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Some well-known Bible Prophecy teachers say that America (Behemoth) is not in prophecy,
and that she is to diminish in power. That is not the picture we see.
We see America extending her military might through the EU (Leviathan) , and sharing in the global political prowess of the EU ( European Union ) and the NWO ( new world order )... a two-headed monstrous hydra.

America has been increasing
exponentially in power ever since 9-11-01.
Our Martial Law -- Police State agenda has spread throughout all of Europe.
(Eastern Europe, EU and the Mediterranean).
Our coalition-alliance against terrorism spans east, west, south and north all over the globe.
The EU covets an alliance with our technology in surveillance and our satellite weaponry.

"Armed to the teeth, American force most powerful since Roman Empire"
[Koenig's news] Feb 10-2002

Note in the following article that European accords are subject to America.
"The EU should sign an accord with the United States to remove the current maze of obstacles to close cooperation with US authorities in investigating terrorist suspects and extraditing them to America."
Is the 11th horn from America ?? Is the antichrist's protege--- the false prophet--- from America ??
We think so. Time will tell.


Example only : Ruling by remote; one beast in the EU...the other across the sea.
The False Prophet will perform "miracles in the sight of the beast"... TV sight--- miles away.

Russia: Anti-terrorism agenda puts America in global-control
America will share her total surveillance- databases with the EU, in partnership. Although we led the war on terrorism, the EU will eventually take over that control.

US "Special Operations" all over the globe ..... (again, we will share this with the EU)

U.S. Demands that Allies buy their Aircraft

So from all of the above articles we see America becoming a Major Player on the world's stage at this time. She will share her powers with the political
governance of the EU. That is the way we see it, according to Daniel 7.

We feel that the reason that the EU will rise in cooperation with the U.S. is because America will be attacked at the time of World War 3 (as foretold in Rev. 18). The USA will suffer a substantial blow, although America will go on. Our satellite-technology will remain effective.

But the worst part of all is the fact that our American forces will suffer heavy losses at the time of the mid-Trib wars, we feel, and so the US will need NATO's international forces for all confrontations and "nation-building".

That is the way we see it.


US overrides the UN
US takes the first step...soon to be followed by the EU
8th king soon to arise (EU ) , as 7th king (UN) declines in power and control...... Rev. 17


The False Prophet is said to have two horns (Rev. 13:11). That means that the FP has two areas of power. Could one area be that :
1. he is a leader of a nation,
2. and over another area of power
( global commerce ? global forces ? ) Only time will tell.

Who will be over NATO ?--- 2015 Jens Stoltenberg
Article 5 of NATO is also called the "Washington Treaty" ( strongly aided by US power when threatened).
Article 51 includes the UN forces under NATO

  • The United Nations (UN), the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the European Union (EU), and the Western European Union (WEU) have made distinctive contributions to Euro-Atlantic security and stability. Mutually reinforcing organisations have become a central feature of the security environment.
  • The United Nations Security Council has the primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security and, as such, plays a crucial role in contributing to security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area.

    NATO is committed to a strong and dynamic partnership between Europe and North America in support of the values and interests they share. The security of Europe and that of North America are indivisible. Thus the Alliance's commitment to the indispensable transatlantic link and the collective defence of its members is fundamental to its credibility and to the security and stability of the Euro-Atlantic area.
  • NATO to receive orders from the White House
    Article 5 and MI6 (SIS)
    NATO will play its part in the campaign to defeat terrorism, but events this week indicate that it will be no more than a cog in a vast global machine under the absolute control of Washington.

    European states that had claimed some right to be "consulted" by the White House before the launch of any retaliatory strikes were given short shrift by Paul Wolfowitz, the US deputy defence secretary, at Nato headquarters on Wednesday....

    It was a very different atmosphere the day after the attacks in America, when breathless Nato ambassadors rushed through the biggest change in the 52-year history of the alliance, extending the mutual defence clause, Article 5, to cover acts of terrorism.
    Nobody quite knew what Article 5 meant - it had never been activated during the Cold War - but there was a sense in Brussels that
    an event of enormous importance had taken place, and perhaps that every member of the alliance was now irreversibly committed to some role in a coming war.
    Lord Robertson, Nato's secretary-general, called it
    the biggest "moral" gesture since the foundation of the alliance, and said it entailed concrete obligations to provide overflight rights, military bases and early warning aircraft.

    Mr Wolfowitz told the allies that their chief contribution would be to help to track down the terrorist networks, spread across 60 countries, mobilising their intelligence agencies, police forces, and financial regulators.

    Last week EU leaders took the momentous step of converting Europol into an embryonic EU intelligence agency, on top of its growing police powers. M15 and M16 were ordered to pass on "all relevant information" regarding terrorism and to send intelligence officials to work for a permanent anti-terrorism squad at Europol headquarters in The Hague.

    Most unexpectedly, this crisis may do as much to promote the integration of the EU as prolong the life of Nato.

