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Will they become one's Hour of Temptation ? Rev. 3: 10

Excellent Tutorial
http://www.smartcard.gov/tutorial/tutorial_t1/smartcard_t1.cfm Highly recommended

Tech terms
Glossary http://www.oberthurusa.com/pns-sc-sc101-gloss.asp and

The Ax and the Handle


There is a story told about a man who owned an ax with a handle... just two parts :
the head of the ax and the handle.

After many uses the ax-head wore out and he replaced it with a new ax-head.

And again after many more uses, he even needed to replace the worn out handle.

So the question remains, does he now have the same ax he originally started with ?

No, he does not have the original ax he started with. The answer is an obvious NO.

The ax-head has been replaced and the handle has been replaced, and he now has nothing left of the original.
He now has an altogether new device.

Things aren't always as they appear to be.

It is the same with modern technology. Devices start out innocent enough, being a service to the owner.
And then somewhere along the line, the device owns the person. The device becomes the controller, and enslavement follows.

Such is the case in the financial world that is soon to spring upon us.

PIV SMART CARD ..... Forerunner to the 666 Economic System ? ( e-ID )
What is a Smart Card ? http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Smart-Card-HOWTO.html#SMARTCARDINTRO

biometric id -- ubc.net

"There is a new device out called a "Government MultiPurpose Card Consortium " ( GMPC ). It is a smart card with a microprocessor chip that boasts of being a first-ever government card with many, many "solutions".
Ed: Beware of the word "solutions" ... a synonym for future enslavement).
First ever
"The breakthrough identity card is a first-in-the-world government multi-application smart card using state of the art technology and is the largest deployment of government smartcards with over 19 million cards being issued to date."

ALL our Eggs in One Basket

The main "solutions " engendered by this one-card-for-everything are:

1. personal identification
2. driver's license
3. passport, visa
4. medical access card for information database and
5. Access card to government facilities ( Social Security etc. )
6. bankcard ( for all financial transactions) e-purse ; eft cashless society
7. Internet access
8. Transit ID ( plane, train, subway etc. )
and more ....
"which also acts as the access key to other services"

Ed: future applications : employment clocking-in card, bookstores, gas stations, libraries, access to grocery stores , malls; insurance-access, and on and on and on ?? ]

This all-in-one card comes complete with your unique identifying number and biometric-verification ability. It is referred to as a "multi-functional e-ID card" and is being piloted for governmental services in the country of Malaysia. Performing seamless abilities there, it most likely will pave the way for standardized global e-ID cards, applicable in all nations. And perhaps it will be sooner, rather than later.


Smart Card : One Key to Many Locks
"The perception of smart cards is that it is difficult or too costly to make changes to systems ... . However, ....they
[ Ed: "they" meaning the changes and upgrades made to your card in real-time ] can be deployed throughout the organisation just as you would any other ID badge, without requiring process changes"
[ Ed: That means that your smart card can be re-programmed while out-in-the-field ( while you are using it ) and the reprogramming will be unnoticable to you. Only the recipient factors ( databases, networking etc. ) will realize the changes, as the back-end software reprograms your micro-computer embedded in your smart card .
What you thought was only A, has now become A, B, C, D, etc. without any actions on your part ]


Jim Williams of Homeland Security spoke of the necessity of global ID cards
( not just national ).

No one then will be able to walk about anonymously, once they leave their home. Already in Holland, the Netherlands, a national ID card is mandatory there. Everyone is required to carry their ID once they step outside their home.
In the future, ( more probable than not )  this multifunctional e-ID card will be required by all governments -- to be presented upon request-- for all people on the globe, under penalty of fines and / or  imprisonment.
This will ensure that those who resist the subdermal chip will still have a means of identification.

The System claims that the subdermal chip will always remain a choice . That is doubtful since the Book of Revelation states that those who refuse will be beheaded
Rev. 20:4
Hopefully the financial application of the e-ID card will remain a choice. Yet to go without groceries because your finances are accessed only by punching in 666 along with your PIN will become a strong "temptation" (
Rev. 3:10 ) to go down that economic slippery slope and into the 666 System, via the smart card.

REAL ID -- National ID card for Americans
conspiracy planet

The Juggernaut of Financial Application

Applying the above analysis : the e-ID card as the ax-head
The final financial application as the handle

As long as one uses the e-ID smart card for public identification, there is no problem with it.

And even if one should use it financially as they would a regular charge card , again there is nothing wrong with it.
But now comes the switch job... changing the ax-head and the handle.

