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Brussels, Belgium -- EU Capital ; NATO headquarters

"It attracted international attention following the US-led war on Iraq in 2003 because of a controversial law allowing Belgian courts to try foreigners for war and human rights crimes, regardless of where the crimes were committed. The law led to suits against numerous high-profile international figures before undergoing radical revision"

EU eclipses US in global legislation and trade -- analysis by Mark Shapiro
The EU is now the single largest trading partner with every continent except Australia," he writes in his recent book, Exposed, which considers the massive global economic power shift that has occurred as a result of these changes. He looks at how companies and state governments in the US, China and the rest of the world increasingly take their legislative lead - whether willingly or dragged kicking and screaming - on issues such as environmental standards, health and safety regulation and consumer protection not from Washington, but Brussels.
With wealth comes trade, and from trade comes the power to write the rules of commerce," he announces.

Anti-Discrimination focuses on "homophobia"
Effective July 2, 2008

"All discrimination is serious, and deserves to be fought with the same determination," Mr [ Jacque ] Barrot told MEPs, adding that the EU executive had asked his colleague, social affairs commissioner Vladimir Spidla to "draw up a proposal for a cross-cutting directive."
The new bill, set to be unveiled on 2 July, will "aim at combating all the forms of discrimination referred to in Article 13 of the Treaty," meaning on the grounds of sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation

Brussels, Belgium 's "Great Synagogue of Europe"
The event will involve the reading of a specially-drafted "Prayer for Europe" as well as singing by the European Choir - a Brussels-based team of 100 singers from 20 EU states set up in 1958 to act as "musical ambassadors for Europe."
The EU appears to be convinced that the European construction must not only be based on economic interests but also on religious and spiritual well-being," chief rabbi Albert Guigui of the Rue de la Regence church told the European Jewish Press.

Lord, bless and protect Europe and all the residents of the European Union," says the prayer, penned by the chief rabbi of the French city of Strasbourg, seat of the European Parliament. "May Europe live happy and prosperous, may it be great and strong through union and concord ... May Europe remain faithful to its vocation and defend the rule of law and liberty everywhere."

It was also a response to Barroso's initiative to engage all religious communities into an interfaith dialogue to promote tolerance and understanding, he said.
The Great Synagogue of Europe will be used for conferences, seminars and concerts, as well as for a memorial service in November marking the 70th anniversary of the Kristallnacht attacks on Jewish premises in Nazi Germany.

The Great Synagogue of Brussels, which is located on Rue de la Régence, in the city’s centre, near the law courts, is often described as a "stately Romanesque" building

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