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Germ Warfare : Polluted Food Chains , Preventive measures; Martial Law;
BioThermo; Pandemic

Replacing Fear with Faith...
Psalm 91 ...... Acts 28:1-6
Are you covered under
the protecting Blood of Jesus Christ ?

Secretary of Dept. of Human Health Services (HHS) : Sylvia Burwell

Doing Our Part : Preventive Measures

The CDC says that
washing our hands throughout the day as needed is the best hygiene defense against the spread of disease. Please see https://hopetotheend.com/paleh.html

Protection from Bio-Chem hazard : massive doses of Vitamin C hourly
Vitamin E at each meal

Protection from radiation:
Kelp (iodine) tablets daily
Studies have shown that the active ingredient in kelp, sodium alginate, can prevent the absorption of newly ingested heavy metals

Kelp is also a great source of iodine, which helps to regulate energy levels. The alginates found in kelp have a soothing and cleansing effect on the digestive tract and are known to help prevent the absorption of toxic metals like mercury, cadmium, plutonium and cesium (M.. Castleman 1991: The Healing Herbs). Kelp is now best recognized for its ability to protect the body against radiation. The sodium alginate in kelp helps prevent the absorption of Strontium - 90, a by-product of nuclear power and weapons facilities.
http://www.nfkelp.com/research.htm "The Healing Herbs"


Potassium Iodide FAQ's

BioTech : Pandora's Box -- Chuck Missler VIDEO

From the Newswire: Fair Educational use:

Verichip to detect "bio-threat"

Martial law quarantine ( Military enforced )

All countries need a FLU Minister
EVERY country, including Britain, should appoint a Cabinet-level minister within the next two months to co-ordinate their response to avian flu, the United Nations’ most senior bird flu expert said yesterday.
David Nabarro, the UN system senior co-ordinator for avian influenza, said that a senior minister needed to be given the responsibility to ensure “joined up government”. [ Ed : netrworking ]
In an interview with The Times, Dr Nabarro, 56, said that this needed to be done by December [ 2005 ] , or plans for a global response to a pandemic would be in jeopardy. “I would like to see a person in each government given authority
to bring all parts of government together for pandemic preparedness, and quickly,” he said.

It is a job that could be done by the prime minister or deputy prime minister.
This is a global problem, and reducing the risk in Britain and the US is not just a case of sorting yourselves out and getting your own supplies of
Tamivir. The preparedness of the world depends not so much on who is strong, but on who is weak.

Pentagon may use troops

The Pentagon is looking at the possibility of using federal troops to enforce a quarantine in the event of an outbreak of pandemic bird flu in the United States, a senior official said.President George W Bush said last week he would consider using the military to “effect a quarantine” in response to any outbreak of avian influenza, but provided few details.Bush at the time also suggested he might place National Guard troops, normally commanded by state governors, under federal control as part of the government’s response to the “catastrophe” of such a flu pandemic
Paul McHale
Paul McHale, assistant defense secretary for homeland defense, said quarantine law historically has been under the primary jurisdiction of states, not the federal government. “And my expectation is that any quarantine measures that would be put in place would  involve a substantial employment of the National Guard, probably under  control of the governor of an affected state,” McHale told a group of reporters. However, we are looking at a wide range of contingencies, potentially involving federal troops if a pandemic outbreak of a biological threat were to occur,” McHale added.
One issue that could face the US government in the event of an outbreak is how to cordon off parts of the country to prevent the disease from spreading.

Using military to enforce quarantine

Voicing his concern about a possible avian flu pandemic... he was considering using the military to enforce a quarantine if the pandemic broke out in part of the United States.

Networking Global, Federal, State and Local ..... telecommunications
Military command and control was workable, but not unified,“ he said, adding that while National Guard planning was well executed it was not well integrated with the Pentagon's Joint Staff and Northern Command.
”We performed well, but we intend to get better,“ McHale said.
Joint Task Force-Katrina, which was created to coordinate the federal military response in Louisiana and Mississippi. At its peak, the task force had 22,000 military personnel from all services. They were in addition to as many as 50,000 National Guard troops that operated there under the state governors' command
[ Ed : Grand Total : 72,000 troops ]
Bush proposed that Honore be ”dual hatted,“ McHale said - putting
[ Lt. Gen. Russel Honore of Fort Gillem, Ga., where he is commander of the 1st Army. ] Honore in direct charge of the federal troops while also having him command the National Guard troops under the direction of the governors.
Both governors resisted that approach. Honore ended up commanding only the federal troops, while the adjutant generals of Louisiana and Mississippi retained command of National Guard forces under the governor's control. McHale said this arrangement worked well.

