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Global Governance part one


We see then that an economic World System is soon coming, whereby we will all be under the rule of one man. Do the Scriptures tell us from where this man and his System arise from ?

In Daniel Chapter 2, a vision is given of all the world empires in history.
The vision is in the image of a man.

The head was of gold, representing Nebuchadnezzar's Babylonian kingdom.
It was followed by a chest of silver, representing the Medio-Persian kingdom.
Then the torso was of brass, representing the Grecian kingdom.
The legs were of iron, representing the Roman kingdom--- both
East (Constantinople) and West (Rome).

Finally there were ten toes coming from the legs of the Roman kingdom.
It represented a revived form of "Pax Romana" (peace through brute force) in the last days.

The 10 toes were made of iron mixed with clay, representing imperialism mixed with democratization. But the two cannot really combine, as they are antithetical one to another.
Who are the 10 toes?

The 10 TOES of Daniel Chapter Two

This global leader will form foreign policy for a 10 nation confederation, arising from the characteristics of the Old Roman Empire.
(see Daniel Chapter Two).
From that power base--- and from the UN, United Nations --- he will exercise control over the whole world.

The 10 HORNS of Daniel Chapter Seven

Daniel 7:7 tells us that the World Leader will exercise authority over 10 Horns of power (also called the 'ten toes'). But first, he will pluck up three "horns" (countries) by their roots (Daniel 7:8)

Now 3-plucked-up from the 15 nations of the European Union equals 12 countries, to begin with. So let's look
at how the 12 become 10 nations again.

The WEU -- The Western European Union
Well, the Western European Union, the WEU currently has 15 member nations.
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France , Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg,
The Netherlands (Holland), Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK (England).


Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg merge into one enterprise known as "Benelux", that would bring the WEU to 13 member-nations. These nations are already being called "Benelux". ( 15 - 3 = 12 + 1 = 13 ). Now we still need to see 3 nations "plucked up by the roots".

3 Nations 'plucked up"
When 3 members are "plucked up by the roots" (
DAN. 7:8), that will leave 10 members; something to watch for.

From the article below, we can glean that the UK, France and Germany also act independently of the  EU.
Perhaps they will be the three nations plucked up by the roots, since they will perhaps prefer to remain autonomous.
They have always been referred to as "Old Europe".
http://euobserver.com/9/32271/?rk=1 and http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/may2011/jimg57-3.htm

If that is so, then there will be 10 horns. Yet Daniel tells us in Chapter 7 that there will be an 11th horn.

11th HORN..."diverse" from the first ;

"And it (the Beast) had 10 horns. I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up
among them
ANOTHER LITTLE HORN ( 11th horn ) before whom there were three of
the first horns plucked up by the roots"
(Dan. 7:7,8).

"the 10 horns that were in his head ,
and of the OTHER (11th) which came up,
and before whom 3 fell"
(Dan. 7:20)

"And the 10 horns out of this kingdom are 10 kings that shall arise:
and ANOTHER (11th) shall arise after them;
and he shall be
diverse from the first, and he shall subdue 3 kings" Dan. 7:24

If the 11th horn is"DIVERSE" (meaning "different") from the 10, then perhaps he is not from the EU.
He could be from a nation that has strong military might and superior technology....
a  power that the EU would like to co-ordinate plans with, for better protection and security ( peace and safety ).
Together with  the EU, these combined forces would be known as " the West against the rest". NATO.
This too is inferred in the news item
http://euobserver.com/9/32271/?rk=1 ( US ranked # 1 )

Please see
hopetotheend.com/egov.html and The Atlantic Alliance hopetotheend.com/6bibi.html

REVELATION 17 and the 7 Heads -- the kingdom of the antichrist beast

In Revelation Chapter 17, there is mention of another group to watch for and that is the 7 Kings which play a prominent role in history.

"The 7 Heads (economic leaders) are 7 mountains (governments) on which the woman:
(commercialism) sitteth."Rev. 17:9
We know that 'mountains' here refers to 'governments' as discerned from Dan. 2:35.

Most of these Kingdoms have already come and gone as world powers.

The following 7 all have had, or will have, come against Israel.

"And there are 7 kings: 5 are fallen, and one IS, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
And the beast that WAS, and is not,
even he is the 8th,
is of the 7, and goeth into perdition."
Rev. 17: 9 + 10

These are most likely the first 5 Kingdoms of
Revelation 17: 10 that at one time or another came against Israel. If they had reigned over even a part of Israel (Northern Israel) that would count. If they were a world Empire but were never over Israel, then that Empire cannot be included in the following list, as we see it.
Israel is the key to understanding this section in Revelation 17.
(For example: Egypt never ruled over Israel....nor did the British Empire who ruled over "Palestine", before Israel was re-created on May 14-1948 as an independent nation).

