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One Chip for All -- Chipping People by Classifications
( divide and conquer )

As all of us know, believers have been forewarned years ahead of time about a numbering System that is both detrimental to our physical health ( a grievous sore
Rev. 16: 2 and 10, life-threatening)
and is mostly detrimental to our spiritual health (
Rev. 14: 9--1, Lake of Fire for all eternity ) .
With that in mind, let's examine some of the aims of the VeriChip Corporation.

Below is a summary of the many classifications of people who are currently being chipped, or soon will be.

The Medical Chip --
VeriChip boasts that they are the solution to Alzheimer's patients and those with dementia.
They claim that persons in a certain Florida care-facility with dementia preferred to be implanted with the subdermal chip.
Then, is this their headline ? ... " Those with dementia endorse VeriChip "
I hardly think VeriChip would go for that headline. But, in fact,that is their claim.

The Company also sees their chip as the solution to those with diabetes. This is a MAJOR enhancement to the implanted chip, since the subdermal diabetes-chip contains
SENSORS that monitor glucose levels and other bodily functions ( like what ? ). The SENSORS are made by their sister-Company, Digital Angel.
Now if Digital Angel and VeriChip merge on cooperative ventures, you can be sure that that is a marriage made in Hades. Why ?

Because with each "enhancement" comes more and more invasion into the privacy of our lives.
And also it relegates a three-dimensional human being ( body, soul and spirit --
1 Thessalonians 5: 23) to a flat one-dimensional bionic body, which in the future becomes highly manipulative with lab-on-a-chip drug infusions. My dear Brothers and Sisters, we ain't seen nothin' yet !

"THOSE " people ( Designers Chip for a tailored society )
Who else is the VeriChip Corporation targeting for chip-implantation? Those with Down's Syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy.
THIS becomes very revealing. This portends of a sinister motivation coming in the future; the same "solution" that the Nazi's tried in World War 2.
And we all know that once Pandora's Box has been opened, the list becomes endless of those who are "helpless", but become in reality , society's "undesirables".

The Corporation also wants all First Responders ( firemen, policemen, ambulance and all medical personnel ) to be included in the chip-implantation, VeriChip Registry and databank. The Medical Route has become the path of choice in which to serve this chip on a silver platter.

Most Christians looked for the chip to come out blatantly along the financial route [ a golden platter ] . But how clever of the Company to send their forerunner chip through the "prestigious" medical field.
My, how an "emergency" alters our perception of choice. How the government can play into that scenario with mass requirements.

ER -- Emergency Rooms
One primary aim of the Company is to have scanners and chip-implantation for all hospital emergency rooms. Those who come in impaired in any way can be chipped for easier processing. How can they admit to this fact with a straight face ? Especially since they have claimed all along that VeriChip will never be forced on anyone, but rather that people will voluntarily take it.
How can one make a choice when one is confused, unconscious or mentally impaired ??

Ed: Our most recent personal experience has been to walk through the valley of the shadow of death ...through a horrendous emergency room experience, ICU hospitalization and then Home Health Care offers ( a type of FEMA overseers ...which BTW
can readily transfer all info to the Homeland Security team ).
We saw, with our own eyes, the Homeland Security van outside our hospital room window and realized then how closely HS works with all facets of the medical experience.

From our first moments in the Emergency Room, through the hospitalization and on into the Home Health Care offer, we were constantly persuaded to fill out a "living will" ... a euphemism for death-wills --- pulling the plug ( or lack of necessities ) for convenience sake, since the bar is lowered all the time as to what constitutes a hopeless case. This insures the Medical System against future "problems", as your loved one exits, Left Stage. This also supplies the Organ-donation programs.

19 years after coma

Endorsed by Stroke Assoc.
The implications of the chip are viewed in many different aspects. Those receiving it and establishing the hospital systems believe it can save lives and identify the patient who is unable to respond. This includes the National Stroke Association.

Even though the chip is hazardous to one's health, yet it is not covered by insurance
( Ed: that ought to tell you something ..it IS hazardous to your health )
"It is not yet covered by insurance carriers, something the company hopes to achieve as it continues to collect ongoing post-approval studies and opinions by third-party advocates, such as the National Kidney Foundation."

