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Ed: "eclipse" means to cover over; therefore making hidden; "occult" also means "hidden"
POWERED CARDS ( additions to already computerized smart cards : sensors, antenna and batteries )
Ed: Sandwiching in more surreptitious surveillance
Innovatier uses multiple layers to complete the packaging scheme. The top and bottom printed overlays encase the inner core that can contain electronics. Its superior methods embed electronic components such as antennas, sensors and batteries into powered cards or tags. This process produces a highly durable elastomeric core utilizing proprietary reaction injected molding, which can be tailored to the cards' performance for optimum durability and security.
Eclipse Laboratories, headquartered in Bloomington, Minn
Innovatier offers superior packaging solutions for active RFID and powered cards
In addition, the process has the capability of realizing any 3-dimensional shape. [ Ed: hologram ? ]
Innovatier - Endless Possibilities Limited Only by The Imagination™


Texas Pacific
, GemAlto pragmatism --
 less corporation, more government
The private equity firms, though, are demonstrating their skill in nudging executives and other staff members off the payrolls, establishing ties with government officials and calling on local experts to help negotiate complex labor rules
As if to drive the point home,
Texas Pacific announced last month that it had teamed up with AXA Private Equity of France to acquire a majority stake in the telecommunications company TDF, a deal valuing TDF at nearly $6.5 billion

Texas Pacific took control of Gemplus and began shaking it up. It fired some senior executives and reduced the overall head count, which had expanded as the company grew at breakneck speed. But the deal proved to be more complex than Texas Pacific executives foresaw.
There were efforts to turn the French public and government against Texas Pacific by painting it as a dubious front company masking an effort to hijack European technology. A former Gemplus executive accused Texas Pacific in the French press of being a screen for American security interests.
Reducing the work force proved to be sticky, given the strong role of an employees’ council over such decisions.


Assa Abloy solutions

IBM store of the future
One of the most interesting technologies at the IBM pavilion was the LaneHawk by Evolution Robotics. Using a high-end camera and sophisticated image-recognition software, the LaneHawk takes a photo of shopping cart contents and looks up UPC codes for the products to send that information to the POS. It’s a high-tech way to cut down on one of the most low-tech forms of loss – the accidental (or intentional) omission of bottom-of-basket products from a sale.
Ed: It's also a good way to monitor one's purchases, since it has image-recognition which most likely is also facial recognition. That way, if a customer makes purchases with cash, the System can identify your buying habits without the "report card" provided by either a subdermal chip or smart card or credit card.
Just one more clever way of tracking and profiling.


Smart Card with video camera

San Antonio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FaceKey Corporation (OTC:FEKY.PK), a provider of biometrics technology, fingerprint recognition and face recognition technologies, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has issued U.S. Patent No.7,039,221 B1.
SMART-CARD WITH VIDEO CAMERA" covers a smart card equipped with an embedded video camera for use with face recognition. This smart card is a unique type of security and identification device never before available. Embedding a video camera in the smart card and requiring its owner's face to be recognized before using the smart card will prevent unauthorized access to facilities and confidential data stored on the card

"Your face will be your key,"
noted Yevgeny B. Levitov, President of FaceKey Corp

FaceKey : "a weapon used against you "

GMPC General Multi-Purpose Card

Muelhbauer : Create your own smart card -- TECURITY "BioPass"
. With the public introduction of the Singapore Biometric Passport, the Muehlbauer IDENTIFIER 5400 machines procured for the project are expected to personalize about 250,000 of those new biometric laser engraved travel documents every year.
Muehlbauer system solutions are suitable for the manufacture of any card type. They are used in the production of ID cards, ePassports, eVisa, contact and contactless cards, dual interface cards and multimedia cards. The products are, above that, suitable for the manufacture of Smart Labels for the security, supply chain, textile and retail industries.
Information on Muehlbauer is available on the Internet at

mToken ( mSystems) from Bank Leuimi for Online financial transactions
By plugging mToken into any connected computer with a USB slot and authenticating with a password, the customer gains easy access to applications, account information and enterprise and retail resources. Data stored on mToken is always encrypted with its smart card cryptographic key while additional on-device security layers protect the user from online identity theft.

Smart Cards for everything
Ed: A debit card is limited; the 666 open global system will be a credit / debit system for all finances
And another company boasts it can bank the "unbankable" with its VelocityMoney debit card.
Identity cards can now have up to 60 megabytes of information," Levitov said. "A card can contain not only your identity, it can have your medical and financial information. It can be used as a weapon against you."

