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ATLANTIC ALLIANCE ...Western Alliance


EU = makes the rules ( "rights" )
US =
the might behind the global rules of the EU ( the technology and NATO forces)

From the newswire , fair educational use :

"Adoption Day" ( Oct. 18, 2015 ) : US and EU drop sanctions against Iran -- Oct. 19, 2015

Al Gore : EU Globalization needs US leadership
Looks like an American politician (not A.G.) may become the European UMFA Union Minister of Foreign Affairs
Former US vice-president Al Gore has raised strong doubts about the European Union's ability to give global leadership, particularly on climate change - an area where the EU prides itself as setting an example to others....
"I don't want to be too proud, you know, to be chest-beating about that, but I think the United States is the only nation that can lead the world," continued Mr Gore, according to AFP news agency.

Revived Rome; Global finances and trade  -- Rothkopf

US Administration paves the way for the new UMFA with politically correct ideology

" Mr Obama's words, addressed to the people of Berlin [ Ed: ideology capital of the EU ] , hit all the important European buttons.The world needed a strong European Union, he said. It was imperative that we took action on climate change and that we stood up to, and faced down, threats to democracy and freedom wherever they surfaced" [ Ed: These are code words for supressing Biblical-Christianity with its Biblical absolute truths and professing true freedom through Jesus Christ; John 14:6 ]
"He promoted messages of
inclusivity to the world's races and religions, of human rights and of hope in ending the running sore of tragedies such as Darfur. He wanted to revive and enhance the transatlantic alliance."
- - - - - -
Ed: necessary insert here :
"I John ( the Revelator )... was exiled to the island of Patmos for the WORD of God
the Bible,with its revealed absolute truths ) and for the testimony of Jesus Christ
as the ONLY way to Eternal Salvation ) " -- Revelation 1:9
- - - - - -
Obama: "I come before you as a citizen of the world,"
Ed : " Angehoriger die Welt " = 100 % star-power verbage ]
declared the senator from Illinois, knowing that we Europeans, perhaps more so than any other people, also see ourselves through that very prism.

And the man, whose roots lie on two continents, one rich, one poor, and who was born on an island speck in the broad ocean, did indeed deliver in Berlin a world view [ Ed: "Weltansicht" ] and a global leadership perspective that was multilateral and unifying and above all re-assuring."

Ed: JFK also used star-power in Germany when he said " I am a Berliner" ( 1962 ) . Great swelling words get results.

"For in the 21st century, the American president is much more than just the president of the US alone. He ...  is also the leader of the 'Free World.' This includes the transatlantic alliance and beyond it all those countries that espouse liberty and democracy.
We are a global community that plays by similar rules and shares the same values [ Ed: huh ???? ] .
And yet the majority of our citizens are disenfranchised from any say over who leads us.
Ed: The reason for wanting an American as the new UMFA ]
The wider community of the Free World is equally devoid of representation in American councils, but we are taxed nonetheless. Not, of course, with a monetary levy, but in this global age we pay all the same. We have paid these last years for US belligerence. We have paid for US pollution and for US trade policies. And now we are also paying for the collapse of American finance." [ Ed: Personal opinion of Peter Sain ley Berry ]
"America still sees itself as a land in splendid isolation, hardly aware of a world beyond its shores" [ Ed huh ???] Does Mr. Berry read the newspapers ?

"Europeans have far more of an informed global view. But of course we do not have a president. Nor could any European leader reasonably expect to attract 200,000 people to the Tiergarten for a speech on global issues. So there remains a transatlantic mismatch: they have the world president, we have the world citizens. Sooner or later we shall have to find a way of marrying the two.
" [ Ed: Obvious conclusion: 'Europe must elect an American as the new UMFA' ]
Ed comment : We do
not believe that Obama will be the new UMFA, but he paves the way for a prominent American former president -- by many years -- to fill that upcoming role.

NATO states that Russia has cut all military ties with the Western Alliance
NATO spokeswoman Carmen Romero said the alliance had received notification through military channels that Russia's Defense Ministry had taken a decision
"to halt international military cooperation events between Russia and NATO countries until further instructions."

