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Mexico may be host to foreign terrorists groups


Islamist militants passing through Mexico
May 29, 2001
MEXICO CITY – Islamic organizations that could have links to guerrilla groups antagonistic to the United States have been spotted in Mexico, the government's national security adviser,
Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, said Tuesday......

The newspaper El Universal and other dailies reported that the groups now in Mexico could be tied to militant Hizbollah
[ed. note: Hizbullah are Iranian backed]
guerrillas based in the Middle East and members of Spain's Basque separatist guerrilla organization ETA.

The reports said the groups had arrived in Mexico's north with the aim of carrying out guerrilla activities in the United States.

Arab-terrorists (Moslems) entering through Mexican border

SOUTHWEST PASSAGE....from around the world to Mexico...to the U.S.
"Mexico has become the corridor for everyone in the world," said Gilberto Palmerin, who runs the Mexican National Immigration Institute's main detention center in the southern Mexico City neighborhood of Iztapalapa......
Once detained, many immigrants seek refugee status, especially those from Iran, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Somalia and Colombia, who argue that it would be too dangerous for them to return home. Officials representing the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees visit the detention center twice a week to assess those requests.

Terrorists coming through Mexico to the U.S.

MAP: Central America and the Caribbean

Terrorists in the Western Hemisphere


Mexico may be host to foreign terrorists groups


Islamist militants passing through Mexico
May 29, 2001
MEXICO CITY – Islamic organizations that could have links to guerrilla groups antagonistic to the United States have been spotted in Mexico, the government's national security adviser,
Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, said Tuesday......

The newspaper El Universal and other dailies reported that the groups now in Mexico could be tied to militant Hizbollah
[ed. note: Hizbullah are Iranian backed]
guerrillas based in the Middle East and members of Spain's Basque separatist guerrilla organization ETA.

The reports said the groups had arrived in Mexico's north with the aim of carrying out guerrilla activities in the United States.

Arab-terrorists (Moslems) entering through Mexican border

SOUTHWEST PASSAGE....from around the world to Mexico...to the U.S.
"Mexico has become the corridor for everyone in the world," said Gilberto Palmerin, who runs the Mexican National Immigration Institute's main detention center in the southern Mexico City neighborhood of Iztapalapa......
Once detained, many immigrants seek refugee status, especially those from Iran, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Somalia and Colombia, who argue that it would be too dangerous for them to return home. Officials representing the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees visit the detention center twice a week to assess those requests.

Terrorists coming through Mexico to the U.S.

MAP: Central America and the Caribbean

Terrorists in the Western Hemisphere


United Nations on Drugs http://www.undcp.org/
International Narcotics Control Board http://www.incb.org/
Drug Information http://www.drugscope.org.uk/ and http://www.emcdda.org/
Encyclopedia of Drug Information http://www.drugscope.org.uk/druginfo/drugsearch/home2.asp

US blocks cheap drugs (HIV / Aids) for 3rd world nations

Faced with furious opposition from all the other 140 members of the World Trade Organisation, the US refused to relax global patent laws which keep the price of drugs beyond reach of most developing countries.
Talks at the WTO's Geneva headquarters collapsed last night after the White House ruled out a deal which would have permitted a full range of life-saving drugs to be imported into Africa, Asia and Latin America at cut-price costs. http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,864086,00.html

Drugs and Taxes....by Joel Miller http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=24013

So. American triangle:
Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil
Haven for Hamas, Hezbollah.... May 2-2002

U.S. officials said the Palestinian Hamas and the Iranian-backed Hizbullah movements have established operations in the so-called tri-border area of South America. They said Hamas and Hizbullah use the frontier areas shared by Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil as a haven for insurgency, counterfeiting and drug trafficking.....
their illegal activities range from producing counterfeit U.S. currency to smuggling illegal substances through the tri-border area."
"Terrorist organizations are operating in Colombia, Peru, and the tri-border region of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil," Reich said last week.

SouthEast Asia, The Golden Triangle, drugs and U.S. Military

Brutal Drug Cartel moving into California, Arizona and New Mexico and points beyond

FOX of Mexico wants to legalize drugs at the Summit
(so does Uruguay and Columbia)
NAFTA wants to be all inclusive (drugs allowed)


US to use Dutch bases in the Caribbean to monitor drug trafficking trade


It worked ! Now Canada will legalize marijuana as a drug


Canada opens first legalized drug facility

Gov. Johnson of NEW Mexico, USA wants to legalize drugs from Mexico
Gov. Davis (California) can't be bothered with the issue


Rebuttal to Harry Browne's essay in World Net Daily : "What if all drugs were legal ?"
If all drugs were legal, civilization would become mindless and compliant to tyrannical dictates.
Consciences (remember those?) would be wiped out, along with morality, shame and righteousness. End of essay.

