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CHINA FILE .... Part 1

So far, we have studied the threats from North Korea and from Russia, and how at mid-Trib we will be attacked. But that is only the beginning. For the following 3 + 1/2 years, nations will be working together to overcome
"Babylon"- America.
One of those nations is China: "the kings of the
East" Rev. 16:12

"But tidings out of the
east and out of the north shall trouble him (antichrist)" Daniel 11:44

SINIM = China .........."Sino" comes from "Sinim"... ISAIAH 49:12.
Also called "
East" ...see Ezekiel 25
See Rev. 9:13-19....200 million-man army marching onwards to Zion

Categories Below : Cyberwar, Alliances, Satellites, Nuclearism , Laser Space Weapons, Oil, Utilities, Submarines etc.

CYBERWAR -- "kingdom full of darkness " Rev. 16: 10

China : Cyber-dominance " the Digital war
First Strike Advantage
" China’s ambitions extend to crippling an enemy’s financial, military and communications capabilities early in a conflict, according to military documents and generals’ speeches that are being analysed by US intelligence officials. Describing what is in effect a new arms race, a Pentagon assessment states that China’s military regards offensive computer operations as “critical to seize the initiative” in the first stage of a war

Sami Saydjari, who has been working on cyber defence systems for the Pentagon since the 1980s, told Congress in testimony on April 25 that a mass cyber attack could leave 70 per cent of the US without electrical power for six months.
He told The Times that all major nations – including China – were scrambling to defend against, and working out ways to cause, “maximum strategic damage” by taking out banking systems, power grids and communications networks. He said that there were at least a thousand attempted attacks every hour on American computers. “China is aggressive in this,” he said.

Chinese Alliances

BRIC Nations :

Brazil, Russia, India, China, (
three-quarters of the world's population) have forged relations.

Trade : Lula and Hu (rt.) 11-04 bbc

These nations say they want a "multi-polar" world. They want to counteract the global hegemony of the Western powers. It's East versus West, and the West against all the rest.

China has the largest military in the world of 2.8 million http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/asiapcf/9905/28/china.military/

China is the largest consumer of
grain in the world," Representative Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican, told Rice, "the largest producer of steel in the world, the most cellphones in the world, the most Internet connections in the world. http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/01/19/news/diplo.php

Russia, China and India ---
"Manmohan Singh, Hu Jintao and Vladimir Putin,

From the Newswire:

China is upgrading ballistic missiles in the northern part of Central China - Delingha
" A U.S. expert said Thursday China had updated some of its key nuclear ICBM sites that could threaten the United States.
The images indicate that older liquid-fueled missiles previously thought to have been deployed in the area may have been replaced with newer solid-fueled missiles.
Within Russian missile / bomber field range :
From the sites, the missiles are within range of three Intercontinental Ballistic Missile fields and a bomber base in the southern parts of central Russia," the FAS statement said

China and Pakistan forge ties
LAHORE, Pakistan: China and Pakistan issued a wide-ranging joint statement yesterday that calls for stepped-up co-operation in military, economic, trade, energy and anti-terrorism efforts.
( Hu ) meeting President General Pervez Musharraf
On Friday, Hu and Musharraf signed numerous agreements advancing defence, nuclear and economic collaboration

But while Hu said that Beijing would carry on co-operating with Pakistan's nuclear power industry - China has built one reactor here and is helping to construct another - he did not announce any new deal.
Separately yesterday, Pakistan's military said it had signed an accord with China to jointly develop a "state-of-the-art Defence Electronics Complex" run by Pakistan's Defence Science and Technology Organisation and China's CETC International Corp Ltd.
The project will contribute to Pakistani self-reliance in electronics and communication equipment for military use, Pakistan said in a statement.

"Artificial Sun"; infinite energy; nuclear-fusion; EAST ; ITER
A full superconducting experimental Tokamak fusion device, which aims to generate infinite, clean nuclear-fusion-based energy, will be built in March or April in Hefei, capital city of east China`s Anhui Province.
The project, dubbed EAST (experimental advanced superconducting Tokamak), is being undertaken by the Hefei-based Institute of Plasma Physics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The new device will be an upgrade of China`s first superconducting Tokamak device, dubbed HT-7, which was also built by the plasma physics institute, in partnership with Russia, in the early 1990s. HT-7 made China the fourth country in the world, after Russia, France and Japan, to have such a device

International ITER .. US, EU, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea ( 6 )
ITER,--International Thermonuclear Experiment Reactor,
Wan said
ITER will also be a full superconducting experimental Tokamak fusion device with an advanced configuration, but much larger than EAST.
The program, still in its initial stages, involves
Russia, Japan, the United States, the European Union, China and the Republic of Korea.

