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Report from Europe by Martin Summer 2000

Applied Digital Solutions and Digital Angel Corp. data management center

Digital Angel Lab to open in Riverside, California
New Applied Digital's E-business Practice Headquarters in Riverside, Calif. Will House Digital Angel Delivery System, Data Management Center and Software Development Lab
PALM BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 26, 2001--
Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSX - news), a leading, single-source provider of e-business solutions, today announced that February 2, 2001, has been slated for the grand opening of its new, state-of-the-art eBusiness applications center and software development lab,
located in the University Research Park area of the Riverside Regional Technology Park in Southern California.

Global Database for cross-referencing

Global VeriChip Subscriber Registry centers in Riverside CA and Owings Md
Staying open until the Lord who is Judge of all the earth comes ...24 / 7

Mr. Geissler said Digital Angel makes the chips for VeriChip Corp. under a long-term agreement and expects to begin commercial shipments of the product by the end of this month. [end of May 2002 ]
Digital Angel's revenue from VeriChip Corp. will include the price of the chip itself and a share of the annual user fees for operating the Global VeriChip Subscriber (GVS) Registry service on behalf of VeriChip.
The GVS service is housed in Digital Angel's state-of-the-art FDA-compliant operations centers in Riverside, CA and Owings, MD. They provide comprehensive 24/7 services, including a physician-supported staff. The implantable microchips can be used in a variety of applications. Digital Angel chips have been implanted in more than 10 million pets so far during the past eight years, and the company is introducing other versions with computerized management packages for the livestock industry
http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/020508/nyw019_1.html (extinct)

Digital Angel helps Homeland Security
Biosensor Mobile connectivity.... bioterrorism alert
Additional projects will look at ways to monitor and provide alerts of unhealthy environmental conditions such as the presence of hazardous gases, chemical agents, pollen and pollution. Certain of these capabilities may be also helpful in tightening homeland security

The University of California system includes more than 187,000 students and 157,000 faculty and staff, with more than 1.2 million alumni living and working around the world. The UC also manages three U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories including the Lawrence Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos Laboratories, which have become unparalleled research and development centers whose programs and activities address national interests including response to terrorism, homeland security and many other issues of national importance.

UC at Riverside is the fastest growing UC campus, http://www.canadiangrassroots.ca/sections.php?op=printpage&artid=1836

UC Riverside Research Park

Overview http://researchpark.ucr.edu/

UC RiversideTechnology Park

Articles .....
Catholics Warn Also ---webpage warns not to take the mark of the Beast
Although we at Hope To The End do not believe in the Marian prophecies, we do believe that billions of Catholics should be alerted to the lake of fire associated with taking the Mark of the Beast. [ as stated in their own Bible]

When you are out in the market place, how many 6's do you see in products (as swirls ??)

Motorola-Packard mass producing Bio-chips http://www.rense.com/general/biochips.htm

Biomark injectable tags

British Army Volunteers to be Microchipped http://www.rense.com/general12/microc.htm

Police can seize assets for no reason

When Digital Angel first began hopetotheend.com/DAngel.html ( Bill Koenig)

Pentagon....Biometrics in the workplace
Biometrics Fusion Center

Meet the Digital Angel from Hell (Digital Devil? ) by Joseph Farah

To a Cashless Society

MicroChip Technology....many fascinating articles...MUST READ !!

Monitoring Law-Abiding Citizens: Big Brother Banking  
"Know Your Customer" bank Profiling....Phyllis Schaffley

Implanted Chip...Digital Devil ??

Salvation hopetotheend.com/sal.html