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Vaccinations Polluted Food - Chain

The Hazards of enforced vaccinations

Vaccinations : Nanny State

Panel advises all those over 60 to get vaccinated against shingles
ATLANTA -- A government advisory panel recommended Wednesday that Americans 60 and older get vaccinated against shingles, a skin rash caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox.
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices' recommendations usually are accepted by U.S. health officials

EU advises all citizens to get flu shots
EU health chiefs are recommending that all citizens receive seasonal flu vaccinations as a precaution, to deal with a possible worldwide epidemic.

"ePocrates" instant alert for doctors

 Alert System for Biological Terror
Under the system, first reported by The New York Times, some 3,000 monitoring systems now run by the Environmental Protection Agency will be adapted to check for a slew of biological agents. The systems, which filter air, were created to measure pollutants and the quality of the air.

If a station detects something suspicious, samples would be sent to the closest of some 120 labs that are part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Laboratory Response Network. Results from these labs would be available within 12 to 24 hours, depending on the tests being conducted, the administration official said.
The new system is intended to work in tandem with existing patient surveillance systems, which monitor symptoms of patients, looking for strange patterns of disease that may detect a biological agent infecting many people at the same time.
The system is being created by the new Homeland Security Department

Gates Foundation to fund Global Vaccination program -
Gates-backed coalition, called the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization
One company, GlaxoSmithKline PLC of London, has been particularly visible. With subsidies from a malaria-research initiative sponsored by the Gates Foundation, the company is starting the malaria vaccine trial that begins this week in Mozambique. If that vaccine, developed originally by U.S. Army doctors in Washington, proves to work, Glaxo will spend millions to scale up production for a product whose only real market is in the world's poorest nations.
Glaxo's vaccine division in Rixensart, Belgium
That's when Gates stepped in, joining with UNICEF, the World Health Organization and other parties to form the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. Its focus would be existing vaccines.

Six ( 6 ) U.S. Soldiers Die, many deathly ill from anthrax vaccine
Veterans groups on both sides of the Atlantic say up to one in three soldiers has fallen ill after taking the vaccine
and six of them died in the United States.

"If I was going out, there is no way I would have the vaccine. There is a minuscule risk of being exposed to anthrax. ....
"In the United States, over 30% have come down with symptoms and six have died after taking the vaccine," he said. Moore's concerns were echoed by Joyce Riley of the American Gulf War (news - web sites) Association who told BBC Radio: "My concern about the anthrax vaccine is that it has proved to be unsafe. It is not a tested vaccine

Tommy Thompson won't get inoculated against smallpox

WASHINGTON (AP) - Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said Sunday he does not plan to be inoculated with the smallpox vaccine and recommends that other Cabinet members not request the inoculation either.
"I do not believe it is necessary or should be taking place," he said

Vaccinations for a few dozen military personnel began Friday. By late January states are expected to begin inoculating health care response teams and others who would respond to a smallpox attack.

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota public health officials plan to vaccinate the state's 4.9 million people in less than a week
if smallpox breaks out anywhere in the world.
In preparation, state health officials also plan to offer the smallpox shot over the next few months to about 10,000 Minnesota health care and law enforcement workers who would be part of the mobilization.


Prepared by the state Division of Public Health, the report represents a first step in planning for dealing with a public health emergency that could require mass vaccination clinics to open within 12 hours of an order by the governor.
"It would be a Herculean task, and would require a great deal of cooperation and effort by a large number of people," said Herb Bostrom, director of the state Bureau of Communicable Diseases


Health Districts Mobilizing for Mass Smallpox Vaccinations--Don Harkins

Military to get vaccinated against Smallpox
Next: health and emergency personnel...then general public


TEXAS (and ALL States ) --WITHIN 30 Days for vaccinations
We're moving ahead with due diligence on this," said Richard Gaston, emergency response coordinator for the county health department. "I've never before seen the federal government act with this kind of urgency and thoroughness to a threat
Immunizations are to begin soon after the presidential announcement. States have been told they will have 30 days to deliver the shots once an announcement has been made

Government asks court to seal vaccine cases of autism-- Nov 27-2002
Attorneys for the Bush Administration asked a federal court on Monday to order that documents on hundreds of cases of autism allegedly caused by childhood vaccines be kept from the public.
Department of Justice lawyers asked a special master in the US Court of Federal Claims to seal the documents, arguing that allowing their automatic disclosure would take away the right of federal agencies to decide when and how the material should be released

Attorneys for the families of hundreds of autistic children charged that the government was trying to keep the information out of civil courts, where juries might be convinced to award large judgments against vaccine manufacturers.
The court is currently hearing approximately 1,000 claims brought by the families of autistic children. The suits charge that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, which until recently included a mercury-containing preservative known as thimerosal, can cause neurological damage leading to autism.