Britain and US to have stronger ties
"We know that we cannot solve any of the world's major problems without the active engagement of the U.S.," Brown said ahead of the trip.
And just as Britain and America have always stood side by side in tackling the great global challenges of the past, so we will continue to work very closely together as friends to tackle the great global challenges of the future."

Transatlantic Economic partnership
; easier Repatriation; Relocation [ Airbus 380 ]
"for many will travel to and fro " Daniel 12:
"The European Union and the US will next month start an ambitious initiative to harmonise regulations, norms and technical standards in up to 40 economic and industrial sectors, laying the cornerstone for a single market between the two regions. ( Ed: will need a single currency )
The pledge is the central item in the draft agenda of the April 30 EU-US summit in Washington, a senior German government official told the Financial Times
..... "hopeful that they can sign a long-delayed “open sky” agreement, which would create a unified civil aviation market between the two regions.

British news to take on America
"This invasion is of the journalistic kind as the British news media enter the American market or seek to raise their profile. The most recent example is the BBC World division of the BBC, which was to start a campaign on Thursday to introduce Americans to a 24-hour news network on cable television to compete against CNN and Fox News Channel

And The Times of London, owned by News Corp., announced last week that it would begin publishing a daily newspaper for American readers, starting Tuesday, with an initial print run of close to 10,000 copies to be distributed in New York and Washington
The campaign for BBC World News is intended to be thought-provoking. For instance, there are several posters that at first glance seem to display world maps. On closer inspection, the countries form provocative images like a captive kneeling before a soldier or a health worker carrying dead birds.  A billboard in New York will ask passers-by to look at news photographs and decide which of two sharply different opinions they agree with. They can vote by sending text messages on their cellphones and the results will be tallied on digital displays on the billboard

Bush and EU leaders together

"I understand those of us who espouse freedom have an obligation and those who espouse human rights have an obligation to live up to those words," Bush said.
The EU and United States are working on a number of other fronts.
NATO and EU forces are trying to help maintain some semblance of order in the Darfur region of Sudan, where Arab Muslims in control of the government are flushing out poor black majorities from their homes.
"We will act together decisively to enhance our economic integration,

We do not believe that W will be the antichrist global leader

W follows EU  ( now looking for diplomatic solutions)
It would mean a significant shift in strategy for Bush
After listening to European leaders last week, Bush agreed to give their ideas careful consideration, and met with top foreign policy advisers about it on Friday.
France, Germany and UK (old Europe ) speak for the EU
France, Germany and Britain, acting on behalf of the European Union, have been trying to persuade Iran to give up its nuclear program in return for trade and other benefits.
Editor: All's fair in war and trade ( ecommerce)
(we may be enemies, but we have an enemy in common which unites us all; that same enemy will be excluded from ecommerce )

EADS - Airbus set to win Pentagon contract
European Aeronautic Defense & Space, or EADS, whose largest holding is Airbus, now has a fighting chance to win at least some portion of a multibillion-dollar Pentagon contract for 100 new midair refueling tanker planes
The Pentagon is walking a financial tightrope, and the air force seems far more interested in three new generations of
fighter jets - the F-18, the F-22 and the future F-35 - than in a new tanker to replace the current fleet, which averages 44 years old.

But EADS North America has made it clear that it wants to get into the American military market for the long term, especially as military spending in Europe trails off. "If there's a competition, we'll be there," said an EADS spokesman, Guy Hicks.
Airbus this year delivered its 1,000th commercial aircraft to a U.S. carrier; worldwide, Airbus sales are slightly ahead of Boeing sales
EADS is not being timid in the tanker battle - it has already spent more than $100 million in a sales campaign that emphasizes the American-ness of its U.S.-based operations. But the aerospace giant also recognizes its disadvantage as a
French bidder.