Title 10 , Federal Troops
The Pentagon is drafting recommendations for improving the military's response to devastating attacks or disasters as part of a government-wide review of "lessons learned" from Hurricane Katrina. While that review is ongoing,
[ Paul ] McHale outlined initial findings that will shape the military's role.
"It is almost inevitable that the Department of Defense will play a very substantial role in providing resources, equipment, command and control, and other capabilities in response to a catastrophic event," he said.
"There is no other agency of the United States government that has the ability to marshal such resources and deploy them as quickly."

From the newswire: fair educational use

Creating cruel diseases ---not able to function
"The nerve disease is known as SMA or spinal muscular atrophy, and can be devastating for people. It is a genetic disorder that can greatly impact muscle functions, killing motor neurons
They carried out this re-creation of the disease using technology known as induced pluripotent stem cells of iPS cells.
They were able to grow the disease by turning the cells into stem cells.

Corn on the cob etc. vaccines

Enforced vaccinations or $50.00 a day fines -- and 10 days in jail (
2 work-weeks ?)
"I think it's offensive that the government would forcibly vaccinate kids. Individual rights are a good thing, and when you're dealing with health issues, informed consent is an important value," says Donna Hurlack, a Virginia gynecologist protesting outside the courthouse
"The heavy-handed 'vaccine roundup' instigated by Mr. Ivey obliterates informed consent and parental rights," said the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. in a Nov. 18 letter to Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.

Iran's Bio-Chem warfare to Israel, U.S. bases  -- highly toxic

Food chain-reaction: resulting in no immunity in humans  --
The industry says that 'until you show us a direct link to human mortality from the use of these drugs in animals, we don't think you should preclude their use,' " said Edward Belongia, an epidemiologist at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation in Wisconsin. "But do we really want to drive more resistance genes into the human population? It's easy to open the barn door, but it's hard to close the door once it's open."




( Digital Angel ) the Avian Bird flu, and Mad Cow
SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn.----
Digital Angel Corporation....
announced today that Kevin N. McGrath, its Chief Executive Officer, is scheduled to appear on CNBC's Squawk Box on Wednesday, March 15th to discuss the role that the Company's RFID technology could play in the livestock tags/national ID program and the
BioThermo (Temperature Sensing) microchip's utility in early detection of elevated temperatures in poultry. Elevated temperatures in poultry could provide early indications that the animal is infected with the H5N1 influenza, more commonly known as the Avian Flu.

Ed: The counterpart to this is
THERMO LIFE for humans

Dr. Jeffrey Runge Chief Medical Officer CMO of Homeland Security
It's a plan that he says starts with first responders like American Medical Response (EMR)

CDC plans flight e-tracking
POS systems made to report data on consumers
Invloves GAO -- TSA --- HSD ... Gov. Accountng Office; Transportation Security Admin.; Homeland Security
In response, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials have proposed new federal regulations to electronically track more than 600 million U.S. airline passengers a year traveling on more than 7 million flights through 67 hub airports
The CDC acknowledged the heavy costs the electronic passenger manifest requirements would impose on the struggling airline industry. The CDC plans to collect data at what it calls the point of sales(POS) and estimates this would spread the cost among airlines, travel agents and global reservation systems used by airlines, hotels and travel agents

Tamiflu linked to suicides and depression
The company [Roche] has been asked to closely follow reports of psychological disorders, delusional states and abnormal behaviour linked with the drug. At the moment there is no warning [about this] in Europe and we need to establish if there is any link."

Tamiflu is an antiviral drug that has
not yet been proved effective against bird flu. And even if it worked, there’s still no bird flu to treat.

U.S. Gov. refuses generic flu vaccine -- No Cipla
But the United States has vowed not to take advantage of world trade rules that would allow it to import generic medicines in the event of a health crisis, the Consumer Project on Technology said.
There is no need to be constantly surprised and unprepared when such emergencies present themselves," the group said in a letter to the U.S. Trade Representative.

