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SMART CARDS page 4 ( CHIP CARDS ).. "chip karte" .... Smart ID
Smart card basics http://www.smartcardbasics.com/overview.html
Tech explanations http://www.xceedid.com/resources/glossary.html

LINKS include : MULTOS, Laser HologramHD, SmartMetric (biometric Match-On-Card), , keyboard for smart cards, UHF,
Public Safety, Military, Batteries

Not all smart cards are the same :
2 databases : one on card; one at headquarters
2 Read ranges : 30 feet or 4 inches
The State Department and Texas Instruments prefer a more elaborate card with a chip that has its own database. The chip would hold an encrypted digital photo and other identity details that can be decoded and read by scanners in use by border agents around the world.

Both versions of the card use radio-frequency identification microprocessors. But they reveal their contents at different frequencies and different distances.
Homeland Security's prototype, made by Symbol Technologies, responds to ultra-high-frequency waves
[ Ed: UHF, microwave] that can pick up the card number from an overhead road sign or other station as far as 30 feet away.
The State Department's card uses high-frequency technology.
Known as a "contactless card," it has to be waved within 4 inches of a scanner for the border agent to unlock its data

Texas Instruments and others that specialize in smart cards that have the data is included in the microprocessor say distance-read cards are a security risk. A spy using an antenna could skim the signal, and use it to stalk the vehicle it came from, said Mr. Wiley.

IronGate long-range ( 25 ft. ) BioCard ( active smart card )
IronGate biocard assures biometric privacy because the biometric is stored on-card. The trusted user enrolls their fingerprints on the card. Once enrolled, no one else can use that card. When activated in an RF field, the biocard performs an on-card 1:1 authentication and wirelessly transmits a digital certificate up to 25 feet. The IronGate biocard solution does not require a centralized database or extra external hardware or software. It works with existing 26-bit Wiegand output access control systems.
As a global provider of Dual-Active RFID solutions and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), AXCESS integrated its ActiveTag ultra-thin, long range RFID credential to provide the wireless signal. The AXCESS System is based on battery-powered "active" RFID technology, where wireless tags use an on-board power source to transmit signals from up to 100 meters in order to automatically identify, track, monitor, and protect people, assets, and vehicles. The benefit of IronGate biocard is its patented algorithm which generates a higher security credential. When added to existing infrastructure utilizing Wiegand protocol from the AXCESS transmission, it's even more secure

Graphics of a smart card 

Smart Card Growth
Government/ health cards became increasingly popular ...  A number of government ID and health card projects, implemented in countries such as Oman, Australia, Austria and Belgium, led to an increased demand for both memory and microprocessor cards .... This demand shows little sign of slowing.
However, many use contact technology which is not RFID and is unreliable and user unfriendly compared to RFID. e-Passport projects - all using RFID technology - showed strong development ..  particularly in Europe where some reached the pilot and implementation stages.

Re-programming smart cards
Since (most contactless) cards can be written to multiple times you can ‘re-program’ a smart card if you have a programmer with the appropriate keys to overwrite a particular sector,” says Mr. Menzel. This is a major advantage over prox technology, he stresses, citing that prox is “typically a one time write with no security.”

MULTOS ... MULTiple Operating System
applying many applications from a single card , at the same time

-CHANGE ARTIST ( no additional software needed )
MULTOS allows applications to be loaded on-the-fly. This means that a card with the MULTOS operating system on it
can change features during its lifetime.

MULTOS is geared to the banking, retail and financing sector ( Graphic included )

Saudi Arabia : Multos Smart Card Lab
He says those new features are expected to include health data and a digital certificate to allow cardholders to electronically sign documents. He notes the existing cards will not have to be recalled, but rather the government will use Multos’ capability to change data on cards in the field to add the new applications to cards already issued.

MULTOS ... wikipedia

Global Platform -- common identification process

Chip-based ID
http://www.anu.edu.au/people/Roger.Clarke/DV/IDCards97.html [ Good article ]


Smart Cards are built on silicon platforms ( " built on sand "
Matthew 7: 26, 27 )

AXCESS protects financial data
AXCESS' patented ActiveTag RFID systems use small, battery powered tags (generically called "semi-active" tags) that when automatically activated, transmit a wireless message typically 30 to 100 feet to hidden palm size receivers. The receivers are connected via standard network simultaneously to the enterprise system software, the existing security alarm equipment, and standalone management software. Optionally, the tag system can be used to trigger security video recording and live remote video transmission. The tags are used for a variety of enterprise productivity applications including automatic personnel access control and tracking, automatic vehicle access control and payload management, automatic asset management and protection, as well as special purpose sensing. Automatic email alerting and paging is offered for rapid response to security related incidents.
More information, including a white paper on the ROI metrics for the system is available from the Company's web site at www.axcessinc.com.