If the day comes when this card becomes part of a
globally enclosed cashless system, and if it is also associated in any way with the 666 system of Revelation 13: 15-18 and Rev. 14: 9-11, then the device is not the original device, but an enslavement of the souls of mankind. We are expressly warned in Revelation 14 and Rev. 15:2 of the following perils:

1. Not to worship the beast ( show loyalty or allegiance to the global policy maker and his system ... follow-ship )

2. Not to worship his image ( most likely a hologram embedded within a smart-cards;
also on billboards, TV, internet ... 24x7 )

3. And not to take the mark of his name ... the inference here is the receiving of the subdermal chip
The name of the global policy maker will equal 666 in Hebrew Gematria . His name-number is 666.
( The Mark of the Beast is explained in Rev. 13: 16-18 as participating in the
666 economic system of buying and selling )

4. Rev. 15: 2 the number of his name
( not associating in any way with the 666 economic system; neither by card nor by subdermal chip )

You will notice five categories underlined above of which we are to have nothing to do with concerning the beast:
his worship, his image, his name, his number and his mark.
That is how we see it, here at Apocalyptic Hope.


Some moral issues arise over this "one-card-for-all-functions", such as .....

1. First of all, carrying the card for ID purposes will most likely become mandatory. So far .... OK.

2. If the other functions are optional functions ( if we are still able to use cash only ) ... OK.

3.  If there is no IMAGE of the beast neither his name, nor his 666 number associated with this card ... OK

4. But -- if, in any way, his image, name or number becomes associated with the card, and with its financial use,
then .. NOT ok
The hour of temptation coming upon all those who dwell upon the earth ....... ( Rev. 3:10 )

We come to see then how an innocent device such as an e-ID card can easily turn into a soul-devouring dragon when it becomes affiliated with the beast- system. How sad that we may be mandated to take the ID card for public identification upon request. How tempting then to also use this same e-ID card for financial purchases .

It would be sooooo easy.
Especially when a lot of perks come with it : reduced prices, prizes, privileges, prestige etc.
VAS Value-added-services to obtain your loyalty.
There are all kinds of goodies out there called "gentle persuasions", yet they skillfully twist the arm all the same.

The LURE of the Pied Piper

Though e-ID cards are  not the Mark of the Beast "charigma" (incision) described in Rev. 13: 16-18, they are the quickest, easiest and most convenient route to lead one in that direction. For the uninformed who have already gone through the eft motions
( electronic funds transfer, minus the 666 affiliation )
with this all-purpose IC (integrated circuit) smart card , the rationalization will be :
" Why not do the same motions ( eft ) within the 666 system ; by card or by chip, what's the difference ?"

"Can a man hold fire to his chest and not get burned ?" Proverbs 6:27

Necessitating ( velvet- mandating ) an ID card is reprehensible ( think Nazism ); and to combine an e-ID card with e-commerce is too close to requiring eft financial transactions, a totalitarian cashless society.

If someone joins a weight program ( and receives a required membership-card ) , they resist the temptation to indulge in sweets. However, if the weight program ALSO requires you to carry a box of chocolates along with the card everywhere you go, how long do you think your resistance will last ? Sooner or later that person will 'cave in' at a weak point in the day. That person will eat those chocolates. And by the same token, that person will also let himself be lured
( ensnared ) into the 666 system of commerce ( buying and selling), just by accepting the "new" updated version of his card with the image ( also means 'logo' ) , name and number of the beast.

These computerized smart cards can be altered, changed, and upgraded while actively being employed out in the field ( in mobile real-time ) . They can have data added or deleted whenever the card is inserted into a terminal ( reader ). At that point it morphs into a whole new perspective with added or subtracted abilities.
It can read "ACCESS ", or -- if one is a Bible Believer or resister --- it may read : "ACCESS DENIED"

That is the crafty, wiley plan behind these multi-functional e-ID smart card ( smart driver's license, National ID card ) , as we see it.
If they can mandate that you carry that card with you at ALL times,
and if the same card enacts financial transitions the same as the subcutaneous chip
-- the only difference being that an e-ID chip is in a plastic token (card ) instead of INSIDE the hand--
then what is to stop a person at some weak point from resisting the subdermal chip,
or transacting in the name, number or image of the beast with his e-ID card ?

Being weak-clay that mankind is, he will sooner or later use that smart card for the 666 economic system affiliated with the beast.
Had the smart card not been required to be on his person at all times, the ability to resist the 666 System would be far greater.

Yet we must also keep in mind that where sin abounds, grace doth also more abound.
Romans 5:20
We can ---by the grace of God--be kept from that" hour of temptation"... just as it says in
Rev. 3:10.

