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What is the SOC ? Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan agreement

Bush : "Russia is not our enemy "
Russia is not our enemy,” Bush said. “Russia is our friend, and it’s important that we work together to achieve peace.

Missile launched from Russian sub

The seaborne strategic missile system Bulava can carry at least 10 independently targetable nuclear warheads.
Its effective radius is at least 8,000 kilometers [ Ed : 5,000 miles ]
From Fairbanks ( Alaska ) to Seattle ( Washington State ) is 2300 miles.
SELAH ( think about this )
Ed : In other words,
if Russia launches Bulava missiles from nearby Alaska, it will take the missiles 2,000 miles to reach the Continental U.S. and then they will still have a 3,000 mile range (the breadth of the U.S ). Since these subs are undetectable, that means that we Americans are at risk of a nuclear shower at any time, without warning.
Just like Jeremiah said, " destruction comes from the North ."
Jeremiah Chapters 50 and 51.

Revelation 8 : 1 " And when he had opened the seventh seal,
there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour" (
30 minutes from launch to target ).

Bulava's undeterminable "Igla" warheads

The Topol M and Bulava ( SS NX 30 ) missiles employ a maneuvering warhead called the Igla. This warhead was first tested in February 2004 with an older version of Topol. The trajectory of Igla is not just difficult but, in fact, impossible to predict because the warhead has auxiliary engines that switch on and off randomly. The targeting system of the warhead keeps track of changes in the trajectory on account of these random engine firings and eventually guides the warhead toward its target.
The Igla will reportedly also use IR [ infrared ] counter measures and decoys to confuse any Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicles (Interceptors) that may target it during that phase. It may be noted that the interceptors planned to be deployed as part of the US GMD (Ground Based Midcourse Defense) are equipped with on-board discrimination to identify the true warhead from among decoys and associated objects.

Information on nuclear weapons
Surveillance, military satellites launched
Global Communication monitoring
The Gonets satellite has been added to a multi-purpose satellite communications group, which primarily serves Russia’s security-related and law enforcement agencies.
The new satellite will provide high-speed transmissions of short messages, e-mail and other communications. Its service period is estimated at about seven years.

Sergei Lebedev -- head of Soviet Intelligence -- wary of religious "extremism" ( anyone non-atheist )


"war on terrorism-combatants " (soon to be against Christians); What an oxymoron

EU also subsidizes Russian space launches

Bush OKs NASA paying for Russian launches
U.S. Senate, Congress approved amendments to the Iran Nonproliferation Act (INA), clearing the way for NASA to pay for Russian launches and spacecraft to support the ISS earlier this month.
The Senate approved the House version of the bill, which allows NASA to buy Russian space hardware or services until 2012. The amendment also adds non-space related restrictions on U.S. dealings with Syria to the INA.

Russia takes control over Charities, religious organizations
To no one's great surprise, the lower house of the Russian Parliament voted overwhelmingly this week to increase control over charities, foundations and other nongovernmental organizations in Russia. There is little doubt that the bill will be passed by the upper house and signed into law by President Vladimir Putin

Yukos, Truth-teller, sent to Siberia
arrived at camp IK-10, near the border with China and 6,000 kilometers, or 3,730 miles, from his native Moscow
Human rights groups accused the authorities of violating Russian law by sending him so far from his home and family.  
IK-10 camp
, near Krasnokamensk, has about 1,000 inmates, according to [ Mikhail] Khodorkovsky's press center. Its original inmates in the 1960s helped build a uranium processing plant, though the camp now produces only textiles like clothing and bedding.  Khodorkovsky's legal team was working out how to visit him, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported. "The road there is not an easy one. A six-hour flight and a seven-hour drive," said a defense lawyer, Genrikh Padv

Russian Oil ( and Signs) in U.S.
Over the past five years, OAO Lukoil -- pronounced luke-oil -- has entered the U.S. market by acquiring about 1,300 Getty gas stations and 800 Mobil locations in the U.S. Northeast. It is converting them to its brand and recently launched advertising to introduce itself to consumers in 13 states
Unlike the $18.5-billion bid by Chinese oil conglomerate CNOOC Ltd. for California oil company Unocal Corp., Lukoil's purchase didn't raise national security concerns since it took over gas stations and not control of petroleum assets, Mr. Connor said.