The U.S. government faced similar pressure to allow generic copies of a patented drug after the 2001 anthrax attacks. At that time, then-Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson decided against authorizing generic versions of Bayer AG's antibiotic Cipro
[Ed :
Is the fox guarding the hen house ?? ]
The drug industry has vigorously fought efforts to permit generic copies of drugs under patent in any circumstance.

WHO UN : Flu-czar Dr. David Nabarro
International Office for Epizootic Diseases (OIE),
" 29 SEPTEMBER 2005 | GENEVA -- The United Nations Secretary General has appointed Dr. David Nabarro, one of the most senior public health experts at the World Health Organization (WHO), to lead coordination of the UN response to avian influenza and a possible human influenza pandemic
He will also ensure that the UN system supports effective local, national, regional and global preparations for a potential human influenza pandemic

International germ-warfare center; vaccine bank

The world's richest governments are looking to create an international germ-warfare crisis center and vaccine bank as "a matter of top priority."
According to Jane's Terrorism and Security Monitor, the Group of Seven industrialized countries, also known as the G7, has agreed to locate the center in Canada's capital city of Ottawa, and will work in tandem with the United Nations' World Health Organization.

On Jan. 26, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security decided to move forward with its long proposed $130 million National Bio-defense Analysis and Countermeasures Center in Maryland to handle immediate and future germ-warfare threats.

Tommy Thompson resigns;
Mark McClellan possible to take over --
Meanwhile, a longtime Bush loyalist from Texas — Medicare chief Mark McClellan, who also has served as commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and is the brother of White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan — is considered to be Bush's top choice to replace Thompson.
Men and women with personal ties to the president have been high on his list as he refashions his circle of top officials for the next four years [Ed. note: kitchen cabinet ? ]

Government buys 75 million 'new generation' anthrax shots
WASHINGTON Nov 4, 2004
— The government said Thursday it is purchasing 75 million doses of a new generation anthrax vaccine under an $877.5 million contract the first awarded through a federal program to develop and stockpile antidotes to biological and chemical weapons.
The five-year contract with VaxGen Inc. will provide enough vaccine to treat roughly 25 million people. The company expects to begin delivery by 2006. According to the contract, the first 25 million vaccine doses would be delivered within two years and the balance within three years, said Lance K. Gordon, the company's president.

President Bush signed the new program, called Project BioShield, into law on July 21 with the promise of spending $5.6 billion to develop remedies against possible bioweapons.
VaxGen of Brisbane, Calif., was one of two biotechnology company competing for the HHS contract to develop the new anthrax vaccine. The company still needs to obtain licensing from the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA will review the company's vaccine production and individual lot testing to ensure the anthrax vaccine is safe and effective.
[ not proven yet ??? ]
The existing vaccine is manufactured by Lansing, Mich.-based BioPort Corp. for the Pentagon
VaxGen's product is expected to require no more than three shots. The latest technology uses a purified recombinant protein to coax the body's immune system to produce antibodies to battle anthrax toxins. Laboratory, animal research has confirmed the vaccine is effective and clinical trials involving 580 people have shown its safety in humans.

U.S. prepares for flu-pandemic
WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States may have to close schools, restrict travel and ration scarce medications if a powerful new flu strain spurs a worldwide outbreak, according to federal plans for the next pandemic, obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.
It will take months to brew a vaccine that works against the kind of super-flu that causes a pandemic, although government preparations include research to speed that production.
Good, old-fashioned isolation and quarantine have a special role to play in any pandemic," she said. "One of the things we have to do now, before we're in the middle of this situation, is do our very best to make sure people understand what would be the first steps, why they'd be necessary and what they can do to minimize the disruption."
http://apnews.myway.com/article/20040826/D84MJVB80.html (AS)
Sent in: "martial law restrictions in flu outbreak" ........ Yes, Very possible.