FDA Admits hazards
When the FDA approved VeriChip's product, it mentioned potential problems, including electromagnetic interference, failure of the chip to function properly and adverse bodily reactions.
The FDA approval letter did not specify the severity or likelihood of these risks.

" The RFID implants were approved as Class II medical devices by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in October 2004. In a letter, Donna-Bea Tillman, PhD, director of the F.D.A.'s Office of Device Evaluation, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, outlined potential health risks associated with VeriChip implants. They include adverse tissue reaction; migration of implanted transponder; compromised information security;
failure of implanted transponder, inserter or electronic scanner;
electromagnetic interference; electrical hazards; magnetic resonance imaging incompatibility; and needle stick."

Let us not forget that the FDA let Vioxx and Advantia slip into our hands with their approval.

The Free Give-Away Chip
( BTW, who is subsidizing all of this, since the Verichip Corporation [ NASDAQ "CHIP" ] suffered a 3.3 billion dollar loss in the first quarter of 2007 ?? Anybody know ??
" That hasn't stopped VeriChip from pushing its product. Firefighters, police officers and emergency medical workers, and their families, can have the chip implanted for free and maintain the service for life through Wellington Regional. They must sign up by Friday at the hospital's emergency services area."

A good question to ask at this point is : If VeriChip is the SOLUTION to mankind's medical needs, then why aren't people busting down the doors to get the VeriMed system ? Why instead is it being offered free as a compromising business venture ? Tsk ..tsk.

Free VeriChip Scanners to 600 hospitals
The technology has attracted significant media interest in the past. More than 600 hospitals have signed up for the scanners, which VeriChip is distributing
for free.


The Law Enforcement, Surveillance Employees ( Security Guards ) Chip --
When non-chippers act responsibly in a democracy of free choice, there will be many opportunities for chipped-officers to rein in that freedom ( especially of free speech and dissent, so vital to a democracy ).

The Company aims to implant law enforcement, such as the Deputy-Sheriff implanted in the triceps of his arm this week. Why was he implanted in the triceps of the arm , you ask ? Good question. Because the FDA has NOT endorsed Verichip under all circumstances and so far, the INTRA- Muscular implantation does not reveal as quickly the hazards of chip-migration through the body. It is embedded deeply within the muscle where the leakage of chemicals does not occur as rapidly as if , let's say, it was implanted in the upper surface of the skin tissue --far more delicate-- and which is far more vulnerable to a foreign body.

Our Bibles tell us that it is in the right hand or forehead -- delicate skin tissue, and not thick muscle fiber -- that this life-threatening chip will be placed in the future for all of our financial transactions. ( transacting via the 666 economic system )

Whenever a foreign object enters into one's body, the instinct within all the cells of the body is to reject that foreign object. A "war" rages within the body, and in this case, the object wins, since it is bio-bonded with the soft tissue and cannot be sloughed off. It now remains a hazardous chemical-cocktail that is life-threatening to that person. How do we know ? Because we were forewarned long ago by our Creator... our Heavenly Owner's Manual Who created all of our bodily parts and functions, and Who also told us NOT to take this chip.

Canadians will inevitably have to carry travel documents with their DNA, biometrics or other biological identifiers embedded into them in order to travel to the United States, according to a new white paper to be revealed to government officials in Ottawa today

The Company also plans to have all airline personnel to be implanted with the chip. Yes, when non-chippers decide to travel, they can be stopped at the gates, by willing subjects.

Our Lord told us to WATCH all things in the last days, not to repose in the Rapture as a just-me-and-my-future concern, but to WATCH unto Prayer for all of us -- Believers and non-Believers alike - who are coming under the shadow of the ever-coming night.
Yes, it is true that ardent Believers will escape the most horrible. But certainly our hearts are not so cold as to not care to warn others of the dangers coming. To alert them to the coming total control so near to descend.

