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No. Christians cannot change men's hearts,
nor our society, nor our culture. We are in the world, but not OF the world. We are salt and light...not the main dish. Our kingdom is not of this world.
"broad be the way and few there be".

The only One who can change men's hearts is the Holy Spirit.
"no man can call Jesus Lord except by the Holy Spirit".
Since few people are truly open to the Holy Spirit, few people respond genuinely to the Gospel message. We Christians are a remnant in the world.... a percentage--- and sometimes that percentage is very LOW...even a 1/10 of the world.
Isaiah 6:13.

We cannot Christianize the world through the Gospel ("Utopia"). Christ died on Calvary for individuals....not for nations and governments. He will take care of nations Himself at His Second Coming; after Armageddon, and at the start of His 1,000 year reign.

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) tells us to spread the Good News (the Gospel) that man can have forgiveness for his sin without animal sacrifice. Our forgiveness comes by repentance and by the Blood -covering of Jesus' atoning work of Redemption on the cross at Calvary. We were to make disciples of all nations, not make nations disciples. There's ALL the difference in the world.

We were not given a political mandate, we were given a commission...
a co-mission. Our "co" is God Himself. Our mission is men's hearts. We work under God's directives : His timing, His way. We are sent to announce the Good News that the God-man Jesus came to earth and took our sins upon Himself; and that He sacrificed His life for ours, so that we could have forgiveness for our sins and fellowship with the Godhead.
He was the only perfect sacrifice, having never committed sin while being human ( being both God and man). He was the only acceptable offering to the Father.
Revelation Chapter 5.

Many in the Church of today (Laodicea) preach the Gospel of political activism. They are locked arm in arm with political causes (Faith Based Organizations), Compassionate conservatism) and government subsidies (grants and vouchers, etc.)
Please See Separation of Church and State https://hopetotheend.com/sep.html

Is this the error of Balaam ? https://hopetotheend.com/Balaam.html  Chapter 4 of Zechariah reveals the true cooperation of spirituality with government-- a side-by-side venture, not an adulterated system. This co-operation is brought to a harmonious fruition by the power of the Holy Spirit, and not by political means.
"Not by might, nor by power, but by My Holy Spirit". Zechariah 4:6.

Yes, it is good to vote for righteous candidates, issues etc. (not just to vote for a “winner” ). If all choices are not good, it would be better to abstain from voting and trust in God to see us through.
We are accountable for being responsible citizens in the political system that is ours.
To vote is a civic duty....unless we wake up one day to find out that there is only one agenda and that "opposing" candidates espouse that same agenda in blurred jargon.
The day comes when Prayer is mightier than the vote, and that day is now. Shall we vote in this
election ? If you feel led of the Holy Spirit, then vote. If not, cast your weight with the issues of the day and then pray. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for the undesirable.
"The good is oftentimes enemy of the best".

The elitist-System (New World Order, 1 World Government) has become so entrenched within Government (and religion) that whatever is being spoken in the front door is being controlled and repudiated by those at the back door. Globalists are not going to allow anyone to rise in politics or religion who is not allied with their grand ambitions.

Christian Reconstructionists (Post-millennialists, Dominion Theologists, Kingdom Now etc.) believe we can bring back a better society...close Pandora's Box, if you will. Can we ? We do not believe so.

The political candidates and Christian leaders of today share the same rhetoric and philosophy. They speak of "new beginnings"....a return to the value system of our forefathers. However it is based on the premise that men's hearts regenerate by good intentions. It's like selling a blood-less Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is written in the atoning Blood of Jesus Christ. That Gospel brings freedom to all men and nations as long as their hearts are regenerated by the Power of the Holy Ghost. Yet there are always enemies of our freedom---enemies without, and enemies within. In order for freedom to remain in the land, it must be preserved valiantly.
"You've got to pay the price, you've got to sacrifice for your liberty." What do we sacrifice ?

Aren't we really believing in a false hope...the false hope of changing society for the better. The Scriptures clearly teach that the days are waxing worse and worse 2 Timothy 3:13. We see crime escalating in numbers and in hideousness. We know the facts, although the media tries to hide these facts.  ("Figures don't lie, but liars sure can figure".)

We are falsley called "defeatists " for believing what Revelations teaches that only Jesus Christ---and Jesus Christ ALONE---can save us all from total annihilation.
Remember, we are the ones who have voted time and time again against abortion, partial-birth abortion, same-sex marriages. We affirm that the 10 Commandments ought to be displayed. We believe in Creationism over evolution. These, and myriads of other politically HOT issues we have responded to all the day long. We were there. We could be counted on. Many times we won the vote...only to have it thrown out as "unConstitutional" (a total perversion of democracy on the part of those in darkness).
And when it wasn't thrown out, it was circumvented with other legislation that nullified any attempts at a sane society.

We are salt and light. We've stayed the course, strong and true ever since the liberal-revolution of the 60's. We were there, always writing our Congressmen, calling in at talk-radio shows, writing letters to the editors. And it is to our integrity that when we could do something, we did.

But isn't that day over? The tides of progressive godless government are washing over the land. The season is now for men to call upon the Lord. To trust only in His deliverance, and yes, to quit putting our trust in the voting system of America. It has turned a corner into no-return.
It has failed us time and time again.
"To every thing there is a time and a season and purpose under the sun." Ecclesiastes 3: 1

"My kingdom is not of this world"...."Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit". Zechariah 4:6

The 'Gospel' of Social-Change does not factor in the relevancy of Bible Prophecy. Those who believe in political-activism want the satisfaction of having global technology win all the souls of planet earth over to "the Gospel" (a very watered-down anybody-can-accept-Gospel of feigned love, false peace and illusive-prosperity....and to sign Declarations also which are disobedient to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These people who want signatures on Spiritual Declarations "obey not the Gospel of Jesus Christ
2 Thessalonians 1:8.
Reconstructionist say that our Lord is not coming to take His kingdom until we present it to Him on a golden platter. (Do they read the same Bible we read?)

Matthew 24: 48--51

"But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart
'My lord delayeth his coming' etc. (exactly what the reconstructionists say)
And shall begin to smite his fellow servants and to eat and drink with the drunken
(enjoys 'the good life', while hitting followers over the head for more and more funds )
" he shall be appointed his portion with the hypocrites." Matthew 24:48--51.

Our Lord does not delay His coming. He is not putting off His return long enough for us to get our "Social-Gospel" in order, nor long enough for massive tallies and results to come pouring in. He is not waiting for us to become "Millionares" through the Templeton benefits and rewards system. Our Lord is bringing His reward with Him, and He has not asked Mr. Templeton for any help.

The true Scriptural fact is, we have a few short years left before all that is will be no more. In a few short years Jesus Christ will return to planet earth to Jerusalem and set up His 1,000 year reign. He will teach all of us how Theocracy (God-governance) is the only way; not a humanitarian "social-Gospel".
Zechariah chapters 4 and Chapter 7 reveal His kingdom.

We are not saviors. We are messengers. And the message is "Our Lord is coming soon to usher in His righteousness. Daniel 9:25.
Let's get out of His way and Let Him bring in His kingdom, His way....exactly like it says in Matthew 24.
"Come quickly Lord Jesus!"