Japan, China forge closer business ties ; money makes strange bedfellows
For many in Shanghai's large Japanese community, the best way to build a better future between the countries seems to be in taking advantage of huge opportunities for prosperity today

RFID for luggage; McCarren airport Las Vegas; Asian invasion of business men
airlines to employ a system where tagged bags are able to all go through a single explosive screening and then get automatically routed to their correct destination, or get back to there if they’re flagged for further screening. They’re claiming 99.5% accuracy, so try not to be the 0.5% mmkay?
http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000923065133/ mk

Jimmy Carter's son Jack once eyed Senate position in Nevada

Russia, China stage joint military exercises ( first ever)
"Peace Mission 2005"
Russia and China on Thursday launched joint military exercises involving air, sea and land forces

India, China and Russia sign partnership

Russia builds up Chinese arms
Bush leads nod to China for Australia's follow

China, Russia joint war games;
"The Russian side will not bring big numbers of servicemen, but mostly state-of-the art weapons -- navy, air, long-range aviation, submarines -- to practice interaction with China in different forms of military maneuvers."
Both nations frequently have spoken about their adherence to a "multipolar world," a term that refers to their opposition to a perceived U.S. domination in global affairs.
Fyodor Lukyanov, the editor of Russia in Global Affairs Magazine, also described the maneuvers as a gesture aimed at the West.
http://www.newsday.com/news/nationworld/world/wire/sns-ap-russia-china,0,374267,print.story ( Dec. 27- 2004 )


China's ballistic missile submarines increase
It said China also is concluding sea trials of a new Type 093 nuclear powered attack submarine that is expected to be quieter and armed with more advanced weaponry than its predecessor, the HAN SSN class submarines.
It will be equipped with the JL-2 sea-launched ballistic missile with range of 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles), a big gain over China's only other ballistic missile submarine
It will have anti-ship cruise missiles and more modern torpedoes than the HAN, the report said.
Each of the attack submarines are armed with anti-ship cruise missiles and designed to be quiet enough to operate in the open ocean http://www.spacewar.com/reports/China_Ballistic_Missile_Submarine_Force_Growing_999.html

Molniya 38 knots 

China's Nuclear Submarine JL-2
Capable of attacking US from home waters

The Yellow SUBMARINE ( off our coasts ) ... [ China controls Panama Canal thanks to Jimmy ]
China has nine brigades of ICBM's that can reach the USA -- July 28, 2005

The article, carried by the Web site www.zgjunshi.com, claims that the unreleased part of the Pentagon report released July 19 says that three of the nine brigades are equipped with Dong Feng-31 land-based mobile strategic missiles, with the other six armed with Dong Feng-5 ICBMs.
In addition, China's 094 nuclear submarines, armed with strategic missiles, have undertaken many secret sea trials
10 Nuclear Subs for second arena of warfare
China plans to have six Type 094 nuclear-powered submarines armed with strategic ballistic missiles and four Type 093 nuclear attack submarines, so that the nation would have the capability to launch a second wave of nuclear strikes, according to the Web site.

New Yuan-class submarine detected
China currently has a force of 57 deployed submarines, including one Xia-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine, five Han submarines, four Kilos, seven Songs, 18 Mings and 22 Soviet-designed Romeos, said Sid Trevethan, an Alaska-based specialist on the Chinese military. Beijing also has eight more Kilos on order with Russia.

Chinese Subs
"China has decided submarines are its first-line warships now, their best shot at beating carriers," said Sid Trevethan, an Alaska-based specialist on the Chinese military. "And China is right
Mr. Fisher said the Chinese submarine buildup should prompt the Pentagon to step up U.S. anti-submarine warfare capabilities, which he said are "at an historic low" because of cutbacks in specialized ships and aircraft.
    The Navy should consider building its own diesel attack submarine to be able to "effectively duke it out with the new tidal wave of Chinese subs, that if left unchecked, may soon dominate the Asian littoral regions," Mr. Fisher said.
    The Pentagon is also building up U.S. naval forces in the Pacific, with the addition of up to six attack submarines in Guam and the possible deployment of an aircraft carrier battle group to Hawaii in the coming months.