The Airbus president, NoŽl Forgeard, told reporters last month that allowing EADS to compete in the U.S. market would open new facilities in the United States and give employment to Americans.
EADS is honing its approach with a triple strategy. First, it wants to make the bid as safely American as possible to calm any fears that a "foreign" company might attempt to influence U.S. policy in any way during a crisis.

EU 's new image: rule-maker... combined with the US military might
Arbitrary global rules = "fair play" ?
Justifying the use of Force

a world of fair play, the flip side of rule-making is compliance, and compliance may require enforcement, through economic sanctions and other non-military measures. As a last resort, the EU must even be prepared to rise to the military defense of the values and principles it believes are worth protecting. If Europe is not prepared to take up arms when it must, then its appeals for fair play will sound to the rest of the world like mere posturing.

But if fair play is to be made global, European initiatives should be part of broader international efforts, involving both like-minded partners such as the United States and multilateral institutions. A divisive transatlantic rivalry offers no ethical or political basis for an enlightened European approach. On the contrary, fair play requires American power to back it up.

Declaration: "Renewing the Transatlantic Relationship"

American Presidents to be included within Councils

US representatives should have the opportunity to observe proceedings and debates in the European Convention and members of the American executive branch ought to be associated with the work of separate European Councils.

These are some of the wide-ranging ideas presented in a joint declaration by a group of prominent American politicians and former ministers. The group includes former US Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to the President of the United States and Alexander M. Haig, former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe.
Both houses in the US Congress should increase their contacts with the European Parliament and more direct consultations between the US and the European Institutional bodies should be established over the next five years.

The 18 endorsers :
The Declaration was endorsed by Madeleine K. Albright, Harold Brown, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Frank C. Carlucci, Warren Christopher, William S. Cohen, Robert Dole, Lawrence S. Eagleburger, Stuart E. Eizenstat, Alexander M. Haig Jr., Lee H. Hamilton, John J. Hamre, Carla A. Hills, Sam Nunn, Paul H. O'Neill, Charles S. Robb, William V. Roth Jr., and James R. Schlesinger.


Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)... forging the Atlantic Alliance

US and European partnership
Blair also said it was vital for discussions to begin between Europe and the United States to prevent a dangerous scenario of two centers of power developing in the world.
"I think it is perfectly possible for Europe to become more powerful, but as an ally and partner of the United States of America,"
Blair said.

French President Jacques Chirac, whose ties with Blair have been strained by France's opposition to the war, has outlined a vision of a multipolar world, where a strong European Union would act as a counterweight to U.S. foreign policy.
"If we don't deal with the world on the basis of a partnership between Europe and America, then we will, in a sense, put back into the world the divisions we wanted to get rid of when the Cold War finished," Blair said. "That would be just a disaster for the world
Source : "Blair: No doubt Saddam had banned weapons"

US - EU : One Polar Power

"Some want a so-called multi-polar world where you have different centres of power, and I believe that that will very quickly develop into rival centres of power. And others believe, and this is my [ T. Blair] notion of this, that we need one polar power but which encompasses a strategic partnership between Europe and America and other countries too - Russia, China - where we are trying to ensure that we develop as I say a common global agenda. Because I think the danger of rival poles of power is that you end up reawakening some of the problems that we had in the old cold war with countries playing different centres of power off against each other, with countries who really should be together falling out over issues, and that destabilises the world.

Well that is the argument, but I don't think that is true. You see this is where I take a different view. My view, I want a stronger Europe, more capable of speaking with a unified voice, but I don't want that Europe setting itself up in opposition to America, because I think that won't work, I think it will be dangerous and destabilising. And the truth is America needs to reach out, and I think is reaching out. And for example in what America is doing in relation to the Middle East peace process at the moment, so I think taking account of the fact that there are views out there that believe this is a major question for the rest of the world that we need to address. And Europe needs to recognise that America, particularly post-11 September, has a fixed determination to deal with its security threat, which I happen also to believe is a threat to the rest of the world too.

One Polar Power
Europe and the United States should work as "one polar power" to tackle the world's problems rather than bickering as they did over Iraq, British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said.

