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"Last Days Technology: Transaction, Collaboration and Convergence," and also
PKI ( Public Key Infrastructure ); Message Board Commentaries; and more LINKS explaining smart cards

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( contact, contactless, combination )


Public number 666 + private number (PIN) = Rev. 14:9-11
The above photo shows a smart card reader that can read both swipe cards and smart cards. The keypad allows one to punch in their personal number (PIN) .
Will the day come that one has to punch in a "666" before they punch in their PIN
(personal identification number )
in order to make economic transactions? Time will tell.
Is "666" the public key infrastructure (PKI) that works with one's personal number?
When a public number works in conjunction with a personal number, that is called an "asymmetric" system.

Smart Cards http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_cards

There are three keywords that describe some of the aspects of Last Days Technology . Those three words are :
" transaction, collaboration and convergence" . Let's take a look at these words.

Those of us who are watching the signs given in Rev. 13 and 14 pertaining to the Mark of the Beast and the coming 666 economic system have focused on the taking of the subdermal chip. While it is true that a Believer cannot take the Mark of the Beast within his body ( right hand or forehead) it is ALSO just as true that we cannot TRANSACT any globally enclosed 666 financing with a smart card that is allied with the Beast ( by his name, number or image, if it requires our right hand or of our forehead ).
So while it is good to focus on not taking the Mark of the Beast subdermally, it is also good to focus on not TRANSACTING any 666 eft ( electronic fund transfers) or any such financial applications with smart cards that is allied with the 666 global financial system.
We cannot buy or sell anything with the 666 economic system, whether it is with a smart card or with a subdermal chip in the right hand or forehead, and is associated with the Beast of Rev. 13.

You see, the Mark of the Beast in the right hand or forehead is placed there so that a scanner can scan a nearby- biological identifier. For instance, if the number-only subdermal chip is in the right hand, that hand has to be scanned for digital fingerprints and vein patterns.

Or, if the number-only subdermal chip is placed in the forehead, then the subdermal chip is close enough to the iris or retina of the eye and must be scanned for iris prints and/or retina prints in order to confirm or authenticate that individual at POS ( point of sale).

The subdermal chip has only a unique identifying number ( and possibly some limited data) . It is not encrypted with any biological identification. Therefore, the biological authentication must be made at the POS Point of sale by scanning the implanted person's hand or eye that is in close proximity to the implanted chip. Those are the reasons why the subdermal chip is placed in the right hand or forehead ... for close proximity to biological confirmation.

But the smart card chip is different. It contains one's unique number AND it is also encrypted with a digital photo of the card holder and has match-on-card ability to see if the fingerprint of the holder of the card (in real-time) matches the digital fingerprint contained in the card. The face must also match the digitized photo contained within the computerized chip in the smart card, and which is displayed on a screen when inserted.

Yet both the chip in the right hand or forehead, and the chip in the smart card are operable ( able to be processed) in the 666 Beast's economic system, and so thus they are both forbidden for use. The key word here is TRANSACT. We cannot transact with 666, or with the Beast's name , number or image. And also we cannot take the subdermal chip in our right hand or forehead, as referred to in Rev. 13.

To us, that is made perfectly clear in both Rev. 13 ( referring to the subdermal chip ) and Rev. 14: 9--11
( TRANSACTING with a smart card for 666 financing ).

May the Holy Spirit reveal more of this to us as the System -- which is advancing quickly -- comes into place.

Reminder: PIV  Personal Identity Verification has not yet become part of an enclosed global financial system, allied with the Beast of Rev. 13. (as of July 2015 )

In the following article we see how there are individuals in the health / medical field who are promoting VeriChip, while also being on the VeriChip payroll. These two men are both employed by the VeriChip Corporation and cannot represent the company objectively, since they are both on the payroll.

Brave New Medical Microchip
" It's a three-prong approach, and all three [doctors, hospitals and patients] have to come together," explains
Dr. Jonathan Musher
, a Bethesda physician. He works for the manufacturer, VeriChip Corp. of Delray Beach, Fla., a subsidiary of Applied Digital, building what he calls "the network" required to make the chips effective. He says he was convinced of the device's merit before he joined the company and always has mixed his clinical practice -- geriatrics and adult medicine -- with what he calls "an administrative component."