The Fear Factor:

Having all the additional eggs ( "solutions", so-called ) within the one-card-for-all services, the dread of losing that card is now exponentially much higher than if one just lost a simple ID card ( with only one function).
So the obvious deduction--- that the system wants you to make--- is to get that little number tightly under your skin so that no one else has your number ( which also accesses your accounts. )



Producing Fake Cards
"On a recent move to cripple a syndicate producing fake MyKad, Tan said the ministry had discussed with the police on acquiring adequate units of MyKad readers that would allow them to differentiate between genuine and fake cards"

GOTCHA ! ( got-you )

As the e-ID card morphs into an all-inclusive and economically enclosed 666 beast-system, the Dragon
Satan, Rev. 12 ) can now capture souls through the back door . Will souls that once were leery of a subdermal chip, now take the MOB ( Mark of the Beast ) in their right hand or forehead without hesitation , having already financially transacted with the e-ID card that morphed from its innocent cacoon only to emerge a 666 transacting dragon ?
Is the ax the same ax ? Or has the handle and the ax-head changed ?

Many people may willfully close their eyes to the potential hidden in this future economic application of the e-ID card. ( We realize what we want to realize ). The next logical step for them will be to take the subdermal 666 Mark of the Beast .... "And they worshipped the Dragon " ( Rev. 13:4 ).

Is the final financial application of the e-ID card the same as taking the MOB ? Yes,
IF associated with the 666 Beast in any way; by his image, name or number. I personally would not transact financially with it at all. We must remember at all times that the cardinal commandment given by the third angel in Rev. 14 is not to worship the beast ...not to become affiliated with his 666 economic and enclosed ( totally cashless ) system in any way, shape or form.
We are to lay the ax to the root (
Matthew 3:10 ) and to cut off that which offends ( Mark 9: 43-48 ).
"Be ye separate" says
2 Corinthians 6:17 .
We are commanded in
Rev. 18:4 to "Get out" of the Babylonian system.


The third angel in Rev. 14: 9-11 states that if any man "worship" the beast, or his image, or receives his mark in his hand or forehead, then he has doomed his fate for all eternity.
( Worship usually employs emotive-music, hence the emphasis upon iPods today, and also upon cell-phone "chimes". Demagogue worship in
Daniel 3 also involved music.)

The understanding of that passage comes by defining "worship". It is our belief that worship consists of one's belief system called "Faith". The Faith of our American founding-fathers was in the Living God, so they put
"In God we trust" on all of our currency. That stemmed from our worship of the one true God. Notice the word "trust". To trust is to apply one's Faith, and applying one's Faith is a consequential outgrowth of one's belief system.

That is why today in America they are seeking to abolish "In God we trust" from our currency, because all people here in America do not worship the Living and true God of the Bible.

card verifier semicron

Lingo and Loyalty Logo

When electronic "cash" ( an oxymoron ) comes along, there will be no more motto of "In God we trust".
No ; according to Bible Prophecy (
Revelation 13 ) our new lingo will be "666", and the logo will be the beast's image.

Since the third angel's first declaration is: not to worship the beast. And since worship consists of heart, mind and
body ( spirit, soul and might,
Deuteronomy 6:5 : ) then we need to look at those three ramifications of worship.

Worshipping in Spirit, Soul and Body

1. Will this multi-purpose ID/ 666 banking-card signify allegiance or loyalty to the beast ?
( loyalty activates one's inner
spirit )

2. Will this card involve his image or his name for application ? ( transactions activate one's
mind / soul )

3. Will this 666 economic system smart card be required for all purchases , leaving no acceptance of cash ?
Then that will put one in a condition of "trust" in the 666 system for all of one's needs, including the major physical need for food, a
bodily necessity.
( Physically / bodily activating the e-ID card, or chip, for all purchases with no other option)
So then, it will automatically become "in 666 I trust", rather than "In God we trust".
A mere sleight of hand for the hand indeed.

With all these new thoughts to think, we must realize that not only is it wrong to take a subdermal chip, but now it is also wrong to become part of a globally enclosed financial system by way of this e-ID smart-card with a microprocessor chip that allows no way out . ...
IF ever it is  associated with the I, N, N
( Image, Name or Number of the beast of Rev. 13 ).
( This e-ID smart card can be waved by the left or right hand, as a "Prox card", "touch n'go" or "tap n' go" ,
or as a contact or contactless card ).
The point is, we become part of that 666 system whenever we *
transact * with the image, name or number of the beast.