Incorporating CRYPTOCard's familiar ATM-style logon, CRYPTO-Server couples something in the user's possession (a multi-function smart card, hardware token, or software token), with something the user knows (their PIN), to make it simple to positively identify all Linux users attempting VPN or Web-based access. The user simply logs on through the graphical user interface, enters their PIN & authenticates against the CRYPTO-Server - remove card and the display manager (KDM, GDM, XDM) logon locks station

Smart cards : As fast as they can make 'em

....................................................................... nationalbarcode

Smart Card Keyboard

BioScript 's VERISOFT Access
The benefits of Bioscrypt's VeriSoft Access Manager, as recognized by Cherry, include:
increased protection of sensitive data;
the ability to consolidate and store user identities and passwords for web-based and Microsoft Windows applications;
automatic logon when a registered application is accessed;
and hard-drive secure encryption to allow for the storage of documents for safeguarding, creating a type of 'digital safe' accessed via fingerprint ID. Along with these functionality advantages that Cherry required, an added unique feature is

the E-wallet, which allows for safe storage of credit card details while integrated event logging provides a secure and irrefutable audit trail. "The beauty of VeriSoft Access Manager is that all its functions are accessible in one window, which avoids complicated access paths to the many features offered," said Robin Bithrey, Keyboard Sales Support Engineer at Cherry.

Cherry's G83-14200/14300 range of FingerTIP ID biometric USB keyboards with CMOS fingerprint sensor AES 4000 from AuthenTec with TruePrint(R) technology. The keyboard also comprises a 3121-compatible CardMan smart card reader, which in combination with VeriSoft, allows for multiple authentication methods to be used in any combination when assigning access privileges to applications [ Ed: multi-applications ] and services. As well as fingerprint biometrics and smartcards, the software supports multifactor user authentication, including Trusted Platform Modules, USB and virtual tokens

Athena smart cards
The acquired technology is already integrated within the new ASECard Crypto J multi-application PKI smart card which will be available soon in contact and dual interface, ISO7816 and ISO 14443, versions.

Biometric Payment
Biometric payment service providers are quick to point out that they don't keep the customer's actual fingerprint in their databases -- they keep an encrypted number derived from the finger's point-to-point measurements.

LaserCard Embedded HologramHD
"including the printing of cardholder information and encoding of data and the Embedded HologramHD"

Holographic Optical Memory ( with erasure )
"The erasure mechanism described above can be beneficially employed to erase a selected one or to erase all of the volume holograms stored within the medium 60. As a result, the medium 60 may be written with new information."

How holographic Memory works

Code Guard tiered layers of security

Zebra's new dual sided smart card maker


VA - Cybertrust - PKI

Australian smart card drivers license
The new card will be designed to take into account the technologies and standards being used by any federally-issued smart card for national health issues [ Ed: includes financial funds ] . According to Lucas: “This will not be the same card as that, but we are working with the federal government in relation to common platform technologies and common standards.

SuperCom: Public Safety Org. from the Federal to the Local ( to department )

Partnering with SuperCom will allow us to provide smart-card personnel tracking applications that address the needs of public safety organizations", said Ron Halen, Sales Manager for Card Data Systems. "Our Datacard centralized and desk-top identification solutions will allow SuperCom customers to easily capture the necessary data and images and produce their "Smart" ID cards at the Department, County, Task Force, State and Federal level."

MILITARY and Government

ActiveIdentity -- never ending possibilities
"We have consciously assembled in one complete framework all of the capabilities we think are needed to address identity management," MacBeth said
. "The beauty is that it allows them to address whatever solution that is a priority, but they're investing in a solution that they can grow with."

15,000 gov. oficials begin mandatory smart card training to US Army
Ed; Why is the Army going to be used to deploy smart cards ?
Waltham, MA --
Brainshark, the leader in on-demand rich-media communications solutions, today announced that Maden Technologies, a leading integrator of outsourced information technology, selected Brainshark to rapidly implement mandatory smart card technology training to the U.S. Army. The training is to be rolled out to 15,000 government officials including security officers and government contractors and is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2006.

With only two trainers assigned for all training requirements for this enormous project, we needed to find a cost-effective way to not only deliver training in a very short timeframe to a widely distributed workforce 24x7, but we also needed to be able to update training instantly as soon as information changed – in our case that’s every four weeks,” said Nancy Rountree, Learning Services Manager of Maden Technologies. “Brainshark provides us with everything we will need to accomplish our goals quickly, easily, and within deadline and we are planning on using it to fulfill other government projects in the future.”

Maden Technologies serves the federal government, state and local governments, and private industry and is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business.