" High-profile supporters include former Wisconsin governor and U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, now partner in the law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP and a member of the board of the VeriChip Corp. His primary interest, he says, is promoting new technologies he believes are badly needed in the health care field -- "It's my shtick." He once pledged publicly to have the chip put in himself, but says now that he is waiting until "more hospitals have signed up."

We must be on our guard whenever someone promotes a product from a company that they are receiving monies from. They will say "commercially- correct" things that may not ring true.
Here are some things that do not seem to be true, as far as we are concerned :
1. We are told we NEED this subdermal chip for security.
2. We are told it is not a health-hazard ( please see Rev. 16: 2)
3. We are told that one takes the chip "voluntarily". ( Who wants to risk going without food, employment etc. ? )

Collaboration and conflict of interest do not result in truth-telling. It results in slick Madison-Avenue marketing and promotional schemes. Those who are wise will see through their jargon.

T. Thompson wants Fed to control Medicaid over 65 without States input

T. Thompson's plan calls for Medicaid to begin using electronic health records
and other technologies to improve case management

Tommy Thompson to benefit from Medicaid reforms
* * *
Collaboration Software

DISA wants more collaboration tools

The Defense Information Systems Agency director wants to see a request for quotations for a second collaboration services software tool hit the streets within 60 days.
In July, DISA awarded IBM Corp. a $17 million contract to provide enterprisewide “pay for use” collaboration services under its Net-Centric Enterprise Services program. DISA also plans to acquire a second commercially managed collaboration service to promote competition between the service providers.
Collaboration software should include instant messaging, text chat, Web conferencing and whiteboarding.

The idea of convergence is that of overlapping and integrating of systems. That apparently is the idea the system has in mind with both smart cards and the subdermal chip. They are meant to be used interchangeably for application. If they perform the same function ( that is, if they both open databases and both access accounts for electronic fund transfers and are allied the 666 globally enclosed system)
then they are twins to be avoided, according to the Biblical warning given in Revelation 14: 9-11.

In the coming months, we will be able to see if they are allied in any way with the global policy leader known as "the beast" in Revelation 13 and 14. If they allude to his name or his number or his image then they are anathema. They are both forbidden fruit. The subdermal chip has the distinction of also being the Mark of the Beast, an internalized ( bodily implant) identification with the 666 economic system.

But implantation is not the only thing to be avoided with this technology. We are commanded to avoid worshipping the beast ( follow-ship ) or associating with his image, name or number, especially in regards to purchasing power.
( buying and selling, eft, commerce, banking, payroll , grocery purchases, any POS retail etc. ) .
The potential that smart cards have for such a system needs to be watched carefully. And if smart cards become affiliated with the beast and his 666 economic system, then we cannot transact with them.

BRAMPTON ( Greater Toronto area )
We get a hint of these two systems converging for the same operations and applications when we look at the Health System of Brampton, Ontario, Canada. ( BTW, Ontario has been having a lot of earthquakes lately ).

Here is an article about how the VeriChip Corporation will have it's VeriChip Platform ( array of technologies) perform for the Brampton Civic Hospital :
" These VeriChip radio frequency (RF) locating technologies will be installed in the new, state-of-the-art Brampton Civic Hospital, in Brampton, Ontario.... The project is being managed by Electro-Systems Alliance, a dealer for VeriChip's distribution partner Austco Communication Systems [ Australia ].
Brampton Civic Hospital is owned and operated by William Osler Health Centre (

The VeriChip systems will reside on the new VeriChip platform, which is designed to support multiple applications for facilities of any scale. Inter-connection to the Austco nurse call system will enable staff to receive notification remotely of all events--whether from the VeriChip systems or the nurse call system--via any text-enabled device, including PDAs and wireless phones."

And guess what ? Smart Card Marketing Systems is also right there in Brampton
Smart Card Marketing
Smart Card Marketing Systems is based in Frankfurt, Germany and has offices in San Antonio, TX and Ontario, Canada.
They market Smart Card to various enterprises. And they just happened to be in the Health neighborhood too -- just like VeriChip-- in Brampton. Smart Marketing is beginning their promotional COPS, Inc.