We can discern when this card becomes financially off-limits when it becomes affiliated with the beast ( global policy leader).
He is not to be our "all in all" . Only God can fulfill that role.
( " that God may be all in all"...
1 Corinthians 15:28 )

We can also discern this by the fact that the phrase "in his hand" ( Rev. 14: 9 ) has more than one interpretation.
The word "in" can mean both "inside" ( as inside the hand like a subdermal chip), or it can mean "in", as in :
held in one's hand. The phrase in Rev. 14:9 leaves enough room for interpretation to include the

the e-ID MEPS-cash card when affiliated with the 666 Beast system ( which by the way involves no cash at all, but is totally cashless.)
MEPS ... Multifunctional electronic payment system )

Let's face it, it is far easier to discern enough to resist the subdermal chip in the right hand or forehead, because the dividing line is so clear. You either take the mark, or you do not take the mark. A clear-cut, black-and-white decision. ( involving an incision )

But the added dimension of an "all-purpose" smart card requires a lot of questions and soul-searching.
When the answers are "OK" [ as described above ] , we are still able to transact financially.
When the answer eventually and finally becomes "NOT OK" [ as described above ] , we are to be permanently outside the 666 System.

And better than that, we will soon be home ,  for the Lord has promised :
"Because thou hast kept the word of My patience, I also will keep you from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth." Rev. 3: 10

To us, the subdermal chip is not as much a temptation ( since it is so clearly defined ) as much as this morphing- smart card would be a temptation
( having to weigh all the factors when finally manifested).

Also the 666 Mark of the beast ( subdermal) will be applied throughout the 3 and a half years of the Great Tribulation, and therefore would not be consistent with the concept of "one hour". Whereas an IC smart card of this potential --- coming just prior to the subdermal chip --- would constitute "one hour", by comparison.


And a multi-functional e-ID smart card that finally can perform all that the subdermal chip can is a real and true temptation. If that seems hard to believe, just watch and see all the splitting of hairs between Christians as to whether or not to use this card financially .... even after it is an enclosed system with the lingo and logo of the beast. Will some Christians rationalize the transacting with 666, saying they are not worshipping ?

It seems that there will be
four kinds of people regarding the worshipping of the beast and the 666 financial transacting in his image,
name or number -- I,N,N.

1. Those who are all for it and will take it. Pragmatists to the core.

2. Those who don't want to be enslaved, but are already enslaved by the opinion of the majority, and who will allow personal satisfaction ( convenience, acceptance ) to come between them and the cross of Christ.
They will reluctantly become a part of the 666 System, and suffer the eternal consequences.

3. Those who would prefer not to resist, but will resist out of a sense of obedience to God's word. They may be torn in the decision, but they will make the right choice, thank God. They will sit on thrones in the kingdom for their martyrdom.

4. Those who are resolute --by the grace of God-- to resist any part of the 666 system..
"I have decided to follow Jesus ... Though none go with me, I still will follow."
These are hard-core Christians, committed with no reservations. They will --in wisdom--accept whatever fate comes to them,
finishing their lives with joy. Acts 20: 24
"To live is Christ, and to die is gain"
Philippians 1:21.

Well our "hour" will soon be upon us. And we will have to make decisions. The
Philadelphian Church will soon be going home.
We at Hope To The End believe our rapture follows the appearance of "the man of sin" in
2 Thessalonians 2 . .

The word "keep" ( Rev. 3:10 ) may mean "deliverance from", or it may mean "I will provide regardless" as in
" Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee" ( Isaiah 26:3 ) One thing is for sure, the Bride is not appointed unto wrath (
1 Thessalonians 5 : 9 ) so we will be going home before the Great Tribulation (fairly soon after the man of sin appears in the Temple sitting as God) 2 Thessalonians 2.

Here is the article about the e-ID pilot program in Malaysia:
Multi-functional e-ID card ...you can bank on it

Malaysia's "MyKad" smart ID card
Malaysia’s MyKad identity card is a government-issued multi-application smart card and more than 19 million card have been issued to date.

MyKad combines chip [ Ed: with unique number] and biometric technology [Ed: iris,retina, fingerprint etc. ]
Unisys will ensure that MyKad will operate 24x7 [ Ed: non-stop ] at the Government Service Centre data centre.

..."easy and flexible payment: E-cash facilities enable cashless financial transactions.
Its re-loadable e-purse, branded locally as
MEPS-Cash, is accepted at government agencies, restaurants, clinics, bookshops and petrol stations in designated areas. It also incorporates ’Touch ’n Go’ functions allowing the holder to make payment for toll, car parking, bus fares and LRT charges. It can now also be used as an ATM card for banks providing this facility.
single card for all: The national identification card and driving license are combined in one card which also acts as the access key to other services


Ed: Lots of 24x7 showing up in articles regarding the chip lately. Also, even though the
"M" here stands for "Malaysian Electronic Payment System", it can also come to mean
"MultiFunctional Electronic Payment System".