In the financial arena, Smart Card Marketing Systems Inc., based in San Antonio and Montreal, last week was awarded a contract with the Florida Gaming Commission. The commission agreed to a contract because the company could design a card that prevents users from getting cash pay-outs or buying alcohol, said Paolo Continelli, president of the Canada office.

Ed: targeting indigenous groups ( Indians, first nation peoples )
Smart Card's flagship product, the
VelocityMoney PIN-based debit card, is now used by the Kahnawake, a tribe of the Mohawk Nation. It functions through means of an electronic "virtual bank" that can give banking services to groups that traditionally have not had access to or avoided bank accounts. Smart Card targets existing merchant-to-customer or employer-to-employee networks, but consumers can request VelocityMoney cards directly through its Web site. The company has agreements with Wells Fargo, Fleet Bank, Wachovia and Bank One to load cash onto the cards at more than 15,500 locations.

IBM Payment Centres
IBM has invested US$250,000 (RM900,000) to set up a Banking Solution Center in Singapore for its financial services clients in ASEAN and South Asia.  The IBM ASEAN/South Asia Financial Services Sector Banking Solution Centre is the sixth in the world, after centres in Dallas and New York; Barcelona; Montpellier, France; and Beijing

Multiple Language for eft
Latest version of world’s leading EMV-Level 2 software SmartNS with Emvelink
Emvelink now supports multiple-language selection at the Point of Sale. New PIN functionality for secure online transactions

DoCoMo SIMPURE e-wallet ( embedded IC ) handset
The model can function as an e-wallet, timecard and personal identification card for accessing restricted areas. It will also double as a VoIP mobile phone on an in-house WLAN that is equipped for DoCoMo's PASSAGE DUPLE service and the business mopera IP Centrex service scheduled to start in November. The N902iL is expected to be marketed next spring through DoCoMo's visit www.nttdocomo.com.corporate business division and partner companies.

R. James Woolsley ( CIA ) and Vista ( MS ) support Smart Card

Citrix Smart Access includes "Access Denied" across the entire grid

Microsoft and Industry : Interoperability Alliance
Interop Vendor Alliance
announced the formation of the Interop Vendor Alliance, a global, cross-industry group of software and hardware vendors that will work together to identify opportunities for enhancing interoperability with Microsoft systems on behalf of their customers.
Founding members of the alliance include Advanced Micro Devices Inc., (AMD), BEA Systems Inc., Business Objects, CA, The Carbon Project, Centeris Corp., Citrix Systems Inc., GXS Inc., IP Commerce Inc., JNBridge LLC, Kernel Networks, Levi, Ray & Shoup Inc., Microsoft, NEC Corp. of America, Network Appliance Inc., Novell Inc., Q4bis, Quest Software Inc., Siemens Enterprise Communications, SOFTWARE AG, SugarCRM Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc., Symphony Services Corp., Xcalia, and XenSource Inc. Microsoft welcomes other organizations and vendors across the industry to explore membership in the alliance.
More information about Microsoft's interoperability efforts can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/interop
. More information about the Interop Vendor Alliance can be found at http://www.interopvendoralliance.org / .

Making Smart Cards a MORAL ISSUE

Will fight corruption
The implementation of the Home Affairs National Identification System (Hanis) "smart card" must be prioritised to fight corruption, Home Affairs Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula said on Thursday.


Oberthur VersaFOBTM Certified as an Approved MasterCard® PayPass™ 3D Fob
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The smallest-ever card-based contactless payment fob, called VersaFOB, was certified by MasterCard Worldwide as an approved PayPass product, Oberthur Card Systems announced today. This new contactless payment form factor is just 28.5 mm by 23.6 mm
(1.125 x 0.93) in size. The
sub-card is snapped out of a full size card at the end of the production process and then inserted into a key-chain casing


Government clerks snoop
Most of the 1000-plus victims were never told details of their private lives, including personal, financial, health, police and emergency records, had been invaded.
A Herald Sun survey of 15 key federal and state departments and agencies, which hold up to 100 million secret files on individuals, found 650 public servants were sacked or sanctioned for snooping on their clients in the past year.
The revelation comes as Canberra pushes ahead with controversial plans to replace 17 health and welfare cards with a single smart card.

.... all staff were warned not to use, release, disclose or study people's files for unofficial reasons.