Speaking to the a British newspaper, Blair said the best way to stop Washington acting unilaterally was to join forces with it rather than opposing it.


CFR appoint Kissinger, Summers to bridge US and EU
The task force will bring together leaders from business, former senior government officials and policy experts to issue a report that will address the rift. The group will also include a number of European experts.

Time for closer Transatlantic Cooperation
However today's political situation creates even more compelling reasons for transatlantic cooperation and not only in the security field but also in economical, environmental and other global issues.

Largest trading partners in the world and largest investors
Today Europe and the United States are the largest trading partners in the world and the largest investors into each other's economies.
....a North-Atlantic Trade Area (NATA), where the EU, NAFTA and EFTA countries should find a free trade agreement and should afterwards work together in many other fields on the basis of intergovernmental cooperation, multilateral systems and mutual respect for creating a North-Atlantic Security and Economic Area (NASEA).

British-American cooperation should become the driving force for North-Atlantic Economic cooperation, as Franco-German reconciliation played a crucial role for European integration.

US wants to become a global peacekeeping force
Would NATO morph into IPF ?

The US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, is discussing the idea of an international peacekeeping force which could be dispatched to maintain order in the world's trouble spots.

EU might have the money
, but US has the military power
(Ed. note: If our forces become diminished over the next wars, there is NATO )
Thursday in Europe there was a dramatic development in the transatlantic relations --- greatly helping President Bush on Iraq and potentially transforming the Atlantic alliance into a stable dominant world power under American leadership....

For the first time in EU politics, however, the Franco-German steamroller has been seriously challenged and perhaps halted. Thursday morning eight European leaders -- the heads of government of Britain, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Portugal and the Czech Republic -- issued a statement of support for the United States over Iraq and, more broadly, for the role of America as the leading power in the Atlantic alliance. The next few months are likely to see a long-drawn-out battle between these two alliances for control of the expanding EU. And the victory of the Franco-Germany entity cannot be ruled out -- if only because it will have the support of the Brussels bureaucracy, the European social democratic Left, and those nations such as Sweden that want the EU to be a "counterweight" to American power in world politics.

[hypothetical sentence: "I will therefore be announcing a major U.S. drive for a Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) after Baghdad is liberated. It will include NAFTA, the EU, any European country that wants to join, and of course Turkey. And it will create a Euro-American free trade community to match the Euro-American defense community of NATO.]

England under the U.S. ? ( yes, militarily and in Intelligence)

Why Bush is Sunk Without Europe (We need their money)
"Its [US ] industrial base is so uncompetitive that it consistently imports more than it exports; its current-account deficit, the gap between all its current foreign earnings and foreign spending, is now a stunning 5 per cent of GDP, continuing a trend that has lasted for more than 25 years and which is the cause of all that foreign debt. As a national community, it has virtually ceased to save so that government and individuals alike live on credit.

To finance the current-account deficit, a reflection of the lack of saving, the US relies on foreigners supplying it with the foreign currency it can't earn itself. The Old Europe that Donald Rumsfeld mocked last week has been helping to prop up the US economy, buying shares and bonds on Wall Street, taking over American companies and investing in real estate, compensating for the saving that the Americans aren't doing themselves. http://www.observer.co.uk/worldview/story/0,11581,882490,00.html

Brussels European Summit Conclusions;
Europe to be the economic engine of the world
the Lisbon Strategy to make the European economy the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion.

Partnership: http://www.eurunion.org/partner/home.htm

EU -US discuss transatlantic aviation and also a "hydrogen economy"

What is a "hydrogen economy" ? (no fossil-fuels)

"Order out of Chaos" (Illuminati mantra) "
"and saw a beast rise up out of the sea" (sea-change in world events) Revelation 13:1

In order for this arrangement to take place, there must be
a crisis, a global war and / or economic collapse
Then the anti-Messiah can arise as Save-r of the world.
Rev. 13 :1 says "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea (of chaos), having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy"
( power over the G-7 and the EU )

