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SALVATION : Don't Leave Earth without it

Pascal's Wager


. End-Time Events : 10 CHAPTERS ;
The 666 Mark of the Beast, AntiChrist, the Rapture, The False Prophet, One world government etc.

. Can Antichrist Imitate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ ?

.  Huckabee and the Ark of the Covenant 

Miracles during the
Great Tribulation---miraculous exploits ; surviving against all odds ( "for those that do know their God" )
contains " His Eye is on the Sparrow "

. The Great Tribulation and God's Help --- God provides

. 6 Seals of Revelation.....and 3 WOES---possible order of end-time events Song "O Sinner Man where you going to run to ?"

. The Book of Revelation with commentary (audio available)

. The Book of Daniel commentary

. The Two Witnesses -- John the Revelator and Elijah

. Preparing for Our Lord's Coming -- Godly living

. Who are the Nicolaitanes ?

. Mammon and Famine - -- Our Present Economy and the Great Depression
encouragement for those who have lost assets in this economy

. Errors in teaching Bible Prophecy

. Phenomenon--- POLAR SHIFT, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, meteors etc.

. The Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ --- Our True Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, Who is yet to come

Religion Index  : Where in the world are we headed ??
Articles pertaining to apostasy, inclusiveness, separation of church and state etc.

ISRAEL current situation in the Mideast

Finance Index : Articles pertaining to future developments in banking etc.

Smart Card Index

Global Military Forces, Theatres and Weaponized Space

Subdermal 666 Chip Index : Articles pertianing to the 666 Mark of the Beast

NEW WORLD ORDER ( Western Alliance )

Who is the Union Minister of Foreign Affairs ? UMFA
What is the European External Action Service --Diplomatic Corp ? EEAS
What are the Governing bodies of the EU ?
European Commission,
European Parliament,
Council of Ministers aka Council of European Union

ONE VOICE --- For the Planet

Jimmy Carter

Carter to be main speaker at Islamic Convention-- September 2014

EARTH - ethic

G. W. Bush

Star Wars

Military ROBOTS ---- JOEL 2: 4--9 ;and other robots

Articles about GOD

. God Our Father

. The Trinity : Three Persons in One God

. Glory to God in the Highest ! Worshipping God in the Last Days ..... Part Two

. The Sovereignty of God....when we don't understand

. A TALE of TWO HOTELS ... on Redemption Steve Maltz

. Turning Over a New Leaf Ezekiel 18; We can lose salvation through backsliding and neglect; OSAS is a false doctrine

. Stir Up the Gift of God--Speaking in Tongues....Spirit-filled

Power In The Blood.--- Deliverance from demonic power

. It's Never Too Late--Bible Reading Program (starting today)

. Talking With God. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of

. The Power of the Holy Spirit......APPLYING the gifts of the Holy Spirit

. Loaves and Fishes -- multiplying by dividing.....increasing FAITH

. Crucified on Thursday -- 3 days and 3 whole nights in the tomb


The Father's Love  VIDEO -- see also Ezekiel 18

The NEW JERUSALEM ; Revelation 21

. Saints in Heaven


Falling in Love

Overcoming Addictions ... porn, drinking, drugs, gambling, smoking, Over-eating, etc.

Phenomenon ....... Phenomenon pg 2  --- Meteors, Mega Storms, Tsunamis, , Polar Flip, Novas etc.


Floods .......

Heat Waves

Tornadoes, storms .........


EARTHQUAKES ( general info ) and Tsunamis

Christian Websites prophecy, links, hymns, audio etc.

Worshipping at HOME or in Captivity resources; Rev. 3: 20

Praying for Healing

Healing Animals in Jesus' Name -- Demos Shakarian
-- Mad Cow Disease, TB, BSE (also CJD, HIV-AIDS )
Genesis 18:14

Hold On ! The 4 Anchors of the Blessed Hope ; also includes suicide prevention

Suicide-Prevention ... this may help someone you know

Be Not Afraid........Preparing for martyrdom....Crowns for the Believer

VARIOUS TESTIMONIES (Sujo John and others )

Spiritual Warfare --Columbine, the OCCULT, videos, games, pokeman

Astrology, Horoscopes, Psychics and the Queen of Heaven....America = Babylon, Chaldea
includes necromancy, channeling, occult, sorcery, speaking to dead spirits etc.

Witchcraft, Demonism, Spiritism, Craft, Sorcery and the Occult
---includes Halloween, Harry Potter, D&D, and Pokemon..... RESOURCES and LINKS

Michael New -- who bravely refused UN blue

UFO's ..... Aliens, Nephalim etc.

CLIMATE CHANGE; Global Warming; Glacier melts etc.

Life-Death Decisions ; Living Wills; euthanasia; "mercy" killings

Islam : Jesus' ...'Other sheep ' John 10: 16
RESOURCES ON ISLAM ..... sharing the INJIL with Islam ( sharing the Good News Gospel )

. Islam in Genesis 24 and Revelation 2

POEMS, SONGS, PSALMS and Testimonies


QUOTES and More Quotes Page two

Links to good Christian websites, including Prophecy

Links page one ... Internet news sites ... MAPS and more news links

Links page two .... Apologetics, Bible study sites, Messianic websites, Islamic, Christian websites, miscellaneous

Links page three .... Message boards, Dictionary, Translator, Stationery, Helpful resource sites , Just for Kids, Devotionals, Internet helps for the newcomer , General Information

Links page four .... All about computers and creating your own Website information

RAPTURE INDEX --- complete list of our articles pertaining to the Rapture
We believe in a mid-trib rapture, immediately prior to the 3 1/2 years of the GREAT Tribulation. We believe that the first 3 1/2 years are already past.

Enoch and Elijah ... previous raptures proven in Scripture

Sheaves ...." evening, midnight, cockcrowing and morning" .... Mark 13:35 ... Four events; two are Raptures

One Day Jesus Will Call My Name " YOU TUBE

The Blessed Hope ... false doctrine of immanency; apostasy and sacrilegious blasphemy must come first -- 2 Thess. 2: 3

Coming to Terms .... explaining the words that concern the coming raptures

2 Thessalonians 2 .... man of sin sitting in temple as God first, before the rapture
We can't go till the man of sin show ........ 2 Thessalonians 2: 3,4

The Seventh Trumpet ... The Rapture of the Bride Tekiah Gedolah ... yoma arichta ; PART TWO

. The Maiden on the Shore by J A Seiss ..." I come quickly"

The Midnight Hour ..... 24 midnights across the globe. Contains YOU TUBE "Midnight Clear"

The Cockcrowing Rapture ......" one will be taken and the other left " Pre-wrath Rapture
contains You Tube: "This Train don't carry no gamblers"

Trumpets, Trumpets, Trumpets -- various trumpets in Scripture and their meaning

We believe in the Separation of State and Church...
( State shall make no rule hindering worship or Bible .)
We do not believe in separation of Government from God.
Chain of command: all authority comes from God and is answerable/ accountable to Him.

Daniel 4 : 3, 17, 25, 32, 34 -- 37

Statement of our Beliefs
Hope To The End gives encouragement to the believer and to the non-believer alike by explaining end time prophecies in layman's terms. We exalt Jesus Christ in poems, and in articles about the New World Order, and in basic doctrine and holidays.
We welcome all to come to our ONLY hope, Jesus Christ...Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

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