Chinese subs a threat in the Pacific

China copies our Aegis power ( why not ? .. Clinton allowed them our supercomputers )

Totally silent Chinese diesel-electric subs ... Yuan-class
According to Mr. Trevethan, China currently has a force of 57 deployed submarines, including one Xia-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine, five Han submarines, four Kilos, seven Songs, 18 Mings and 22 Soviet-designed Romeos. Beijing also has eight more Kilos on order with Russia
A Pentagon report made public in May stated that China is changing its warship forces from a coastal defense force to one employing "active offshore defense."

Advances in battery technology and alternate energy producing systems allowed diesel subs to submerge longer, operating on batteries. There were new designs and materials to quiet noisy submarine sources as well as defeat active sonar systems. The diesel subs also operate in the much noisier and difficult shallow waters near shore.
These modernized diesel submarines can be used to insert military personnel, lay deadly minefields, launch devastating cruise and guided missile, threaten vital shipping lanes, and of course, attack ships and submarines.

From "Above Top Secret"
"BTW, just want to show you a very recent photo of some Chinese Aegis equivalent DDGs and stealth FFGs just completed. We are not exactly as backward as you think.
3 new DDGS and 1 FFG completed at the same time.
Here is a link to provide with some background info on these babies. "


China #1 Threat to the US

China sees U.S. as a nuclear target
Ed: while we give them "most favored nation" trade-status
China will use First Strike option [ surprise attack ]

But in extensive comments to visiting correspondents based in Hong Kong, Zhu said he believed that the Chinese government was under internal pressure to change its "no first use" policy and to make clear that it would employ the most powerful weapons at its disposal to defend its claim over Taiwan
The Pentagon is preparing the release of a long-delayed report on the Chinese military that some experts say will warn that China could emerge as a strategic rival to the United States. National security concerns have also been a major issue in the $18.5 billion bid by Cnooc, a major Chinese oil and gas company, to purchase Unocal, the American energy concern
China has had atomic bombs since 1964 and has a small arsenal of land- and sea-based nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach the United States, according to most Western intelligence estimates
Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese
Freeman quoted Xiong as saying that Americans should worry more about Los Angeles than Taipei

Chinese Technology gearing for war with America.....Charles R. Smith
According to a newly released Rand Corp. report, China's military is narrowing its technology gap with the U.S. armed forces using U.S. commercial technology. Beijing is developing advanced systems and its military capabilities may approach or equal the United States in some areas, the study says.

The Rand study, "The Military Potential of China's Commercial Technology," states: "Potential theaters of conflict between China and the United States in the future may constrain the forces and capabilities the United States is able to employ. The U.S. military, including the U.S. Air Force, must prepare for the possibility of conflict under such conditions with a Chinese military that by 2020 will be significantly more advanced than it is at present."

The Military Power of China
Chinese strategists believe that if a war against a technologically superior foe breaks out, the enemy likely will deploy forces rapidly and then launch a massive air campaign. While the enemy is assembling its forces, there exists a window of opportunity for pre-emptive attack. This approach--"gaining the initiative by striking first"--is viewed as an effective method to offset or negate the advantages possessed by a more advanced military foe. Conducting preemptive strikes against the enemy’s most critical targets--often referred to as "winning victory with one strike"--constitutes the most direct means available to Beijing to convince an enemy to desist without having to defeat his military forces, or to make political decisions in line with Chinese objectives. This tactic requires concentrating China’s own chief strengths to "attack the core of the enemy’s defense" and achieve piecemeal victories across the operational spectrum against a superior force.

China’s military planners recognize that high-technology systems are extremely complex, and over dependence on information systems is a potential weakness. By launching swift strikes with elite units and focusing on the enemy’s potential vulnerabilities, they believe China can deal "symmetrical" blows at the enemy with "asymmetrical" methods.
Cyber warfare
"Winning the battle piecemeal" means destroying selective reconnaissance, electronic and support systems in order to disrupt and reduce the effectiveness of the enemy’s coordinated air operations. Combining information warfare--such as computer hacking--with irregular special and guerilla operations, would allow China to mount destructive attacks within the enemy’s own operations systems, while avoiding a major head-on confrontation.

China is procuring state-of-the-art technology to improve its intercept, direction finding, and jamming capabilities. In addition to providing extended imagery reconnaissance and surveillance and electronic intelligence (ELINT) collection, Beijing's unmanned aerial vehicle programs probably will yield platforms for improved radio and radar jammers. Additionally, existing earth stations can be modified to interfere with satellite communications. The PLA also is developing an electronic countermeasures (ECM) doctrine and has performed structured training in an ECM environment.
China is believed to have a highly developed electro-optic industry, as well as the ability to field blinding laser weapons, including tactical laser weapons.