Smart Card Marketing Systems Inc. agreed to buy a 50 percent interest in Consolidated Ophthalmic Purchasing Services Ltd. in a deal worth $560,000. "
Lens Factory Toronto

So from the articles above, it looks like the Health Industry is poised for both the subdermal chip and the smart card to be interchangeable when it comes to the ID and billing departments for medical/health applications. Both smart cards and Austco Communications of Verichip are web-enabled and can transact eft for insurance purposes etc.
Let's keep watching the Brampton health systems to see if one can have physical and logical ( computer ) access and make medical payments by either the subdermal chip or the smart card. If it makes no difference to the System, then we have to avoid both ( when allied with the 666 Beast System).

Convergence software:

Convergent radio wave devices SDR Software Defined Radio

The idea behind SDR is that an aerial in the device picks up radio signals passing through the air waves.
An analogue-to-digital converter transforms this signal into a digital format, which can be understood and manipulated by software onboard the device.
EADS-Astrium is currently working on a portable van, which has a satellite link, GSM, and wi-fi capabilities to be deployed during emergencies, such as in the aftermath of natural disasters. He said the ideal would be to add SDR to the van.

Ed: And speaking of convergence, this is something else to consider ... feeding the insatiable appetite of those databases that network exponentially ...
If the pool of government programs using the new identity technology gets large enough and the amount of information collected gets detailed enough, "there will be a lot of pressure for these programs to converge," creating
a de facto national identity system, said Barry Steinhardt, director of the technology and liberty project at the American Civil Liberties Union."


GRABBA International
It develops a range of products that interact with chip and smart card technology, which can be used with a range of PDA and smart phone devices. The range consists of barcode scanners, smart card readers, and magnetic stripe, RFID and combination readers.

Converging all aspects of smart cards with partners: Alternative Technology, AEP, Novell, Precise Biometrics
"As part of the Team, AEP www.aepnetworks.com offers a mission-critical element in the architecture and deployment of the HSPD-12 solution -- the AEP Keyper hardware security module (HSM)," said Glenn Fitzgerald, Public Sector Sales, AEP Networks. "Keyper signs the private and public key transactions [ Ed: PKI Public Key Infrastructure ] which, for example, allow a smart card to open a door.

Keyper is the only FIPS 140-2 Level 4 HSM in existence. It signs for the Certificate Authority and Validation Authority and protects a root certificate from compromise." AEP Networks offers a comprehensive Policy Networking solution that provides complete security starting at the endpoints and working throughout a network -- from the edge to the core. AEP's integrated portfolio of security products includes network access control enforcement points, identity-based application security gateways, SSL VPNs, IPSec-based VPN encryptors, and hardware security modules for key management. The company's products address the most demanding security requirements of public-sector organizations and commercial enterprises worldwide.

Defining "middleware"

Two-factor authentication: chip implant and biometric ID ( fingerprint etc. )
" eToken PRO Smartcard offers strong authentication and guaranteed non-repudiation for sensitive applications such as eBanking, stock trading, eCommerce and financial transactions"

Three Factor Authentication
: chip, bio-ID and PIN
means that there are three ways of verifying that the input person is the same as the real life person who is actually transacting in real time.

The three ways of determining that a person is who he says he is :
1. by what he has : a token or a card or a fob etc.
2. By what he knows : a password or PIN ( personal identification
3. By what he is --  biometric id : finger, iris, retina, or voice print, PHOTO etc.

Three factor authentication is on all microprocessor smart cards. A microprocessor smart card usually contains both applied-biometric and stored-biometric on the same card.
It is a self-contained biometric card and it can verify one's identity OFFline.

PKI Public Key Infrastructure


Resources and Links

PKI Security


10 Risks of PKI

Aladdin http://www.aladdin.com/etoken/enterprise/datasheets/DS_PKI.asp

Diagram http://www2.linuxjournal.com/article/3013

PKI infrastructure
( for PIV smart cards. Personal Identity Verification) .. an open letter from this editor ...
"Our main emphasis is the fact that soon National ID cards will be required ( mandated ) for all people to carry and present in public. For Americans this will be called the
REAL ID card.

The Real ID card will have SuperCom technology which will have multiple basic features or functions.
One of those functions is the ability to make eft payments; or electronic fund transfers.

