Hope To The End

"Jesus Christ is Risen Today" by Charles Wesley


I can hardly believe that it was for me...
For me Jesus died there on Calvary.
There it was that He made amends,
He suffered and died; He paid for my sins.

The Mary’s arrived at the tomb that day 
To find the stone had been rolled away.
“He is not here.” the Angel said, 
“Why seek ye the living among the dead?”

It happened just as the Savior had said;
For indeed, He had risen from the dead.
Now, because of his sacrifice for sin,
Death has lost it’s sting; we will live again.

Now I must accept it, it’s all up to me,
He purchased this gift on Calvary’s tree.
I must not let him have suffered in vain,
It was for my sins that he endured such pain.

It was for me, but it’s also for you...
Now you must believe and know that it’s true.
You must ask that your sins be forgiven,
Then one day we’ll meet our Lord up in Heaven.

Neona Owen 

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