The worst offender was
Centrelink, which last month admitted 111 staff were sacked or had resigned for looking at welfare recipients' files.
Centrelink has disciplined 585 staff for wrongly accessing customer records on 790 occasions since 2004

Rewards: "In Crowd" Selectivity, Discounts via Smart Cards: Stored Value; Loyalty
Every "In Crowd" must have an "out crowd " in order to feel special ( VIP ); so exclusion is a very important factor

Food, Grains, and the ability to farm as REWARDS
The minimum support price (MSP) for foodgrains should reflect market prices and farmers selling their stock to the government should be rewarded with incentives like discount cards, the chairman of National Commission on Farmers' M.S. Swaminathan, suggested Monday.
'There should be a provision to reward farmers who sell their produce to the government to ensure food security.
This reward or incentive could be in the form of smart card or discount coupons that would enable him to buy seeds and farm tools at cheaper rates,' he said.

Swipe a Drink of Wine -- Nov. 15, 2006 CEMS Cashless Event Management System
Neos Merchant Solutions' CEMS
for Wine Show Extraordinaire 2007 -- which can be configured to use any smart card on the market -- will employ R & R Card Systems, Inc.'s breakthrough CDplus Connect Card, which combines the powerful information delivery mechanism of a CD with the proprietary applications of a smart card. This card, powered by Neos Merchants' CEMS will entitle the holder to receive wine pours in exchange for a swipe of the smart card "passport." This results in an extremely rapid transaction, which in turn leads to higher sales as lines are greatly reduced in length.

Neos Merchants Solutions CEMS provides event organizers the ability to enable their customers to purchase goods and services at a venue using stored value cards and payment terminals. The individual transactions are to be performed in an "off-line" environment that reduces overall transaction time and reduces cash management problems.

Cartes Expo
" if any man worship the beast " ( follow-ship, loyalty, "belonging" ) -- Rev. 14: 9-11
" the trend toward customization, to make one card stand out from another. Banks have led the way. Now, with boosts from card manufacturers plus improvements in technology, innovations include transparent, fluorescent, perfumed, tactile, lenticular, and 3D or holographic cards in addition to unique shapes and custom-made backgrounds
for 16-25 year-olds or for soccer team supporters ... Is this a fashion fad or a long-lasting trend? Is this an evolution or a real revolution?
Cards are indeed becoming more and more a communication tool, a sign of belonging and a powerful marketing tool." The special World Card Summit will be "dedicated to the banking sector and its latest developments and changes," she added.

World Card Summit

Hypercom handheld for smart payment cards
-- Oct. 3, 2006
Hypercom Corporation announced that it has submitted its recently announced universal RF-enabled touchscreen-based
P4100 PIN entry device for EMV, PCI PED, PTS and contactless certifications.
Receipt of the approvals will pave the way for the high security, multi-application device to accept EMV smart card payments in global markets, provide guaranteed PIN entry security, ensure payment security over wireless and IP networks and be used with the rapidly expanding contactless payment programs offered by American Express, MasterCard and Visa

About United Bank Card (

ID cards to store data electronically --  net patrolled
The surface of the cards will include the owner's name, date of birth, gender, and a passport photo, while personal information such as resident registration number, fingerprints, home address, and security passwords will be contained in the integrated circuit (IC) chip, according to the report.
In addition, the government has suggested that a new "registration number" be built into the card for online identificatory purposes, a number that would be different from users' resident registration numbers. Currently, online users must enter their resident numbers to identify themselves when using many web sites and when making online financial transactions.


Fargo: for individual businesses 


All of these ID initiatives have civil liberties groups worried that soon, everyone will have to carry one uniform national ID card.
But second district Republican Charles Bass says - don't bet on it.
"That's like throwing out mother and apple pie into the trash at the same time. We do not carry identity papers in the United States. When we think about that we think about nazi Germany and unpleasant things. In America, you are free to be anonymous, as long as you don't break the law."


The following article is about how Verichip is approved by the FDA for medical use.
Then it slips in :
"VeriChip can also be used in a variety of security,
financial, emergency identification, and other applications."
The impression to be obtained is that VeriChip is also approved for those following applications by the FDA.
But looking closely at the statement, there is no FDA approval at all for those applications. It is only made to LOOK like it is approved for those functions, by adding it on at the end of an FDA-approval article.

But regardless of intra-muscular or subdermal, and regardless of FDA approval or not, Rev. 16:2 tells us that those who take the MOB implant will suffer noisome and grievous sores.