MEPS-Cash pilot project; Malaysian testing grounds

MEPS bankcard features:

Maybankard Bankcard ( visual )


An invitation:

The only one who can prevent you from going in the rapture is you yourself . Just let go of whatever is getting in the way of a full-on commitment to the Lord, and you too will soon hear the sound of that trumpet.
Come, go with us.
As that old Irish song says, " Will you go, lads and lasses , will you go ? "

In Him,
Jim Goodrick


VeriChip ( rfid ) and Smart Card ( microprocessor ) ; (
Ed: Warning; do not use e-ID card for 666 financing ) emphasis this editor ( obviously )
" Using VeriChip's secure implantable RFID technology, the Department of Homeland Security can ensure that a secure, tamper- proof system is in place to identify, register and confirm guest worker credentials at the border or at an employer's premises. VeriChip already employs the same technology to provide secure access to medical records"
Ed: It is ONLY approved by the FDA for VeriMed, since it is implanted in the forearm-muscle, or triceps. When eventually it becomes implanted in the right hand or forehead, it will not be in a muscle, but within the layers of the skin ... too vulnerable.Re. 16:2]
"and to secure areas of buildings such as hospitals or office buildings. Medical records access may prove relevant in immigration applications as well.
[ Ed: Does this chip justify labeling people ? ]
In addition to border security, this device can provide medical records of guest workers that may be unable to communicate (currently a strain on our medical system). "

"In addition, the VeriChip can also:
1." be bonded into a piece of paper,
Ed: no substantiation or documentation ; a totally different rfid chip; not the implantable verichip ]

2. "implanted into an ID card
[ Ed:
the e-ID multipurpose smartcard. Please see  https://hopetotheend.com/id.html
This is not the implantable verichip, but a microprocessor chip which is far more capable than the implanted chip, and can transact 666 finances when programmed; the 666 transacting is strictly forbidden ]

3. "or into a wearable wrist bracelet." [ Ed:
This is a different chip; an active rfid that is GPS enabled; not the 666 mark of the beast ]

" Use of this RFID chip in tandem with, or in lieu of the immigration "blue card", provides an additional layer of security to confirm the identity of a guest worker." [
Ed: an e-ID multipurpose smartcard ]

"It's really no different than a tamperproof passport you can carry all the time," says Silverman. " ( Ed: smart cards are multipurpose, multifunctional.
"As concerns mount about falsified documents, VeriChip technology ensures security and privacy for the individual as well as increased security at our borders."
Ed: The above article states that the passive Verichip is not a location device by GPS. That is true.
However, it
IS a co-location device by LEO ( low earth orbiting satellites) that communicate with ubiquitously placed transponders. For more info on this please see: https://hopetotheend.com/orb.html
Ed: The above article is filled with misleading statements and false impressions. The VeriChip people want to make you think that they are everywhere. They are not. The main forbidden
666 verichip is still the passive implantable chip which they want to embed into the right hand or forehead.
It is not the same rfid chip found in paper; nor is it a microprocessor.

The implantable 666 financing chip ( verichip in right hand or forehead ) is strictly forbidden.


Steve Brill's Verified ID "Clear" Smart Card -- Verified Identity Pass, Inc.
We want to go to landlords and say, this is a system you should put in for your tennants and the value is that tennants can use it to come in and out of your buildingAs well, we may partner with some credit card companies and people would apply as part of their credit card process.

What is a Microprocessor ? can perform mathematical operations
The Smart Card contains a microprocessor for banking functions.
The VeriChip does not contain a microprocessor . It cannot compute finances. It only has an access number.

Smart Card Alliance
www.smartcardalliance.org ( Princeton )
http://www.smartcardbasics.com/cardtypes.html see "CPU MPU Microprocessor Multifunction Cards"


Rev. 3:10 Article


LaserPass secure ID -- Optical IDLock .... smart cards
"While RFID is used as read ahead data base pointer, Optical IDLock provides instant automatic card authentication, one-to-one biometric ID verification, and display of digital facial image and other ID data. Product provides attending inspector with comprehensive means to visually verify card, cardholder, and displayed data."

FIND, Ident1; AirWave
Police to develop facial-recognition database  "FIND " pITo ; NPIA ;
The video recognition system will link into a national police database, called Find, for storing and transmitting facial images of criminals and their history. The service will also make the images and information available in mobile format to police officers on the beat, along with mobile fingerprint checking capability

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