Vaccine Makers cannot be sued (just in time for a mandated smallpox vaccine)-Nov 25-2002
Part of Homeland Security Act

Vaccine Nation
In what is shaping up to be one of the most draconian weeks since the Bush Administration took power, Tuesday’s Senate ratification of the Homeland Security Act leaves little doubt that corporate interests have a major stake in the post-9/11 re-engineering of American law.
Just one day after the super-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s decision to expand the Justice Department’s power of surveillance over U.S. citizens, Republican lawmakers squeezed the controversial bill through the Senate with a last-minute promise to moderates that it would later be gutted of “special interest” provisions, one of which shields pharmaceutical companies from liability in vaccine-related injury suits. As it stands, the American public will now be subject to forced immunization, under the penalty of fine and imprisonment, without the potential of legal recourse against the companies that manufacture them. And, while Republicans were quick to spin the liability protection as necessary for the bolstering of unfettered bio-technological research (in an era of potentially nation—crippling bio-terrorism), one need only read the fine print that retroactively limits the liability of corporations in major class action suits to see that this is one of the most overtly cynical cases of the government’s exploitation of the public panic over terrorism to further its political goals and pay back blue

Bill to allow FORCED VACCINES upon Americans who don't want it--Nov 16-2002
Making the illegal, legal (treachery)

The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons said yesterday that one section of the legislation would allow the head of the Health and Human Services department to order Americans to receive potentially deadly smallpox vaccines against their will.
The bill gives "the HHS secretary virtually unlimited powers to declare an emergency and order smallpox treatment that could include forced immunizations, detainment and quarantines," said AAPS.

School children FORCED to have vaccines--- Aug. 2-2002
She had been through this before. The immunization campaign is the second phase of a crackdown that began in November, when D.C. school officials announced they would
enforce a law that bars children from enrolling without proof of vaccination.

Wisconsin---home of Tommy Thompson---mandates vaccines
Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said that
all Americans should know that they "have their name on a vaccine shot in our inventory."

$10,000 fine to refuse vaccination..... March 9-2002
Mandatory vaccinations, coming to a state near you... $10,000 fine in Wisconsin for not agreeing to be vaccinated any time, any place the state deems it necessary:
also at:

FDA on fast-track to approve non-proven antibiotics...May 31-2002

About enforced vaccinations

Government is putting smallpox vaccine on fast track....
no time for safety precautions and regular standards
Oh, and by the way, you can't sue the gov. if it comes out all wrong.

Rogue Virus in 1960 Polio Vaccine

Remember 1976 and the Swine Flu ??

SMALLPOX Vaccinations

Get a Vaccine...don't give blood
3 weeks to 3 months live virus in blood
"Those whose lesions healed on its own can give blood, but anyone who scratched off a scab cannot donate for three months after contact with the vaccine recipient."

Smallpox Vaccine : It Has Your name on It--
Don Harkins Jan. 11-2002

Smallpox Vaccine---What Every American Needs to Know--
Barbara Loe Fisher
Vaccinia Vaccine Reaction

Additional vaccines ready to go

Smallpox vaccine Risks--Dr. Vivian Virginia Vitrano

Vaccine Injury --
Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Gov. ready to vaccinate every man, woman and child in US against smallpox

Fear missiles tipped with germ warfare from rogue nations (NORTH Korea etc.)
Smuggling vile vials
In addition to the 54 million doses already on order, Thompson said he plans to stockpile 250 million doses of new vaccine, or enough for "every man, woman and child" in the country.
P.S. Now we know why God uses Vials in Revelation 15:7 and Rev. 16.