ID fraud sets need for smart cards

Blair wants compulsory mandated smart ID cards

ATMs compliant with EMV interoperability
EMV Test Plan Version 4.1 is the very latest standard issued by EMVCo for certification and this version makes it easier to test for interoperability between EMV cards, EMV card readers and EMV terminals. The new standard will be available for all NCR ATM solutions using APTRA EMV software. NCR’s adherence to the new standard was tested by FIME (www.fime.com), an EMV test laboratory and a division of Groupe Silicomp, a smartcard software and consulting services company based in France.

VeriFone Smartcard PIN pad
VeriFone's SC 5000 programmable smart card PINpad breaks new ground in the payment industry. The SC 5000 packs support for EMV smart card transactions, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and stored value transactions, into a sleek, stylish device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

VeriFone's faster payment

ID cards will track us

Programmable GoSmartCard
The possibilities are endless. It is the perfect solution for retailers to both reward and establish loyalty with their customers, while at the same time collecting valuable data that will allow them to improve their service or product offerings.

Smart Lottery

Ed: Can "embargo" purchases ( cigs, liquor, .... sweets next ? )
Will smart cards eventually embargo Christians who resist 666 ?

These merchants have found a niche for the Smart Card closed loop cards to be used as a payout for lottery winnings in the state of Florida. The cards will have the functionality and capability of an ATM card and will allow for restricted no tolerance use at participating tobacco and alcohol retailers.

Computer Access Smart card

Also called a “smart card,” the CAC features an embedded computer chip that stores a person’s electronic identity. It allows users to sign documents digitally and to protect messages from being intercepted and read by unauthorized individuals. Users access the Defense Department unclassified network with a personal identification number and a CAC reader

Philippine Debit smart card--  synthetic DNA
In addition, the cards will carry GSFC's "Tag and Track" system. The"Tag and Track" system will provide a flexible, rapidly deployable assisted-GPS / GSM location-based service including an innovative
integrated RFID technology that enables a wide array of customizable applications. The technology locates
and/or tracks vehicles, objects, assets or people ... in this case SmartCards. VersaCard customers will
deploy a portable receiver or reader device, which will be used to pick up the signal transmitted by our
"Tag and Track" Tracker with its integrated RFID Tag.


"There are only 8 million people in Hong Kong but the number of Octopus cards in circulation is 13 million. So far, there are over 20 million smart cards in circulation worldwide, with various names such as EZ Link in Singapore, which handle approximately five billion transactions per annum," adds Joseph Issifu, President and COO of First Versatile Smartcard Solutions Corp

Datacard : 5,000 smart cards per hour --Minnetonka, MN

Called "crisis card"
Early on we flagged that one of the key applications is to enable it (the smart card) to be used for emergency payments and that it could be used at Eftpos terminals and ATMs to enable people to access cash immediately
The card's microchip will carry enough information to replace 17 existing cards and vouchers such as Medicare cards.

Canadian banks chip card ready --
June 26, 2006--VeriFone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY) today announced that its Vx 510 countertop and Vx 610 wireless payment solutions have been certified as meeting new chip card device requirements put forth by the Interac Association, Canada's national industry association for shared financial services.
The VeriFone systems are the first card acceptance devices to achieve Interac chip card certification, demonstrating the company's commitment to assist Canadian banks in immediately deploying compliant devices in support of the mandated mass market upgrade of all currently deployed POS devices. The Interac Association has established a goal of initiating the first chip card transaction in 2007
and will impose
sanctions beginning in 2010 on member banks who do not meet minimum required levels of chip conversion.
The Vx 510 and Vx 610 are members of Vx Solutions, VeriFone's next-generation payment systems family that incorporates a faster 32-bit processor, high security, consistent user interface, and sleek designs
VeriFone solutions for international markets

The Vx 610 features the same sleek, compact design of the Vx 510, but in a portable, battery-powered form factor that uses wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, CDMA and GPRS. It's long battery life and high capacity enables Vx 610 to open up new market opportunities by extending countertop payment capabilities to wherever consumers are, whether shopping at open markets or buying home-delivered products and services. VeriFone has delivered payment system solutions to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.  http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20060626005530&newsLang=en

EMV Debit card 

Bulgarian banks use smart cards
Thanks to the built-in chip, the card has a developed high-technology system for a three-level system of protection for the data stored on it.
The card is called smart, or intelligent, because it is active it is enabled to receive information,
to process it and, as a result,
to make a decision.
Another significant feature is the possibility to organise in a single card several separate structures of data and programmes for operation, for example, an ID health insurance card, an e-purse, an insurance card, a credit card and many more
“I am very pleased that Allianz Bulgaria issued the first VISA chip card on the Bulgarian market. This is the first smart card, which will lead us into the future of the electronic payments”, said Svetoslav Gavriiski, CEO of Allianz Bulgaria bank and former Bulgarian National Bank governor
Chip cards are the future of payment systems across the world, providing maximum security of electronic payments and more card capabilities.