  Brazil, Russia, India, China -- most powerful coalition
three-quarters of the world's population
Russian President Putin is taking a lead role in putting together the most powerful coalition of regional and superpowers in the world. The coalition consists of India, China, Russia and Brazil. This will challenge the superpower supremacy of America as well as the European Union.

Russia, Mexico sign pact
First time a Russian head of state visits Mexico
Putin and Mexican President Vicente Fox signed a written initiative "toward a new era of cooperation."
The Mexican president said he hopes Russian interests will bring to this country a plant that would assemble heavy machinery for the military and construction industries, noting that factory was intended for Ciudad Sahagun, about 50 miles northeast of Mexico City.

Mexico's air force and navy operate at least 56 Russian-made transport helicopters, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies

Comment from Flying Dutchman 
"In several sites on the internet you can find information about Mexican villagers and American villagers on the other side that spotted Chinese soldiers dressed as if they where Mexicans.
From big distance they look similar as Mexicans but when they got closer it was obviously Chinese people.
Even military vehicles were spotted, not only from there but from the Canadian border as well.
( probably from Vancouver where there is a huge Chinese community)

And I bet that South-American criminals and Marxist rebels are entering the USA as well, if this information is trustful.
But only that on both sides of the border people saw suspicious things...and those are more then just one rumor.  It is very interesting!

China is pretty involved in Mexico already i've heard.
The Japanese are kicked out of Peru and Brazil but the Japanese are being replaced by the Chinese ( corruption in Peru by Fujimori, he returned to Japan)
We know that the drug cartels in South-America are done by Marxist drug lords.
( Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil and also Suriname.)

I can clearly see the case of Suriname, since that was a Dutch colony until 1975. It is one big chaos there, the most rainwood covered nation on earth in percentage of it's size.
There are many airfields deep in the rain forest made for the delivery of coke from Colombia then it goes to Miami, in Florida, Rotterdam in the Netherlands or Spanish ports.

I think that the goal is to destabilize the USA and put in as much illegal immigrants as possible.
Many of them are probably sleeping agents, just as those of AlQuida. -- June 2004

Russia's New Weapon makes null US Shield
Russia has designed a "revolutionary" weapon that would make the prospective U.S. missile defense useless, Russian news agencies reported, quoting a senior Defense Ministry official
If deployed, the new weapon would take the value of any U.S. missile shield to "zero," the news agencies quoted the official as saying.

Russia successful in anti-Star Wars program
Russia successfully tested a space vehicle that could lead to weapons capable of penetrating missile defenses
Col.-Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky  first deputy chief of the General Staff of the Russian armed forces, gave few details about the device tested Wednesday, but said it was a hypersonic vehicle -- one that moves at more than five times the speed of sound -- that could maneuver in orbit.
A weapon based on the craft could use that maneuverability to dodge missile defense systems, he said.
"The flying vehicle changed both altitude and direction of its flight," Baluyevsky said at a news conference. "During the experiment conducted yesterday, we have proven that it's possible to develop weapons that would make any missile defense useless."

GLObal NAvigational Satellelite System

Russia's silent submarines

Silent deep-sea hunter marks its 20-year-long service
This Russian submarine made Americans to come down with money to aid Russia. This sub has been given various names like "aircraft carrier killer", or "deep-sea gangster", or "silent hunter", to name a few.

Venezuela buys 50 Russian mig 29
Migs also in Caribbean, Cuba and Peru

Soviets infiltrate California through Mexico

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