We believe that when these REAL ID smart cards become associated with the name, number or image of the beast,  then they are as forbidden to use just as much as the subdermal chip in the right hand or forehead is forbidden.

This is Biblically substantiated because the angel says in
Rev. 14:9-11 "if any man worship the beast"
[ shows follow-ship]
..... and that is a much larger concept than only having a subdermal chip .

Also Rev. 14:9 says "in his hand" and the obvious omission of "right" hand here has to include some other meaning besides the subdermal chip. [ in addition to ]
Also Rev. 20:4 says "hands" ( not "right" hands ) and again there has to be an additional application besides the subdermal chip ( which of course will be in the RIGHT hand ) . At least that is how we see it so far.

For years, Christians -- ourselves included-- have warned only of the 666 MOB, the subdermal chip.
But how clever of the System to introduce a card that does
the same exact financial function.

First, they introduce a mandatory ID card ( supposedly harmless) , thereby getting all of the population half way to the 666 system.
Since all Christians MUST take this card for ID purposes, then perhaps it will be OK. ( not sure just yet )
It "might" be OK to transact financially with it, but I would prefer not to do that. It is far too close to the 666 System.

For when they embed the hologram of the image of the beast, or his name or number into the ID card --- or if later on down the road they have a person use the same original card but punch in [ encode] "666" before making a transaction --- well then, in my opinion, it is at that point that it then morphs into a hell-bound demonic tool.

Possible scenario ....
the System is very clever. They mandate an innocent card. It stays innocent ( without an image or name of the beast on it ) ...but at some vulnerable point in a collapsed society , they offer it as financially acceptable ONLY if "666" is punched in first. Very, very very clever !

And the more we foresee what is coming down the track, the more prepared all of us will be.
"For as a SNARE shall it come upon the whole world " Luke 21:35

"And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkeness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.
For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. "
Luke 21:34--36
-------end of open letter --------

Luke 21:35 "For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell upon the face of the earth."

"Snare" = being caught unawares

"it" = entanglement by the financial System that leads to a cashless society

"on all them that dwell upon the face of the earth" = global agenda

A snare is a trap. Those who fear God will not be caught in it. Those who are not watching will be caught up in it.


Here are some examples of people who may be caught off-guard by focusing on the subdermal chip only, and who are not watching the smart card ID ( PKI multipurpose card) .
The subdermal chip is the obvious MOB; the multipurpose ( PKI ) smart ID card is the not-so-obvious loyalty to a man and his system. In many ways it is far more subtle and dangerous.
Both the subdermal chip and the PKI card come in stages.
The beginning stage appears innocent enough. But the final stage is damning.

From the message boards .....
"No , no and no! Nobody is implanting anything in my body. No chips, no anything. I don't even like tattoos.
I will carry a card, but my body is off limits to invasion." -- RRMB 5-17-6

"ID cards.....those are not the mark.
They may be precursors to the mark in the end times, but not the mark themselves.
I have no objection to carrying an ID card, driver's license, SSN, but I ain't taking no mark upon my hand, thru anything being inserted under my skin. No how, no way" -- RR MB 5-17-6

"Scan my eyes, take my DNA..finger print me..give me a card..and I will cooperate..if these measures don't suffice.."tough"
RR MB 5-28-06

Saying so, doesn't make it so .....

* * *
We must WATCH ...... ID cards could well morph into an allegiance to the Beast and his 666 system.
Remember the ax and the handle. "If any man worship the beast" speaks of 666 follow-ship.
Who are we following ? Jesus Christ or the 666 system of the antichrist ?

"What I say unto you I say unto all...WATCH " -- Mark 13:37

Smart card links

How Credit Cards work

How Blink technology works

How Encryption works

Global Standards http://www.unisys.com/services/security/security__program/index.htm

Smart ID Howard Dean

Smart ID Pentagon
There are about 3 billion smart cards worldwide, according to industry analyst Frost & Sullivan, but the vast majority are tiny cards used to activate cellular phones on the network most common to Europe. Smart cards are also used extensively in South Africa and Argentina

Access control www.morpho.com.