    Building a Global Coalition...maps
    Even Rogue Terrorist States join to combat terrorism (go figure)

    http://news.ft.com/ft/gx.cgi/ftc?pagename=View&c=Article&cid=FT3YOSCM1SC&live=true [no longer available]

    Coalition of Nations under American Directives

    While NATO keeps the peace, American technology will keep the Security, along with the EU.

    September 11, 2001...The Birth of GLOBAL COMMON CAUSE

    Map of Coalition: http://www.thestar.ca/cgi-bin/star_static.cgi?section=world2&page=/us_terrorist_attacks/coalition_maps.html
    Commentary by RAL.....
     " The above news article documents that
    religion is the single most critical factor involved in the formation of the New World Order.  Political differences can be smoothed over or swept aside, but religious differences are so deeply ingrained as to be virtually impossible to sweep aside.  In rightly standing up to the world and saying "You must now pick sides," President Bush is seeking to establish an international coalition based upon the premise of "good v/s evil."  Either choose "good," he is saying, or in not choosing good, you are choosing instead to stand with "evil." 

    For those who understand the Father's Word, it should now be becoming abundantly clear that the events of the past week (9-11-01) are bringing the entire world to a fork in the road -- perhaps a final fork in the road.  It is bringing the globe to a uniting point (i.e., those who will rally behind the coalition)
    and to a dividing point (i.e., those who will not rally behind the coalition).  There is no way of telling whether these events will bring about the final polarization that will result in the deadly wound to the One World System.  But as you watch the coalition develop over the coming days, be careful to note the polarizations as they occur. 

    Remember that this is a
    religious war, with both sides invoking their faiths as their shields... both sides claiming to be working for "world peace"...and both sides claiming that true world peace can only be brought about by their victory in this battle.  This polarization is why, whether the deadly wound of Revelation 13 comes about now a little later down the road, it will take the arrival of the false messiah to bring about the "peace" (i.e., the end to this now rapidly developing polarization) that the world is so desperate to achieve. 
    There is only one problem:  the "peace" he arrives to usher in will be a false peace,
    and a very temporary peace indeed 


    The Common Cause Line-up of nations
    ( hmmmmm...they're all against Israel )

    Coalition makes strange bedfellows

    US and Russia consider joint military operations in combatting terrorism


    "Terror attacks in the United States this month instantly thrust Washington and Moscow into common cause on a top strategic priority, a historic shift presaging a genuine realignment in world order, according to US and European experts in geopolitics."

    "And that synergy, the experts say, has the potential to rearrange radically the ways in which the United States, Russia and Europe work together in areas ranging from defense and trade to access to natural resources in central Asia, the Caucasus and elsewhere."
    Trading Partners: Russia and US
    Russia wants into the WTO

    from Putin:
    "Our countries are multi-ethnic and multi-religious, and it's not simply counterproductive but harmful and dangerous to mix terrorism and Islam," Putin said.
    "Terrorists covering themselves up with Islamic slogans have nothing in common with this world religion."
    Editor: Did we hear that right ????
    Every seventh Russian is Moslem, and Putin consulted with Islamic clergy before announcing support for the U.S.-led anti-terrorist effort.

    Russia and USA: strange bedfellows for a strange international coalition”

    From Gorbechev: NWO alignment of nations

    Nations in Compliance.....Fred Halliday "Aftershocks"

    Why is Israel left out ?

    Double-speaking on Terrorism......[ where will it all end ???]

    Russia, China do not back our cause militarily

    CANADA shares in the Common Cause

    Canada signs "smart border" patrol with the US

    US and Canada unite forces over Border Patrol

    US National Guard posted at Canadian Border
    [ we're getting boxed-in real fast ! ]


    EUROPEAN NATIONS share in the Common Cause


    Ashcroft meets with Blunkett
    Insures that US policies are understood

    David Blunkett is to Europe what John Ashcroft is to the US

    EU to push through terror laws
    All Europe becoming a Police State
    Working jointly with the United States of America
    radical expansion of powers

    Washington presses EU in terror war

    David Blunkett
    Agreement on EU wide arrest warrants

    GERMANY and the Common Cause

    Ashcroft praise anti-terror law that includes religious organizations


    JAPAN and the Common Cause
    Japan to work closely with Europol [which works closely with the US ]

    RUSSIA and the Common Cause
    Also implementing anti-terror laws

    INDIA and the Common Cause
    ISRAEL and INDIA to meet in January over terrorism

    Mystery Babylon is government and religion combined politically, militarily, and commercially in the name of Common Cause.

    Collective Cause:
    "The more noble the cause, the more devious the motive"

    The following links refer to political-religious issues and world leaders.

    In their own words; 9-11 victims

    From Giltric TB2k

    With us or against us";
    Fall in line and stop thinking;
    At the end of the game, both the King and the pawn get put in the same box.

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