Decision of Smallpox Vaccine in just days


500,000 first responders to be vaccinated  [half-a-million ]
The federal government will soon vaccinate roughly a half-million health care and emergency workers against smallpox as a precaution against a bioterrorist attack, federal officials said. The government is also laying the groundwork to carry out mass vaccinations of the public — a policy abandoned 30 years ago — if there is a large outbreak.
The government's more aggressive plans are possible because vaccine supplies are rapidly increasing as a result of crash manufacturing and stockpiling efforts begun soon after last fall's terrorist strikes, officials said. Also, studies have found that existing vaccine doses can be diluted without loss of effectiveness.
[Ed. note: highly questionable ]

Officials said that about 100 million doses of the smallpox vaccine (160 million if diluted) are in hand and that by late this year or soon thereafter enough will be available for every American, more than 280 million people.

Mass vaccinations are not without risk because the smallpox vaccine uses a live virus, vaccinia, a cousin of smallpox, that on occasion can cause brain damage or even kill. In the days of wide vaccination, roughly one person in a million died.
The risk may be greater for people with weakened immune systems, like AIDS (
news - web sites) patients or people undergoing chemotherapy. [cancer patients]

Experts urge mass vaccinations for smallpox   
Fearful of a smallpox attack, the U.S. government last year ordered millions of doses of smallpox vaccine -- enough, in the words of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, to vaccinate "every man, women and child" in the country.
Government advisers last month said a so-called ring vaccination strategy, which would involve finding and vaccinating people who had contact with an infected person, would probably be sufficient in case of an attack. More people could be vaccinated if this approach failed, they said.
They also recommended vaccinating potential first-line responders now as a precaution. On Sunday, The New York Times reported the federal government was planning to vaccinate 500,000 health care and emergency workers soon.

Scientists working on smallpox vaccines (to be mandated)

The Vaccine REACTION

20 Reasons Not to take the Smallpox Vaccine

Smallpox plans grant sweeping powers
herding into stadiums etc.


Smallpox bioterrorism
A little more than a decade ago, Alibek was still Kanatjan Alibekov, creator of the world's most potent strain of anthrax bacteria, and second in command of Biopreparat, the Soviet Union's vast biological weapons program. The U.S. intelligence community knew nothing of Biopreparat until 1989, when a mid-level Soviet biologist under Alibek named Vladimir Pasechnik defected to Britain.


Smallpox scenario

U.S. vulnerable to biological attack
smallpox..."Dark Winter"

Mass vaccinations ordered for smallpox ?

Volunteers undergo experimental vaccinations
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - With the jab of a needle, volunteers are being injected with a smallpox vaccine as part of government-sponsored experiments that come amid heightened fear of biological terrorism.
About 330 volunteers will be inoculated with diluted doses of the vaccine over the next two weeks at four sites across the nation. On Monday, the Oakland Medical Center began vaccinating 50 volunteers.
Volunteers have already begun receiving the vaccine at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., and the
University of Iowa. Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston, also is enrolling volunteers. Results are expected by mid-August.

The Threat of Smallpox

Smallpox and "Dark Winter"

Israel and smallpox vaccine

Other experts are urging the president not to vaccinate anyone unless there's an actual smallpox attack. They say Israel's experience might be good, but it's too small to draw any conclusions.
Dr. Carlos del Rio, an infectious disease specialist at Emory University in Atlanta, is among the skeptics.
"I would really worry about vaccinating people and having to live with the consequences of vaccination and the complications of vaccinations," he said.

Del Rio adds it's not just the vaccinated person who's at risk. Anyone who touches the site on a recently vaccinated person's skin could also get sick.
"I can tell you that, you know, somebody's patch is going to fall off. And something is going to happen," s
aid del Rio.


Model Emergency Health Powers Act [ MEHPA ]
Giving States Unlawful Control over the masses
Broad quarantines envisioned in the draft have never been invoked in the United States. They raise all sorts of logistical, political and ethical questions in a mobile society, public health experts concede. Bhttp://www.rense.com/general16/landq.htm

Emergency Health Bill Endangers Civil Rights---States gain more Control
by Jon Dougherty
Cal. Assemblyman Keith Richman (D-Granada Hills) drafts draconian measures
The administration wants all 50 states to adopt a law allowing public health authorities to take over hospitals, seize drug supplies, quarantine people exposed to infectious pathogens, draft doctors to treat them, force patients to be vaccinated, and order police to restrain residents from leaving contaminated areas.
Emergency Health Bill...Jon Dougherty
--July 25-2002
However, critics have blasted it as a means to allow governors dictatorial rule simply by declaring a public-health emergency. Under provisions of the model bill, state leaders would be permitted to confiscate property, seize firearms, quarantine entire cities, and vaccinate citizens – even against their will. Critics also contend governors already have enough power to assume authority in the event of an emergency.
Blevins said another questionable provision in the model legislation removes public and private sector workers from any liability for administering vaccines ordered by government officials to treat the population in the event of a disease outbreak. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=28377