Sagem Morpho partners with ADI
Sagem Morpho, the industry leading biometrics company, applies more than twenty-five years of global experience in biometric identification. It delivers trusted and reliable biometric solutions to address a wide variety of markets that include the Federal Government, homeland security, law enforcement, drivers' licenses, civil identification, as well as commercial and consumer applications. Sagem Morpho's solutions are in use by government administrations including the FBI and many other Federal, State and local agencies. Sagem Morpho is a wholly owned subsidiary of the European group SAFRAN
http://www.ccnmatthews.com/news/releases/show.jsp?action=showRelease&searchText=false&showText=all&actionFor=601611 . .

Smart Card MS and NCSC [ co-branded MasterCard]

Gemalto : powerhouse smart card merger
Gemplus + Axalto = Gemalto .... SIM = Subscriber Identity Module ( smart ID card )
"Last year, the two vendors controlled half of the global smart card market, including selling 49% of the nearly 1.4 billion SIM cards vendor association Eurosmart estimates were shipped and 44% of 336 million banking smart cards sold."
Ed: internet access with smart cards
At the same time, it plans to develop new markets, such as one it calls “digital security,” which includes
smart cards used to safeguard Internet transactions. It also plans to build the market for high-end SIM cards and is expected to try to capture business outside the smart card industry, perhaps trying to take on the likes of IBM, among other IT players.

1 billion cards in production

Gemalto's "Lean Sigma" ; IC modules

Gemalto's production facility in the United States integrates all smart card production technologies into a single manufacturing process. This one-of-a-kind microelectronics production capability, unique in all of the Americas, converts integrated circuits on wafers into modules--the heart of the company's smart cards, SIM cards, tokens and other form factors.
Gemalto uses a manufacturing management model called "Lean Sigma," which combines two world class manufacturing processes: Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Lean Manufacturing centers on improved efficiency throughout the production value stream, and Six Sigma on continuously improving production process quality. The Gemalto plants have been producing secure cards continuously since 1964
Lou Bisasky, manufacturing North America, Gemalto.

MFI Microfinance Institutions
Ed: " those with the loan, he will own"
Chennai: "Smart Cards are emerging as a solution for microfinance institutions (MFIs) to easily keep accounts and record loan transactions, however small the repayments may be."
We have obtained Smart Cards made by the company Modular Corp. The cards would be given to members who have availed of micro-loans from us," N. Sethuraman, founder of Mahasemam Trust said at the launch on Saturday. Field officers will have hand-held devices when they visit customers to collect loan payments.
This information is updated on the card as well as the hand held devices. The information stored will be downloaded on a daily basis to a central server. [ Ed: networking database ]
Modular's Group Chairman Ibrahim Hussain said, "The Smart Card with an embedded chip provides a secure user identity and account information. More applications such as insurance or health information can be upgraded in the future

Silanis electronic signature
The electronic signature provider is the first to offer an enterprise, electronic signature platform with the flexibility and scalability needed to support multiple, high-volume processes across all internal and external applications.
For example, the US Army has, for the first time, brought together key technology investments to ensure the highest levels of user and data authentication. This includes the DoD PKI, real-time CRL verification using OCSP, Common Access Cards (CAC), electronic forms, and Silanis’ electronic signatures. This has helped the Army to reduce the time, risk and cost of authorizing mission-critical, defense activities worldwide.
The foundation for Silanis’ enterprise electronic signature platform is ApproveIt®, a 6th generation technology that combines the security of a digital signature with a legally enforceable process, and advanced automation and usability features.

Privacy vs. Convenience
Cohn said Unisys' thesis was that a single, general strategy for ID authentication that could be adopted by businesses and governments -- and was interoperable worldwide -- would be more efficient than the varying systems now in place
.What the study found was that in every region of the world, people would accept an identification strategy such as the use of a multipurpose ID or smart card that could serve as a driver's license and an ATM card and could be used to pay tolls or for border crossings, Cohn said. A person's health records could also be put on it, he said.

"So it's a secure ID that can store multi-application data for multiple purposes," Cohn said. "And they put right on there digital certificates -- PKI certificates -- for encryption and authentications. So now that same card can be used for internet commerce to prove you are who you claim to be. This card could be used for 14 different purposes. We've issued about 17 million to people in Malaysia who voluntarily choose what they want their card to be used for. Other countries are doing it as well, but these systems are not interoperable."

Salvation  http://hopetoend.com/sal.html

Bible www.blueletterbible.org