It tells us in Rev. 17 that the 10 kings ( EU ) receive no kingdom as yet, but
share one hour with the Beast (antichrist). We take that to mean that the EU--who wants very much to be a Federalized State---will not arrive at their goal, even by the end of the Great Tribulation. They will remain nation states subject to the "One Voice" throughout the Great Tribulation. The most that the EU will obtain of global governance is one hour with the beast.....a shared power. This one hour is a literal daily one hour. It will be the daily pronouncements that are given over the Televised (TV) broadcast of Atlantic Alliance News)

ONE HOUR with the Beast

The "one hour" with the beast is fully explained in "Global Governance"

The "one hour"referred to here is most likely
a trans-atlantic news broadcast whereby the AC will be giving forth his daily pronouncements, and the False Prophet ( FP..another prominent American, we feel ) will endorse them globally by providing the consequences for non-compliance. The AC will be broadcasting from Europe, and the FP will most likely be here in America,
making sure the "global village" marches in lock-step with the daily enforcements.

Personal note:
Each evening after watching the American news on ABC, NBC, and CBS, our household must watch the BBC news on public television in order to complete the world view on daily news.. So already our TV news time is ONE HOUR.

These bradcasts are complete with large background screens that fulfill the line in Scripture that says that the false Prophet gave "life" to the Beast .... live remote TV. We are so HERE and NOW.

Class is now in session

Also, as energy-regulations are pronounced nightly on the news, "class" is in order and at attention, as we receive our new directives for
compliance, or else. Many other directives are coming out daily, as laws and customs are vastly changing.
Constant change produces confusion and heightens fears. The Powers that Be (PTB) profit greatly by our confusion and fears. This enhances their CONTROL over the masses all the more.
FEARS bring up False Messiahs.

Our living rooms have now become classrooms with an aura of required attendance. Our media is in league already with the New World Order.
Have you noticed how the American world-news is spliced to have segments pertaining to each section of America (Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific zones?) For instance, California sees her storm-watch reported while the East Coast gets their main story reported. We all do not get the same half-hour of news. Listen to the audio-mix. Check the US- TV news with the news reported on the message boards. We are being segmented here in America, while Europe is uniting.

Does Europe Need America ?

The Many, Controlled by the Few....the Illuminati

Transatlantic Partnership through NATO

Alliance calling "premptive strike" ........"preventive war"
America may be the indispensable nation, but its partners in Europe are its indispensable allies," it said. "Virtually every objective that Americans and Europeans seek will be easier to attain if they work together."
Charles A. Kupchan, director of Europe studies at the Council, an 83-year-old nonpartisan private center for scholars, was the project manager. The co-chairs were former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger and former Secretary of the Treasury Lawrence H. Summers, now president of Harvard University.

French : world a more dangerous place
We have to look reality in the face: we have entered into a more dangerous and unstable world,
which requires the mobilization of the entire international community," de Villepin said.

France proposes Transatlantic Charter

"but the lead role has to be played by the United States. We are the ones who are there now. We are the ones who took over the country, we have governing responsibility."
To suggest that "suddenly you could bring in the UN and say, 'It's all yours,'" he said, was "not appropriate."


France proposes Transatlantic Charter

Will the Antichrist have the lead role over NATO forces ?
Will the False Prophet have the lead role over the
UN multinational forces ?
Then, together they will control the armies of the world.

Who can make war with the Beast ? Rev. 13:4

EU and US must align militarily
The second challenge is even more crucial. It is in the greater Middle East, which stretches from Northern Africa to Afghanistan. This is the region from which the greatest threats to the United States and Europe are likely to emanate for years, if not decades, to come. To meet this challenge, the trans-Atlantic partners need more than a military campaign plan to attack terrorists and rogue states. They need to change the dynamics that created such monstrous groups and regimes in the first place. Thus, they need a new grand strategy to help transform the region into a set of societies that can live in peace with one another and who no longer produce ideologies and people who want to destroy the West and increasingly have the ability to do so.

