and station--
We are known by name.

Names are personal
imbued with feeling and meaning.
Numbers are dry, empirical, unpoetic.
Bank accounts have numbers;
children have names.
We are not numbers,

We are names

lori fiechter
... 9-11-04

Infrared Thermal SCANNING ....... first for SARS; later for ID
Proprietary scanners for authorities

Thermal scanners at Singapore airport

Thermography -- thermal scanning of body heat

Passports, VISAs, border control, immigration etc. now at

VeriChip Comes to Europe ( Switzerland)

Flow Chart of Digital Angel- Applied Digital and assisting Companies
Drafted by Stephan Fuchs of Media House

(Are people in the same category as animals and assets ?) I think not.
Branding by any other name is still
"chattel" = A person considered as an object or thing ( such as a number in a System)
rather than as a person.
Used for another's purpose; expendable; exploitable; a slave.

"outside are the dogs" Revelation 22:15

God calls us by NAME .. not by number :
" Fear not; for I have redeemed thee;
I have called thee
BY THY NAME ; thou art Mine" -- Isaiah 43:1

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