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MANDATED QUARANTINES ..... (concentration camps ???)

ISOLATION, BANS, forced encampment; road / airport closures, Lockdowns etc.
Mandated by CDC.... Center for Disease Control

Apartment dwellers moved to "quarantine camps"

Canada to apply quarantine measures for SARS

China, Singapore (and W.H.O.) endorse quarantine measures over SARS
Hong Kong has been battling a wildfire the rapid spread of the disease for two weeks. The quarantine announced Friday applies to 1,080 people who had close contact with those infected by the disease. Nearly 1,000 other people who had social contact with infected patients will undergo surveillance.

Penalties for breaking domestic quarantine include a fine of 5,000 Hong Kong dollars (about $640) , obligatory confinement and six months in prison. The Hong Kong measures came a day after Singapore undertook similar moves.

Massive quarantine if terror strikes UK
Defense officials say a 7,000-strong civil contingency reaction force would have the option of carrying arms. Drawn from military reserve forces, primarily the Territorial Army, 500-strong forces would be deployed at 14 centers across the UK.

States work on secret plans for massive quarantines
 Professor Lawrence Gostin, director of the Center for Law and the Public’s Health at Georgetown University Law School, said “there are huge logistical problems” with a quarantine, “not to mention the civil liberties implications of taking away people’s liberties en masse.”
Asked whether he can envision troops being called in to enforce a quarantine after an outbreak, Gostin answered, “Sure

Indeed, the National Guard could be called in to set up roadblocks, as the Yugoslav government did when a smallpox epidemic broke out in that country in 1972

Impact :
Suspension of large public gatherings.
Closing of public places.
Restriction of travel.
"Cordon sanitaire," a line around a quarantined area guarded to prevent spread of disease by restricting passage into and out of the area.


Feds Prepare for bioterrorism Quarantine
airline passengers siezed for 17 days ????
ATLANTA (AP) - Federal health officials are quietly making plans for quarantining Americans who might be exposed to a highly contagious smallpox patient, addressing sensitive questions of
how to hold people, possibly against their will, in case of a bioterror attack.
The planning, still in draft form, addresses complex logistical and policy questions, including where people would be kept while waiting for officials to confirm a smallpox case and, if necessary, administer vaccinations.

CDC Atlanta issues
States to take total control in event of epidemics
Model State EHPA [Emergency Health Powers Act ].......quarantines, lockdowns
WASHINGTON -- In the event of a bio-terrorist attack using a deadly and contagious disease such as smallpox, public health officials want to be able to close roads and airports, herd people into stadiums, and, if necessary, quarantine entire infected cities.

US Details Response to Outbreak
Ban Public Events

Reality check: Concentration camps

Bioweapons Labs across America...lethal
Project Bio-Shield

A network of high-security laboratories for storing and investigating some of the most lethal viruses known to mankind is being built across the US, leaving communities in uproar. They not only fear the risk of the viruses escaping, but also contend that the programme, part of the $6bn (3.5bn) Project BioShield, is a stunning case of overkill. For none of the germs to be studied is related to bioweaponry.

LEGISLATION, Government and the Military

Dr. Big Brother... Pentegon to have "medical surveillance system "

Washington and three other cities will get a Pentagon-backed experimental "medical surveillance system" this fall and winter to track diseases in the hope of identifying a biological attack before it causes an epidemic.
The system will cobble together environmental monitors that will sample the air for biological agents, and software to collect data from pharmacies, hospitals and doctors' offices and send it to a central system that will search for "spikes" of unusual symptoms......

The Pentagon's software, based on the existing Army program known as "Essence," requires no additional inputs from health care professionals. It merely mines data off records already kept by hospitals and pharmacies.

Euratox..radioactive and chemical force in Europe
Rescue forces from Austria, Spain, Greece, Italy and Sweden joined French forces and a total of more than 800 people took part of the drill. The drill had two goals, to test the chain of command in the event of a major terrorist attack and to implement the European civil protection mechanisms. That means requesting the assistance of the member States through the intermediary of the information and monitoring centre in Brussels.[Belgium]
and at

Bioterrorism and you
...by Hardy and McNulty
What is actually certain is that governmental preparations are proceeding in a backward fashion. That is to say, in any CBN (chemical/biological/nuclear) emergency, the first persons at the scene will be ordinary citizens. Their on-the-spot reactions will be the primary determinant of how many people die or are injured. Local responders will be on the scene within minutes or hours, and will play the secondary role, striving to save those already exposed. Federal responders will not begin to arrive until hours or days after the event, in time to provide food for the living and body bags for the dead.
Common sense
, therefore, would suggest that high priority be given to increasing the preparedness of the citizenry, since they will play by far the greatest role in reducing the potential death toll. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=25954

Bush to appropriate 27 Billion to Nat'l Institute of Health [ NIH ]
Some of the money will be used to construct a new bioterrorism research building on NIH's Bethesda campus. In addition, high-security labs for research on extremely infectious organisms will be built in Frederick and at the institute's
Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, Mont.