What would the building blocks of such a policy look like? We need a common effort to win the peace in Iraq. This must be followed by a renewed effort to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord. The West needs to encourage positive change, preferably by peaceful means, in Iran. We must also revamp our relations with those countries officially allies but ruled by regimes that at times are part of the problem - Egypt and Saudi Arabia. And we need to succeed in Afghanistan as well as start to create a new regional security regime that, over time, helps lock in progress and creates the foundation for lasting peace.

Rome Summit on Defense
According to The Times, "Food for Thought" puts forward the idea of a "planning unit" for the EU's ESDP operations to be created as part of NATO headquarters (SHAPE).

Bush touts U.S. role in shaping the world
WASHINGTON (AP) - Those serving in the U.S. military and their families sacrifice a great deal to help their country, but millions of people around the world depend on the efforts of American forces, President Bush says.

``Without America's active involvement in the world, the ambitions of tyrants would go unopposed and millions would live at the mercy of terrorists,'' Bush said in his weekly radio address Saturday. He said because of U.S. policies around the world ``tyrants have learned to fear, and terrorists are on the run.'' http://www.guardian.co.uk/uslatest/story/0,1282,-2872565,00.html

Bush : We need trans-Atlantic Alliance
President Bush should be seeking to mend these alliances. In his speech yesterday in Poland, he was right to appeal to the European public more broadly, by reiterating the importance of a trans-Atlantic partnership forged by common values. In a recent interview with Le Figaro, Mr. Bush also adopted a less bullying tone, which we hope he maintains so that democratic leaders can side more easily with Washington the next time a divisive issue arises.

It is fine for the Bush administration to champion friends like Poland and Spain, but America still needs to marshal the world's leading economic powers to work in concert in addressing a daunting array of global challenges. These include terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and the scourges of AIDS, genocidal conflict and hunger afflicting Africa.http://www.nytimes.com/2003/06/01/opinion/01SUN1.html?ex=1055044800&en=78633a677671823e&ei=5062&partner=GOOGLE

Atlantic Alliance to share passenger data
Speaking to journalists in Brussels yesterday (23 September), the
US Homeland Security undersecretary, Asa Hutchinson
acknowledged that European concerns on the transfer of sensitive passenger data, from airlines to the US authorities were "legitimately expressed".

Bush to Europe : Let us unite against terrorism

Bush to Europe: "This is a time for us to unite in defence of liberty"
"This is a time for all of us to unite in the defence of liberty and to step up to the shared duties of free nations," Mr Bush said, adding emphatically: "This is no time to stir up divisions in a great alliance."

NATO wants more military might from "the ALLIANCE"
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - NATO Secretary General George Robertson urged defense ministers on Thursday to spend more on their military forces to ensure the alliance remains relevant for new security threats in a post-September 11 world.
The ministers were expected to start work on an overhaul of the alliance's military capability and cumbersome Cold War command structure, preparing it for rapid-reaction missions in far-flung countries beyond its Euro-Atlantic borders where dangers from terrorism to weapons of mass destruction may lurk.
But Bush stressed the importance of the alliance during his speech to the German Bundestag last month, and Rumsfeld was expected to call on his European colleagues in Brussels to spend more -- and spend more wisely -- on defense to preserve it.
[Ed. note: why EU and US will merge ]
European forces lack strategic airlift, precision-guided weapons and other key capabilities, including surveillance, air-to-air refueling and tactical missile defense

War on Terrorism forges "The Alliance" between EU and US

W. Bush :"Europe and America. one voice and only one voice"
He said: "Europe and the United States need to speak with one voice, and only one voice."
" I believe the stronger Europe is, the better it is for America."

He said: "Europe and the United States need to speak with one voice, and only one voice." Asked if America felt threatened by the EU's officially stated ambition of displacing the country as the world's leading economy by 2010, he gave what seemed to be a wry smile.
"I appreciate good competition. I believe competition brings out the best in nations, and in people. I don't view the European Union and its consolidation as a zero-sum game for the United States.
I believe the stronger Europe is, the better it is for America." .........