Topbox on computer for smart card ID

TWIC Transportation Identification Work Card

THE PHRASE "IDENTIFICATION, PLEASE" IS ABOUT TO TAKE ON A whole new meaning in the transportation industry. If a proposal from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) takes effect, up to 750,000 of the nation's truckers and port workers could soon be submitting fingerprints and other proofs of identity as part of stepped up port security checks.

Last month, the TSA and the U.S. Coast Guard approved a 227-page proposal to adopt a national Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC). The Coast Guard has also approved a
proposed regulation that would coordinate with the TWIC program to streamline the current credentialing process for
merchant mariners. Both proposals have been published in the Federal Register and will be open for public comment until roughly the end of June.

This includes longshoremen, port operator employees, truck drivers and rail workers. Background checks would include a review of criminal history records, terrorist watch lists, legal immigration status, and outstanding warrants.
Mike Regan, CEO of TranzAct Technologies

To guard against fraud, the TSA will use "smart card" technology, and possibly RFID. It will also include a worker's photo, name, biometric information and multiple other fraud protection measures
[ Ed: Bearing Point possible to manufacture smart card "master card" ]

3M ID cards

The new licenses, instruction permits and identification cards contain visible and covert features to thwart identity thieves. The most noticeable is the "floating loon" image that seems to rise and sink as the viewer tilts the card. A micro-printed background, fine lines across the photo and a watermark visible only under ultraviolet light are among the overt changes. Some covert features will be known only to certain law enforcement and state agencies to support homeland security efforts

Headquartered in Walluf, near Wiesbaden (Germany), OMNIKEY is part of ASSA ABLOY Identification Technology (ITG). OMNIKEY's North American headquarters reside in Irvine, California with technical support in Atlanta, Georgia. The Asia Pacific operation is located in Hong Kong. Design, production management, and quality control of OMNIKEY's products are carried out in the company's two R&D centers in Linz, Austria and Erfurt, Germany. OMNIKEY readers are distributed worldwide through a global network of partners, including value added resellers, system integrators, and OEMs. For further information please visit

The OMNIKEY CardMan 3121
The OMNIKEY CardMan 3121 smart card readers will work in conjunction with the Pension Fund’s employee ID card, which includes digital signature functions, to improve efficiencies.
All citizens will be able to securely access the services from their own PC
provided they have a certificate on a smart card, obtainable from one of the accredited suppliers listed on the German Pension Fund’s website, and a smart card reader.


Macedonia: Full rollout by the end of the year
Samples of Macedonia’s new ID documents have been unveiled in the capital, Skopje this week, paving the way
for full rollout to begin before the end of this year
The government is happy with the progress being made: “We are right on schedule and the documents will be
ready for issuing to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia before the end of the year [ 2006] ,” said Mr Mihajlovski
G&D’s [ Ed: Giesecke and Devrient of Germany ] contract includes the delivery of 1.5 million ePassport documents with integrated microchips, 1.8 million personal identity cards and 500,000 driver’s licenses. In addition to the documents, G&D will be supplying the equipment for:
centralised personalisation,
systems for
decentralised data acquisition
and for the
centralised data storage and processing,
the system integration and a maintenance agreement.


BiometricPIN for access
BiometricPIN enhances security by requiring a multi-finger log-on to access restricted files, folders and environments. The sequence in which fingers are read determines successful access and, like conventional PINs, can be changed if required. The technology also allows for integration of further identifiers such as iris, facial, palm and voiceprints into the authentication and identification process. Information is stored as a non-indexed Binary Large Object (BLOB) rather than an image which prevents reverse engineering

PKI Public Key Infrastructure
Two-factor authentication: PKI smart card for financial transactions

" eToken PRO Smartcard offers strong authentication and guaranteed non-repudiation for sensitive applications such as eBanking, stock trading, eCommerce and financial transactions"

Salvation  https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html

Bible www.blueletterbible.org