THE EMPLOYMENT CHIP ...progressive
No U.S. Citizen can get work without approval of Homeland Security

US citizens who apply for a job will need prior approval from Department of Homeland Security under the terms immigration bill passed by the Senate this week.
American Civil Liberties Union pointed out that the DHS's Employment Eligibility Verification System (EEVS) is error plagued and if the department makes a mistake in determining work eligibility, there will be virtually no way to challenge the error or recover lost wages due to the
bill’s prohibitions on judicial review.

The EEVS of our Destruction -- Nancy Levant

First they came for the immigrants ....
The slippery slope in this argument is that we’ve already tracked cargo, then pets and cattle.  Next, we will track immigrants.  Who do you think is the last stop?  That’s right.  It’s you.  The government is going to shove a leash [ Ed - on you ] and you’ll like it.  Within a short period of time, you’ll not even notice it’s there
There is no way to justify implanting legal, foreign nationals who have chosen to live here.   In order to do it, you would have to chip every American citizen as well.  Then, you would be faced with the prospect of what you are going to do with the illegal citizens who have no chips?  They will stick out in a field of chipped Americans and the government will no longer be able to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration.  Worse yet, would be the tit-for-tat retaliation that other countries will enforce against the United States.

Tony Snow: Government plan for biometric ID
submit for an ID card that will have a picture, that will have a fingerprint, and at the same time, also will have a valid social security or other identifying number. That goes into a federal database. Everything is cross-tabbed and checked

The Military Chip

VeriChip is pitching its human implantable RFID chips to the U.S. military.
VeriChip spokesperson Nicole Philbin confirmed Wednesday that the company's Board Chairman Scott Silverman has held informal meetings with U.S. Navy and Air Force leaders to suggest a feasibility study of its VeriMed system.
"The Department of Defense already has an electronic health records program, and VeriChip would like to enhance the quality of care for vets and military members," Philbin said.

Critics contend that VeriChip is peddling its products to governments, while targeting vulnerable populations " like the elderly, inmates, immigrants and members of the military, who have less choice than the general population. They claim that RFID proponents' eventual goal is to "chip" as many people as possible, then track consumers and their behaviors for marketing purposes.
Joe Davis, spokesperson for the Veterans of Foreign Wars office in Washington, D.C., said although it makes great sense to be able to scan a device and pull up a full medical history, he would like to see further study before the military uses the implants. He said his initial concerns include possible health effects, whether enemies could access soldiers' information and whether the implants would replace dog tags, and, if so, stand up to an explosion.
"They issue two dog tags," he said. "One goes around the neck and the other is laced into the boot. The foot and boot will survive an explosion. DNA from the foot in the boot will survive, plus you've got your metal dog tag right there. What type of survival rate does this little chip have in an explosion? From what I've read, it sounds like they're trying to push this thing through. You don't push things through when it's new technology. You have to weigh all the pros and cons, and you have to ask the service members 'What do you think of this?' because it's going in their neck, or wherever it's going to go, and this proposal needs lot more study." http://www.techweb.com/article/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=192203522&pgno=2

The Prisoner Chip

Motion-detection SENSORS
Verichip also makes vibration detection gear for mining
VeriChip also makes vibration detection gear for the mining industry.

Chipping Kids

No minimum age for verichipping
There's no minimum age limit for VeriChip, but the company says it's geared toward adult who have issues like diabetes, Alzheimer's and dementia.

Chipping the Elderly
Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, residential retirement centers

For example, we're trying to get the interest of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and residential retirement centers in this area," said Costello, "as well as related service organizations. We also have a special interest in people in the professions of police officer and firefighter."

Who's left to chip ?
VeriChip is applying the Roman business technique of "divide and conquer". They present the chip in multi-faceted ways ... for abducted children, confused-elderly, unconscious emergency room patients, prisoners, soldiers, immigrants, security and law enforcement, first-responders etc. on and on the list grows. What will be their reason for having you chipped ?

Well if you haven't fallen into their many categories by some time, then eventually ALL will be required to be chipped because of a global economic system that transacts with the number 666 as foretold in Rev. 13: 16-18. ....
" And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."
[ 666 ]

Conclusion: We can see from all of the above that VeriChip is here to stay, and is aggressively marketed. We need to resolve not to take it, and to share that message with as many people as we can before we go.
The only chip we want is
Friend-CHIP with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ !

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