Governors to have ABSOLUTE POWER...Jon Dougherty
In the event of a declared public health emergency, MSEHP grants the governor extraordinary powers," HSLDA analysts said. "These powers include the collection of data and records, the control of property, the management of persons and access to communications." Powers also include "such things as forced vaccination and treatment (Section 504), the tracking of individuals (Section 202), access to patient records (Section 506) and the prohibition of firearms (Section 402(c)). ..."
The drafters of the bill disagree. Lawrence O. Gostin, director and principal investigator for the Center for Law and the Public's Health at Georgetown and Johns-Hopkins, says there are no tools on the books for lawmakers and state chief executives to effectively deal with health emergencies, such as bioterrorism.
After a couple of centuries of successful democratic government, it would appear rather late to sell citizens on the superiority of one-man rule," Turley wrote in a Jan. 7 column. "However ... the best cure for terrorism may be a small dose of tyranny."
For the first 60 days of a crisis, the governor of a state would hold unchecked and unfettered power. What is most astonishing is the triggering of this absolute authority is left entirely to the discretion of each governor," Turley wrote.

Dr. Len Horowitz on M Emergency Health Act ( MEHPA )

Tennessee Health Bill has sweeping powers
EHPA- Emergency Health Powers Act
"In some people's minds, there may be some infringements on people's personal freedoms or what they perceive as their civil rights, but what do we do? Do we just let a (health emergency) endanger people's lives?" Bowers said.
If the governor declares a public health emergency, the state's Department of Health could test, vaccinate, examine, treat,
isolate and quarantine people. [ interment camps ]
Isolated and quarantined people could petition a court for relief and have a hearing within 48 hours.

State officials also could commandeer resources, facilities and supplies, destroy or decontaminate items or premises and ration health care supplies in a shortage



Gov. to vaccinate
civilians against anthrax, rather than the military

U of Texas develops mouse-antidote to anthrax 1H
In the study, 10 rats were injected with anthrax toxins. Five received the antitoxin and five were untreated. The untreated rats all died within two hours while the treated rats survived the five-hour experiment without displaying any anthrax-related symptoms.
The experiment was limited by ethical protocols to five hours, after which the surviving rats were euthanized.

UT (U of Texas) creates antibody for anthrax

FAX on ANTHRAX.....Kevin Briggs

Pentagon develops new anthrax...Sept. 5-2001

Thinking it all the way through...just say NO to anthrax vaccine


TB Vaccine (tuberculosis) to be given in San Francisco
The planned safety trial would mark the first time in about 80 years that a new vaccine has been tested against the tuberculosis bacterium, which infects an estimated one-third of the world's population.
In the past decade, there has been a resurgence of scientific effort and international funding to fight TB, which kills about 2 million people worldwide each year, according to health officials and researchers who spoke at the fourth World Congress on Tuberculosis.


Super Bacteria in Salami
Scientists in Zurich have found bacteria, which are resistant to antibiotics, in salami. The researchers say these “
super germs” could transfer their resistance to human pathogens, which would in turn become impervious to antibiotics – the main defence against these germs

POLIO VIRUS as a weapon

"Camelpox" Bio-weapon

BIO-WARFARE (ANTHRAX, Sarin, VX gas, meningitis, eboli, ecoli, HIV etc.)

There's a lot more than anthrax out there

RUBELLA no more single vaccine...only MMR

The single rubella vaccine - a crucial part of the alternative to the triple MMR jab - is being discontinued by GlaxoSmithKline, the only supplier in this country. It is a fresh blow to parents who want their children to have single inoculations rather than MMR, which has been linked by some scientists to autism and bowel problems.
GlaxoSmithKline, which also makes MMR, yesterday denied that its decision to stop making Ervevax, its single rubella vaccine, had been influenced by the Government, which backs the Measles, Mumps and Rubella jab. The company claims that there is "no demand" despite increasing numbers of parents wanting the alternative.

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