But with a speed that has caught Washington off guard, the EU has become unrecognisable. It sports a new currency that is openly intended to knock the US dollar off its perch, and it has acquired the diplomatic apparatus of an activist power under the terms of the Maastricht and Amsterdam treaties - even if the mechanisms are not yet working properly.

The EU's new foreign and security machinery is already cutting its teeth in the Balkans, which is becoming a sort of loose EU protectorate, while the EU's enlargement process is turning most of Central and Eastern Europe into an outer tier of the union."

Bush talks of unity
"We share more than an alliance; we share a civilization," Bush said of U.S. ties to Europe.
"Its values are universal, and they share a ...
partnership in a unique way."
The Polish leg of the trip -- Bush's first to Europe -- offered the president the chance to reiterate his administration's support for a strong and united Europe, including Russia,
that will work closely with the United States.

Atlantic Partnership

W. Bush on the Transatlantic Relationship
he was dedicated to maintaining transatlantic ties. In his
He said: "This is a president who values the common heritage and the values that unite us....
I believe this is an incredibly important relationship and I'll work hard to nurture it."....

"The Europeans are going to find they've got a trustworthy friend in the Bush administration: one that will stay steady and true, one whose position isn't going to shift because of focus groups suggesting we may need to shift positions.
"And to me that is the best kind of friend to have: somebody who commits to a friendship and somebody who is steady in their opinions and strong in their beliefs andpredictable."


"the kingdom shall be divided"...Daniel 2:41

America engaged with Europe
he [W. Bush] wanted to see a "strong" EU and his trip to Gothenburg was intended to send a "loud signal" that under his leadership America would remain engaged with Europe....
[Tony Blair] : ' there was "far more that unites America and Europe than divides us in terms of shared values,
a belief in democracy, the rule of law and justice".


Europe shows political solidarity with US....Sept. 19-2001

European future lies with the US ??

NATO opens all airfields and ports to US military (Article#5)

Transatlantic FreeTrade Zone....U.S. and Britain ? ...TAFTA
Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council.....NATO to weld 44 nations of Europe together
(America, Europe East and West, ........and Russia)

W. Bush...enlarged NATO..."a house of many mansions"
NATO receives orders from the White House

Getting close to worshipping the State
Pledge to become law ?


"calling fire down from heaven"
American Technology...NMD...Nuclear Missile Defence

Articles :
EU Observer: " Salt & Pepper" (debate) columns http://www.euobserver.com/index.phtml?sid=7

Galileo and GPS to work together

Galileo and Beidou cooperate
CENC - China-Europe global navigational satellite system centre

EU Ambassador to the US

Transatlantic Week
organized by TIESWeb in Miami.
In both cases, a clear message came out: Europeans are not doing enough to communicate in the US what the European Union is becoming and they are not doing it effectively.
At the GlobalEurope seminar of future EU/US relations in The Hague as well as in Miami with community leaders from across the EU and the USA :
And among many other elements discussed on these two occasions, another point was raised - the fact that in the USA the European Union should have a politician rather than another eurocrat to be its voice and face in media, talk-shows and conferences.

efficiency will depend on the ability of the EU Ambassador to Washington to reach out to civil society and be an attractive interlocutor for European civil society groups willing to engage in dialog with their US counterparts as well.

Transatlantic Week ( last week of April 2004) in Miami

Global Europe 2020 http://www.europe2020.org/en/anticipation/global/GlobalEurope2.htm

Fischer wants a strong trans-Atlantic partnership

(Joschka) Fischer, in addition to his remark on rejecting a Europe that is a rival to the United States, talked of a trans-Atlantic partnership after the Iraq war in which ‘‘we must bring all our capabilities together to win the peace.’’

(Tony) Blair, warning France against a plan he said would make for rivalries and instability, urged Europe and the United States to work as a ‘‘one-polar world’’ in tackling problems.

"a single power ruling over the affairs of the planet"

Four Europe
 France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg announced they would set up their own military operations center next year.