After Iraqi war, Chinese confrontation with U.S. closer
Hu ? Wen ?
As People's Daily commentator Huang Peizhao pointed out last Saturday, U.S. moves in the Middle East
"have served the goal of seeking world-wide domination."
State Council think-tank member Tong Gang saw the conflict as the first salvo in Washington's bid to
"build a new world order under U.S. domination."
Chinese strategists think particularly if the U.S. can score a relatively quick victory over Baghdad,
it will soon turn to Asia -- and begin efforts to "tame" China.
It is understood the LGNS believes the U.S. will take on North Korea -- still deemed a "lips-and-teeth" ally of China's --
as early as this summer. [2003]

U.S. Congress OKs EU sales of arms to China

no sanctions on trans-national businesses
While aimed at Europe, the measure would have required Bush to report annually on international companies that sell arms to China and on governments whose policies condone such sales
Companies and governments that repeatedly sell arms to China would have had to obtain export licenses and submit to congressional review procedures in order to obtain sensitive U.S. weapons technology in the future.
The president could have waived such steps on national security grounds

In February, the House approved, 411 to 3, a nonbinding resolution saying that the EU's proposal to lift the embargo and replace it with a code of conduct on arms sales is "inherently inconsistent with the concept of mutual security interests that lies at the heart of United States laws for trans-Atlantic defense cooperation." It urged the EU to "reconsider this unwise course of action

Ed: What will they do when these Chinese arms come against the West ???
Critics of the move refer to China's serious breaches of human rights and an "anti-secession law" providing the legal basis for an attack on Taiwan if the island declares independence.
The latest attempt by Brussels and Beijing to agree on the conditions for the lifting of the embargo failed because of China's refusal to accept any link between the arms trade and EU human rights-related demands

OF Interest:
China Oil in Canada
he U.S. is not overly concerned about expanding Chinese investment in the Canadian oilsands, potentially diverting production away from traditional North American markets, U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow said Friday.
''Canada will, I'm sure, make a considered judgment . .. through its review process,'' said Mr. Snow following a whirlwind trip of the rapidly expanding oilsands in northern Alberta. ''So no, I'm not concerned

China now drilling in the Colorado Rockies

Canada's EnCana is considering bringing in Chinese companies to construct and operate drilling rigs in the Colorado Rockies as the region struggles to keep up with demand and rising energy prices.
EnCana, a major player in the Piceance Basin of western Colorado, said Chinese workers are cheaper and better educated
"I am totally against the Chinese government running the jobs in our country," said Rep. John Salazar, D-Colo, whose 3rd Congressional District is most affected by drilling. "With the Chinese government getting involved, it's not even a competitive business model. Outsourcing has already claimed millions of jobs. We cannot allow that to happen within our own borders. Rural communities have been hit hard enough. We need to keep American jobs in America."
Although China's increased active participation in the U.S. oil and gas industry is prickly in Washington right now, Boras said that because Chinese companies would be filling a void that is in dire need, U.S. policymakers would concede on this one.
Ed: Just wonder if Maurice Strong of Canada's Energy is behind this ( he owns lots of land in Colorado ) !

DRAGON ON THE WEB:  China has more than 100 million Internet users, second only to the United States, the state media outlet Xinhua reported, citing a government official. Of the total, about 30.1 million are broadband subscribers.  (Bloomberg) -- IHT June 29, 2005

When China owns our utilities .....( they can shut us down ..internet and all )
It is a great irony that on the day President Bush called for a thorough review of China's proposed acquisition of a California-based oil company, Unocal, the United States Senate voted 85-12 to send an energy bill to conference that would allow China to own local US public utilities, without a murmur from the administration, lawmakers or the media.
If a utility acquisition also gives them the opportunity to take down the US electric grid if they so desire (we now know it is notoriously prone to going down), why that's just a side benefit. If, short of war, the Chinese simply want to stall our national economy a little, couldn't they take a lesson from the California electricity crisis in 2000-2001, from which California, the fifth largest economy in the world, is still struggling to recover, by withholding their generation from the "market?"

Hu Jintao both head of military and political China
The consolidation of China's top party and military posts in Hu's control is expected to give him and his premier, Wen Jiabao, a freer hand to act as they wrestle with huge challenges ranging from rural poverty to fighting rampant corruption that is undermining public acceptance of communist rule.