Totalitarian Legislation

White House to back bio-terrorism bill

U.S. refuses to sign germ-warfare treaty
“The White House must understand that if it goes ahead and rejects the protocol, it will be throwing away an opportunity to improve the United States’ ability to combat biological weapons proliferation and that another chance such as this will not likely come any time soon,” Seth Brugger, the managing editor of
Arms Control Today, said. Other experts blame the Clinton Administration, which took part in drawing up the draft protocol, for failing to negotiate a tougher formula and allowing Europe to take the initiative.

US to reject agreement on germ warfare...anthrax etc.

US leaning against germ weapon treaty

WHO [ World Health Org ] wants vaccine for AIDS, TB and malaria
The report is being released at the World Economic Forum, whose annual meeting is being held this weekend in New York. The forum has many representatives from large corporations and non-governmental organizations -- both of which have major roles, as donors and as providers of services, in the WHO's scheme for increasing treatment of the three diseases.

The World Health Organization and several United Nations agencies are calling for a major new push against malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS -- three infections that killed 5.7 million people last year and accounted for about one-tenth of the world's deaths.


3 Iraqi terrorist ships at large (loaded with toxic warfare)
Despite grave suspicions of what is on board, Britain and the US are afraid to order interception by naval ships because of fears the crews would scuttle the vessels, each between 35,000 and 40,000 tonnes. If they are carrying chemical, biological or nuclear weapons this could cause catastrophic environmental damage
Rev. 8: 8, 9... "And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;
And a third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died;
and the third part of the ships were destroyed."

Is the threat real ?

Population Control Agenda....Chuck Missler and Dr. Stan Monteith

Stealth Genocide Program

David Icke Medical Archives

Germ warfare for America predicted in prophecy :
For a complete picture of America's final hours please see:
A.A. Allen's Vision of the Destruction of America:


Dr. David Wynn-Williams, microbiologist, dies in car crash

Dr. Steven Mostow
Expert on Infectious diseases and bio-terrorism dies in plane crash

The following information comes from Jeff Rense's Website. Our original links evaporated.

2 Bilologists: 1 dead, 1 comatose...why ???
1. Renowned biochemist, Dan Wiley, "missing"
Famous for work on deadly viruses

Did he know something ??

2. Cellular Biologist, Benito Que, Comatose
attempt on his life

5 missing micro-biologists

Dead and missing scientists

Top DNA Scientist murdered

Top Harvard Virus Expert Missing

Anthrax and Designer Germs

Seizure may have led to Wiley's death--Hogwash !

Wiley's "accidental" fall

BioMolecular Scientist forund dead in Mississippi River

Harvard professor missing

IRS Agent goes Beserk---assaults citizen

Remember when England had a spate of dead scientists and researchers a few years back ?

More headlines :

New Flu strain bypasses immune system

Osterholm's grave warnings

Emergency Preparedness Medical Info Center

Virology Index (viruses)

Tetanus Vaccine and Sterilization

No cure viruses

If AIDS doesn't get you, then maybe the AIDS-Vacine will

CDC's stand on birth control and homosexuality

Singlaub and Moorer foresee full world war coming on + use of germ warfare
7 Thunders )

Preparing for Terrorism

Saddam's Priority: Germ Warfare
(Iraq is "Medes" in Jeremiah Chapter 51)

Europe threatened with WMD too...NATO responds

WHO : Bioterrorism to kill MILLIONS

Nations water-works put on HIGH ALERT

U.S. may use bio-chem (WMD), neutron bombs, fuel bombs and convential warfare

Osama Bin Laden to use bio-chem weaponry; maybe poison water supply ?

Next threat for America---bio-chem warfare


The Sleeping Giant...Terrorism in Israel


Biological - Chemical Lab outside Lubbock, Texas
A proposed lab west of Lubbock intended to handle the world's most dangerous chemical and biological agents

Vaccines, Birth Control and Pro-Life

Basson, Saddam and WMD

Sarin canisters detonated in Colorado on Superbowl Sunday


M16 (Britain) helps Iran make killer chemical gas
mustard gas and lethal nerve gas (source: China)

WMD Civil Support...First Response
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


Fed emergency declared over Wasting Disease

For Minnesotans....
How to pray to rebuke Foot and Mouth Disease
and Chronic Wasting Disease and anthrax


Articles on Weapons of Mass Destruction ...WMD

WMD Primer
U.S. No. 1 in Arming The World


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