Tony Blair to American Congress : Don't give up on Europe
"If Europe and America are together, the others (globalism: the rest of the world) will work with us. If we split, the rest will play around, play us off and nothing but mischief will be the result of it."

EU - US should "marry" power and law

EU weighs more activist foreign policy
"there are numerous references to the need for watertight trans-Atlantic cooperation.
The documents says
"no other country or group of countries comes close" to the military might of the United States.

The trans-Atlantic relationship is described as one of the "core elements" of the international system and as indeed "irreplaceable." Yet implicit in the document is that Europe will forge its own foreign policy that may differ from the goals of the United States.

American finger in pie wanted
Finally, the USA plays an important role in European foreign policy schemes. Rather than only being a transatlantic villain that splits the old continent in a game of "divide et impera", member states are glad to have the American finger in the pudding.
The US offers protection against the potential threat from the East and balances the ambitions of the big member states in their midst, particularly France and the UK.

France and UK call for new force at top of EU
Britain on Wednesday joined forces with France to demand the creation of a powerful new president of the European Council who, Tony Blair, UK prime minister, believes will become the public face and driving force of Europe.

The aim is to give Europe a high-profile political leader, who would also serve as the EU's face in international affairs and take a key role in developing defence and foreign policies. Mr Blair thinks the new president would give the EU a sharper identity, providing much-needed leadership and accountability.

Peter Hain, Europe minister, told the FT on Wednesday that the council president would
"probably be a former head of government". [ See Rev. 17:11 ]

EU want a common foreign and security policy
EPP... European People's Party ( Wilfried Martens)
"moral obligation to show solidarity"


Powerful EU leader from
former presidents or PMs

Mr Giscard's blueprint will suggest that the EU has one unified treaty and gain a "single legal personality" – allowing the EU to sign treaties and sit on international bodies such as the United Nations. The current complex structure that divides policy areas into separate "pillars" will be axed.
The document will accommodate the possibility of a new president of the European Council, opening the way for Tony Blair's preference, a powerful leader drawn from the ranks for former prime ministers or presidents. The selected person might be approved by a new congress that would meet periodically to take big decisions.

It may also open the way for the EU to be renamed – Mr Giscard has already voiced a preference for "United Europe", and a slogan to stress Europe's main objectives, such as "justice, solidarity and liberty".
Mr Giscard's document follows the Brussels EU summit last week, which brought strong signs of a Franco- German rapprochement.

France and Britain demand powerful EU president

Democratization: directly elected EC presidency


EU wants permanent leader, not rotational---says Prodi

Next on EU agenda : elect EU Leader

"What powers should be vested in an elected commission president? Clearly he or she would have
unprecedented authority, but that would raise new issues to be resolved, ranging from accountability and the circumstances in which the president could be forced from office to questions about whether the EU executive's officials would by extension have greater clout.

Rise of antichrist
11th horn of Daniel 7:20; and 8th king of Revelation 17:12

Next step antichrist
solving the mid-east crisis from Europe.....Hal Lindsey


Strange Allies: NATO, Atlantic Union, and Economic Socialism

US Army and Cyberwarfare

"We see three emerging threats: ballistic missiles, cyberwarfare and space control," said Lt. Gen. Edward Anderson, deputy commander in chief at U.S. Space Command, which was recently assigned the task of creating a cyberattack strategy. "Cyberwarfare is what we might think of as attacks against digital ones and zeros."......OPLAN 3600
will work with CINC (Commanders in Chief) of all military personnel.
and will have

"unprecedented cooperation with commercial enterprises
and other organizations."

to include "denial of service"; will work with the FBI (of carnivore)

CONTINUED: Part 2 .... Extradition of citizens , Europol, The EU Constitution; Charter of Fundamental Rights; Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights, etc.


European Governance

Globalization ECB , Cashless Society


World Court

You, Andrew Marvel

Greater Europe

Royal Houses of Europe http://gsteinbe.intrasun.tcnj.edu/royalty/royalty.html

The House of Rothschild
David de Rothschild to head integrated banking system


Salvation https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html