Scientists resurrect 1918 Flu germ

SCIENTISTS working in top-security labs say they have recreated pathogens from the 1918 flu pandemic,
the greatest plague of the 20th century, in a bid to find out why the strain was so extraordinarily lethal.
Using reverse genetic engineering, the US team took two key genes from the 1918 virus and slotted them into human flu viruses to which lab mice were known to be immune.
Within three days, mice that had been exposed to the HA gene were mortally ill. ( dead )

At least 20 million and perhaps as many as 50 million people died in the 1918-1919 pandemic, the highest toll of any disease in the last century.
.....For that reason, experts are deeply concerned that the avian flu that has broken out in poultry flocks in parts of south-east Asia may acquire genes that will make it highly infectious as well as lethal for humans.

it should be possible to devise effective control measures and to improve global surveillance networks for influenza viruses
By some estimates, the 1918 pandemic, called "Spanish flu" in the probably erroneous belief that it began in Spain, infected up to a billion people, which was half the world's population at the time.

The strain was especially lethal for healthy young adults, killing many of the World War I troops who had survived trench warfare, but leaving the very old and the very young -- the more usual victims of flu -- unscathed.

Digging for the Spanish flu by Edward Willett
In the last couple of weeks, an international team of scientists led by 31-year-old Kirsty Duncan, a medical geographer at the University of Windsor, opened their graves. Their hope was to recover tissue samples from the frozen bodies, tissue samples that contain enough fragments of the Spanish flu virus to help us learn what made it so deadly--and present a similar epidemic in the future.
Now the samples they retrieved will go to laboratories in London and Washington.

Genetically modified bio-weapons
As one of the most rapidly moving areas of scientific research today, biotechnology presents the most immediate emerging threat for weapons development. The revolution in genetic modification (GM) techniques could create even deadlier strains of disease and provide cheaper methods of development, as well as blurring the dividing line between curing disease and causing it. Terrorists and nation-states with adequate biological expertise could capitalise on the GM revolution using minimal resources and equipment. Unscrupulous scientists lending or selling their services to terrorist groups could also exploit many advances taking place at medical and biological institutes as civilian research and development.

Animal-to-human diseases could be pandemic

The organisation also warned that new diseases similar to the avian flu and Sars originating in animals - known as zoonotic diseases - are almost certain to keep appearing. 'We must be ready for them,' Dr Omi said.
Thailand, the world's fourth-largest chicken exporter until the disease halted its exports to Europe and Japan, could decide this week whether to vaccinate fowl.
Thousands of chicken farmers oppose such a move. They say Europeans would balk at eating vaccinated chickens because of sensitivities about chemical residues in food.

Bush makes a law for vaccines for terror attack
The $5.6 billion, 10-year Project BioShield program expands public- and private-sector research incentives to develop treatments, antidotes and vaccines that would otherwise not find a viable commercial niche.
"We will rally the great promise of American science and innovation to confront the greatest danger of our time," Bush said
Bush penned his name to the law

Tommy Thompson's surveillance command center
Big Brother Health
Another wall is covered with one huge screen, which is really 10 screens cobbled together, that can project the entire planet as a flat, one-dimensional image with touch-pad access to location-specific information. An adjacent wall is home to four television screens that can pick up 4,000 stations. I lift a telephone receiver to hear the telecast from Al-Jazeera. Other screens map weather, storm damage and diseases.
Another screen reports on America's 6,600 hospitals. With a finger tap to the screen, Thompson can know instantly the capacity of every hospital in the nation: how many beds, doctors, nurses, etc
HHS has "multiple" mobile facilities [ like 'Chipmobile' ? ] , but Thompson won't say how many. He could tell me, of course, but then he'd have to kill me. That's a joke, but Thompson doesn't laugh much. The former Wisconsin governor, who left office with an 82 percent approval rating, is a serious man these days. Bearing the burden of saving hundreds, thousands or millions of lives in the event of a WMD puts job-related stress in fresh perspective.
It is an odd sensation to find comfort in the knowledge that your government is watching, but so it goes in the age of terrorism. The movie is us, and "remote control" isn't just a channel changer anymore

OMB Office of Management and Budget to control Health, Safety
Under a new proposal, the White House would decide what and when the public would be told about an outbreak of mad cow disease, an anthrax release, a nuclear plant accident or any other crisis.
The White House Office of Management and Budget is trying to gain final control over release of emergency declarations from the federal agencies responsible for public health, safety and the environment.
The OMB also wants to manage scientific and technical evaluations - known as peer reviews - of all major government rules, plans, proposed regulations and pronouncements.
Currently, each federal agency controls its emergency notifications and peer review of its projects.