China to have world's most powerful laser tank
Russia also has secret upgrades in their tanks too

The latter two MBTs also are fitted with a JD-3 integrated laser rangefinder/warning/self-defense device – also called a "dazzler" – which uses a high-powered laser to directly attack the enemy weapon's optics and gunner.
AFPC said China is believed to be the first country to use such active laser defense


China: 100 eyes in the sky
China plans to launch more than 100 satellites
The aim is that, at any time and any place, we can obtain necessary data on any event through watching the Earth from space," said Shao Liqin, an official with the Ministry of Science and Technology.

China working on ASAT ( anti satellite) systems

Given this technology — at lower power thresholds – "Chinese researchers may believe that low-energy lasers can 'blind' sensors on low-Earth-orbiting satellites," the report suggests, but whether Beijing has tested such a capability is unclear.

China zaps satellite with lasers

Critical US space assets include a constellation of 30 global positioning satellites that help target bombs and find enemy locations. This system is also widely used in commercial applications, ranging from car navigation systems to automatic teller machines.
The Pentagon also depends on communications satellites that relay sensitive messages to battlefield commanders, and satellites that track weather in critical areas so US troops can plan their missions.
Comment from Jean : "
... the chaos that would ensue in most cities if the satelites were damaged."

China Laser Space Weapons
Anti-satellite laser work

Flagged in the report is China's work in electronic warfare. In particular, the country is procuring state-of-the-art technology to improve its intercept, direction finding, and jamming capabilities.
A possible target for the jammers: receivers utilized in the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite constellation.

The report also underscores China's "robust" research and development program for laser weapons. In 1999, the Chinese displayed a portable laser weapon, advertised for blinding human vision and electro-optical sensors.
In addition, a radio-frequency weapons program is likely in place.
"Beijing may have acquired high-energy laser equipment that could be used in the development of ground-based anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons," the DoD report says

Zhongchang from the Chinese Navy Research Institute. He envisions, according to the DoD, a weaker military defeating a superior one by attacking its space-based communications and surveillance systems .....
China had developed and tested an ASAT system using a "parasitic microsatellite." Although the DoD review says this claim cannot be confirmed, it points out that home-grown microsatellite and nanosatellite technologies are being proliferated by a number of nations.

Chinese Spy Satellite over the U.S
Now, with its own spy satellites, China would be able to learn of the location and composition of a U.S. carrier battlegroup dispatched during a potential dispute over Taiwan.
http://www.washtimes.com/national/20010801-80450317.htm (expired)

Chinese "killer satellites" a threat to the U.S.
John Tkacik is the research fellow in China policy at the Heritage Foundation. He says a soon-to-be-released report on China's military capability indicates that the communist country has made great strides in space technology, and may soon supplant the Russians as the number-two space power in the world.
"The Chinese already have their own global positioning satellites [that are] almost impossible to attack, and are developing A-SAT -- anti-satellite -- capabilities to bring down American surveillance and global positioning satellites," Tkacik says.

BEIDOU-- "Big Dipper" Chinese Global navigational satellites ( like GPS and Galileo)

CENC - China-Europe global navigational satellite system centre -
Sept. 18, 2003
In this context, the European Commission, the European Space Agency and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology have decided to establish a training, cooperation and information centre for satellite navigation in China. On the basis of bilateral discussions to date in the Europe-China Joint Technical Working Group, the decision has been taken to locate the centre at the renowned Beijing University.

Chinese send up mapping, surveying satellite --
Aug. 29, 2004
BEIJING (Reuters) - China Sunday launched a satellite that will carry out land surveys and mapping for several days before returning to earth, the Xinhua news agency said.
The satellite was orbiting normally after being launched atop a Long March 2C rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the northern province of Gansu, Xinhua said.

Chinese Space Program
After 45 years of struggle China ranked among the most advanced countries in such fields as satellite recovery, multi-satellite launch by a single rocket, cryogenic propulsion, strap-on boosters, geo-stationary satellites, and satellite tracking and control. Significant achievements were also made in remote-sensing and telecommunications satellites, micro-gravity experiments, and manned spacecraft development.

"Taikonauts" (Chinese astronauts)

Nano Satellites
Rather than trying to match us tank for tank or microchip for microchip, China plans to deny us full use of our capabilities, according to the Pentagon's analysis, by fielding "disruptive military technologies that could over time offset traditional U.S. military advantages."
The use of nanosatellites — small satellites designed specifically to disable American satellites — is also being pursued by the Chinese.
The U.S. has developed its own ground and airborne laser weapons, and space-based versions were envisioned as part of Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative.
As Capt. Shen Zhong of the Chinese Navy Research Institute recently said: "The mastery of outer space will be requisite for military victory, with outer space becoming the new venue for combat."
Power to blind our satellites

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