1. ASSYRIAN King who besieged Israel...Sennacherib

Sennacherib besieged Jerusalem in 701 B.C. (many dates given, anywhere from 713 BC to 701 BC). He did not take Jerusalem due to the prayers of Isaiah and Hezekiah and the miraculous intervention of God.
2 Kings 18 ; 2 Chronicles 32 ; Isaiah 36.

The Assyrian Empire subjugated northern Israel, and led her away into captivity (relocation, attempt at assimilation). It is Very Important to note here that the Assyrians never
totally conquered Israel (as did the Empires of Daniel's statue). The reason why Assyria is not include in the statue of Daniel Chapter 2 is because Assyria never became a world empire, like the others, and also because she never was over
REMNANT at Jerusalem was completely untouched by the Assyrian
---then and always.

"The Destruction of Sennacherib's Hosts at Jerusalem" by Lord Byron
History at a Glance

Anti-Christ, the coming World Ruler, is referred to in Scripture as "the King of Assyria"
Isaiah 10:5--7, 12,14 and also in Isaiah. 30:31). He is referred to by that title because he too will NOT be able to conquer Israel permanently, although---like the Assyrians---he will subjugate them for a time and lead them away into captivity (for 3 1/2 years........
Revelation 11 & 13; Daniel. 11:33
Another possible reason why antiChrist is also referred to as "The Assyrian" is because the Beast will also cause relocation of peoples.

Here are the other 4 kings:
2. BABYLONIAN King over Israel...Nebuchadnezzar
4. GRECIAN.....Alexander the Great
peace through brute force "Pax Romana"

These 5 Kings are now history.


Revelation 17:10
"And there are 7 Kings...5 are fallen...and ONE
The term "ONE IS" means that there IS a Kingdom currently reigning in our "latter days"...the days for which the Book of Revelation was written.
Yes, it was written for us...we are "a chosen generation".

Well, the only major Superpower left since the so-called  "end of the Cold War"

6. AMERICAN President ...."king" over "Covenant"  with Israel 1979 ...and here CDPA
the 6th Kingdom of Global Leadership .

7. THE 7th KING... the UN. Authority over the WEOG group ( Israel )

Let's look again at Revelation 17:10....
"And there are 7 Kings...
5 are fallen...and one is,( 6 )
7 ) is not yet come ( until the latter days )

The U.N. also has had control over Israel and on May 26, 2000 they admitted Israel into the regional bloc of nations with bloc-voting power.
However, Israel may only practice that power at the U.N. in New York. Israel welcomed this admission as a plus, thus losing her isolation among nations.
But history will prove Israel's affiliation with other nations to be a minus.

Israel has partial membership in the
WEOG voting bloc....the Western European and Others Group. This is not a geological group, but a geo-political group.
Israel was told by God in the Old Testament NOT to make covenants with other nations ( Deuteronomy 7:2 and Exodus 23:32 ).  This will be to her undoing.
The WEOG political position will continue a short space and then Israel will confirm the covenant with many ( Daniel 9:27 ) which thrusts her deeper into the time of Jacob's Trouble. Jeremiah 30 : 7 .

Enter # 8

The EU is about to produce a political person who can speak with "one voice" for the West ( UMFA the Union Minister of Foreign Affairs aka "High Representative") .
Please see
hopetotheend.com /egov.html

The New World Order ( Western leadership EU + US ) the 11 horns of
Daniel 7:8
It is then that the EU has the dominant political leadership role in Global Policy,
combined with the backing of the US military shield and satellite technology,
(SDI, Strategic Defense Initiative; NMD Nuclear Missile Defense)
and NATO forces.
The Book of Daniel clearly tells us in Dan. 7:7 that there are 10 horns, and then in Dan. 7:8 he specifically mentions another 11th horn, which we see as the U.S. being the 11th horn.

When the UN is compliant with the EU foreign policy, then the western power will place its agenda on top of the global governance-framework.
The UN's only power will be that of "consensus".
The main function of the UN was to "un-tether" all nations from their own intrinsic sovereignty, and then to hand all these "orphan" nations over to the political policy maker of Europe and his New World Order (the Western 11 horns) , the adoptive parents.

Once the 8th king ( the
11th horn of the EU- Atlantic Alliance) is situated within global affairs, there will be no more OTHER world power in history.
This coming WESTERN ALLIANCE will dominate the world TOTALLY, with the EU at the political helm.

The 9th King to follow all of the above will be Jesus of Jerusalem, who will reign for 1,000 years in peace and prosperity. Even so, come Lord Jesus ! Perhaps the anthem of the EU ---Beethoven's 9th symphony--- is really about the 9th kingdom to come.


The following statement reveals the EU - US relationship ...
"Mr. Prodi even declared that the American President was now a European"
Paul Reynolds June 1-2000
...see far-left sidebar.....

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