Under this proposal, the carefully crafted process used by the government to notify the public of an imminent danger is going to first have to be signed off by someone weighing the political hazards."

On Friday, a nonpartisan group of 20 former top agency officials sent a letter to the OMB asking the White House watchdog agency to withdraw its proposal, saying it "could damage the federal system for protecting public health and the environment."

"OMB is not a science agency.
The ramifications of it attempting to insert itself into a time-proven system of having the most knowledgeable scientists available evaluate proposed policy or regulations is a disaster in the making."

In lengthy comments to the OMB, Cohen and a co-signer, Robert Wells, president of the 60,000-member Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, also questioned the OMB's proposed involvement in screening emergency public health announcements.
They offered examples of recent events from one agency - the Food and Drug Administration - where a delay caused by the OMB could have been dangerous. Among them:
An emergency termination of a clinical trial of anti-arrhythmic drugs "that was not beneficial, but in fact dangerous."
An announcement that hormone replacement therapy for post-menopausal women was causing adverse effects.

Speed is often essential," Taylor said. "If you discover that a heart valve is defective and killing people and can't issue a recall until the White House has weighed in on the issue, people could die."


Sweden : European Centre for Disease Control
Sweden, who aside from Finland was the only current EU member state not to have an agency, will get the European Centre for Disease Control.

FLU: greatest bio-terror of all --pandemic influenza
Preparation for a severe worldwide outbreak requires countries to use new vaccine technology, stockpile currently available antiviral drugs, introduce new laws to limit vaccine liability and build international co-operation, Profs Richard Webby and Robert Webster write in the journal Science.
The St Jude team warns that although there is a promising new vaccine technology (reverse genetics) available to respond rapidly to an outbreak, it has not been marshalled properly and the basis of the vaccine, a GM flu virus, has not been tested sufficiently in people.

Deadly pathogen lab-4 in Hamilton, Montana

Federal regulators gave the final go-ahead Thursday to a biological research lab slated for Hamilton designed to study the most dangerous pathogens known.

Officials at the National Institutes of Health, which oversees Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, announced they have formally decided to build a Biosafety level four research lab at the Hamilton campus. The new lab, which could break ground by late this summer, will be among a handful in the nation designed to study deadly diseases for which there is no cure, like Ebola.

WHAT the BIBLE says About This :

Who is "Leviathan--- the PIERCING serpent " of Isaiah 27:1 ???
Leviathan--the piercing serpent, mandates vaccines and implanted microchips, the 666 Mark of the Beast.

For more on Leviathan, please see
JOB 41

For protection against 'serpents', see
Mark 16:18....spirit-filled and spirit-led
"They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;
they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

To "drink any deadly thing" is the same as taking an injection. If one is forced to receive a vaccination against their will, then we believe that by asking for the blood covering of Jesus Christ will keep that person from the harmful effects of the vaccine. " When I see the blood, I will pass over." -- Exodus

Protection by calling on the Name of Jesus
Testimony by Sujo John
"So they escorted us thru the exit of World Trade 2 and I had just reached the revolving door of the building that I heard a loud explosion and the whole building collapsed. Would u believe that my friends..the 110 story building collapsed and I was at the door of the building with everything flying over us, boulders, mortar.

Few of us huddled to one end of the building and God gave me this strength that saw me thru..
I started pleading the blood of Jesus..told the people around me that all of us were gonna die and if there was anyone who did not know Christ to call upon his name.
So everyone started crying..
When you are near death believe me some people are so ready to accept our Jesus.

By then the whole building had fallen and we were in the debris..not a single boulder or any material fell on me. I found myself in 3 ft of white soot...I got up...by then there was silence..I could see dead bodies all over. God directed me to a guy on the ground who had a search light on. I picked him up...and said only Jesus can save us and that we had to live. "


"Surely HE shall deliver thee from the snare...and the noisome pestilence.
HE shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust.
Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day.
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness;
nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
A 1,000 shall fall at thy side, and 10,000 at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the Most High, thy habitation."

Salvation https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html
Blueletter Bible www.blueletterbible.org