Oberthur ( France ) provides 3 million smart cards for DoD
The latest 1 million are dual interface : contact / contactless.
Oberthur is capable of manufacturing 200 million cards a year for Fed, State and Local govs

SuperCom " Defense Solutions " ( smart card technology ) for the DoD

Ed: SuperCom is based in Israel with offices in Mclean, Virginia
" SuperCom http://www.supercomgroup.com/ as the provider of smart card and biometric identity verification technology for the Guardsman line, In addition, SuperCom will provide unparalleled Incident Site Management, Access Control, Communications Interoperability, and Electronic-ID solutions for Defense Solutions' [ www.ds-pa.com. Exton, PA and DC and Miami ] ] many military, government, and private sector clients and partners worldwide"
"Now we are also able to guarantee positive identification of anyone passing through our doors"

Population Registry ; SuperCom Magna http://www.supercomgroup.com/info_page.asp?info_id=350
Smart Cards; SuperCom Teslin http://www.supercomgroup.com/info_page.asp?info_id=399
Real Time Locating System RTLS in motion ; Movement Detection Solution ( MDS ) http://www.pure-rf.com/ tracking solution in motion

Smart Gate
SmartGate 2400, access control system allows only authorized persons to enter a complex via secure, personalized smart cards.  The cardholder can enter the parking lot, the office, the secure laboratory, the health club, and even the elevator with one card only.  The card cannot be forged, and is durable for up to 10 years.
This multi application system can be integrated into office buildings, residence buildings, nursing homes, hospitals, universities and schools.  An access control system specifically geared toward the education marketplace, targeting the problem of school truancy is now available.   The multi-application features, can also offer a loyalty program for clients, Autosmart services and e-wallet applications.

Alert : Bible warning ! ... Hour of Temptation --Rev. 3:10
Pentagon : chip in arm or HAND ? For 1.4 million military men and women
( Ed: They claim that the chip is "voluntary"; yet will those who refuse be given a "dishonorable discharge" with all future employment in jeopardy ? )

" The device is usually implanted above the triceps area of an individual’s right arm, but can also by implanted in the hand if scanned at the proper frequency" .
The potential for this technology doesn’t just stop at the civilian level,” Philbin said.
Not everybody agrees with Thompson, the Examiner reported, noting that the idea of implanting the chips in live bodies has some veterans’ groups and privacy advocates worried.
"It needs further study,” Joe Davis, a retired Air Force major and a spokesman for the D.C. office of the
Veterans of Foreign Wars, told the Examiner

And Liz McIntyre, co-author with Katherine Albrecht of "Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track your Every Move with RFID," said that VeriChip is "a huge threat” to public privacy.

"They’re circling like vultures for any opportunity to get into our flesh,” McIntyre told the Examiner. "They’ll start with people who can’t say no, like the elderly, sex offenders, immigrants and the military. Then they’ll come knocking on our doors.”

Leahy asked. "What less-invasive alternatives are there? What information would be entered on the chips,
and could it endanger our soldiers, or be intercepted by the enemy?”

VeriChip has been "in discussions" with the Air Force, Navy and the Department of Veterans Affairs "in the last couple of months" to implant the radio devices in military personnel.

For Veterans Health database

Upgraded CAC Common Access Card to Log in
The Army has begun implementing Common Access Card Cryptographic Logon and by June 30 will require a CAC and personal identification number, or PIN, to log on to the Army's unclassified network
"Protecting identity is critical as the Army moves forward to deliver a joint net-centric, information enterprise," said Lt. Gen. Steven Boutelle, the Army's Chief Information Officer

Lexmark for MFP MultiFunctional Products DoD and other government agencies
Lexmark International, Inc. has introduced a unique authentication solution for laser multifunction products (MFPs) in response to the stringent security standards of the U.S. federal government. Lexmark's solution gives federal government agencies an option for enhanced network security protection for MFPs by locking them so that users cannot copy, fax, scan, print, or initiate workflow processes from the device without first inserting a common access card (CAC) and obtaining authentication. CACs are issued to Department of Defense (DoD) employees and are used to verify identity and security classifications. Lexmark's solution helps ensure that only authorized employees can access the network through an MFP.

Government Agencies

State Dept. 2,000 Biometric Match-On-Cards --BLADE ( Global implementation)
The Precise 200 MC and Precise 250 MC have been designed to meet the demanding requirement of IT and network security and are optimized for the Precise Match-on-Card(TM) technology, which conducts all biometric matching within the secure smart card environment
The program Biometric Logical Access Development and Evaluation or BLADE, has been deployed at the agency's headquarters and in consulates around the world.


Move over Bunny; Infinite Power Solution's battery is here ( solar cells .. thin film batteries etc.)
Infinite Power Solutions specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing thin film batteries for micro-electronic applications. The flexible, rechargeable, solid-state lithium batteries, offered under the Lite*Star brand, are said to be unrivaled in thinness, re-chargeability and power performance, and operate over extreme temperature conditions.

The batteries can be recharged in a few seconds to a few minutes, and can be combined with energy harvesting devices to provide miniature, unlimited power, enabling applications such as active RFID tags, Smart Cards, implantable medical devices, wireless sensors and a numerous other commercial and military applications. www.infinitepowersolutions.com

lithium-polymer battery "Flexion"
The company’s flagship product is the ultra-thin, flexible lithium-polymer batteries called “Flexion.
The basis for the battery, a patented solid-state electrolyte, provides portable power solutions for numerous products, including smart cards,  RFID tags , and medical devices

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