Why are governments and media promoting the legalization of drugs ??

Sorcery ("pharmekia"..drugs) is strictly forbidden in the Bible--- our true guidebook for righteousness,
revealed by God Almighty Himself .
To post an article about the "advantages" of drugs, without posting its liabilities is promoting drugs.

What if nobody bought the stuff ?

AMA neutral on Medical marijuana...won't take a stand

"Pot" same price as gold in California (Mexican cartels)


Latin American Drug cartel and the Russian "mafiya"
  Mexico is the largest transshipment point of South American cocaine bound for the United States. DEA officials believe 65 percent of the cocaine produced in South America reaches U.S. cities via the U.S.-Mexico border and that Colombian cartels rely on Mexican groups in Guadalajara, Juarez, Matamoros, Sinaloa and Tijuana to smuggle cocaine into this country.
     The DEA has said that Mexican drug lords have established themselves as "transportation specialists" for the shipment of cocaine across the border. Many also are involved in smuggling heroin, marijuana and methamphetamines. The addition of the Russian mafia to that equation, U.S. intelligence sources said, increases the problem.

Mexico to tighten Southern Border (from Central America) from drugs etc.

Pres. Fox guarding narco-hen house ?

Portugal legalized drugs http://www.nandotimes.com/world/story/36040p-586931c.html

Columbia and drugs
"However, the comments from the presidents come just two days after Colombia's army chief said he would deliver evidence to prosecutors and international bodies showing the FARC is selling cocaine to international traffickers."

Panama Time Bomb


Mena-coverup to head Drug unit.....Hutchinson from Arkansas new DEA head

All Hell Breaks Loose.....Banks and Drugs in Mexico and the U.S.


DEA appointment (Asa Hutchinson) comes after US ousted from UN Drug Committee

Legalization of marijuana sought in England

Brits (Lilley) wants legalization of "soft drugs"
There is no such a thing as "soft drug" (they're ALL addictive)
Is he related to Eli ?


America foots Europe's drug (pharmacy) bill
(sorcery comes from the word "pharmekia"...pharmecies)

EXODUS.....refugees / immigrants
Largest exodus from South America

IOWA......the "Ellis Island" of the Midwest..immigrant haven

Guest workers bring in lower wages

World Trade and the 666 Mark of the Beast ( MOB)

Corporations and Trade policies are superseding national laws.
The 666 Mark of the Beast (MOB)
will come from commerce (trade) , just like the ISO 9000 rules are supra-national. Here are some interesting headlines that show where trade is taking us.

Commercial "mu-chip" embedded in paper... "Mu-Solutions"

Consensus on International Trade

Bush gets "fast-track"--- July 31-2002

Bush to trade with Chile and Singapore in few months

Mark Weisbrot: US Trade Policy (hypocritical)
In fact, according to other widely-used economic models, many developing countries will actually wind up with a net loss from the liberalization of agriculture and textile trade that was agreed upon at the WTO's creation in 1994.
But it gets worse. The WTO doesn't just make and enforce trade rules. It has a seamier underside -- the
highly protectionist agreement known as
"TRIPS" (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights).
The goal of these rules is to get the low and middle-income countries to obey patent and copyright laws that are made in the USA and Europe.....
And there are other serious concerns that people in developing countries have about implementing the rules of "free trade," as it is commonly and
inaccurately labeled.

In many countries a large part of the labor force, sometimes the majority, is still employed in agriculture. In the United States we went from 53 percent of our labor force in agriculture in 1870 to 4.6 percent in 1970, and yet the displacement of people from the countryside still generated much pain and serious social unrest.
Imagine what would happen if this century-long process were collapsed into a couple of decades, as advocated by the WTO (along with the IMF and World Bank) for much of the world. This is a recipe for social explosion.


World Trade Organization Usurping Congress
The WTO has decided that it — and not the U.S. Congress — has the authority to determine how American tax dollars are spent," he said in a statement.
Under the Byrd Amendment, passed in 2000, tens of millions of dollars in fines collected by the U.S. government are handed over to companies that lodge complaints against foreign exporters judged to be "dumping" products at artificially low prices.
The move provoked a record number of complainants — the 15-nation European Union (
news - web sites), Australia, Brazil, Chile, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea ( news - web sites), Thailand, Canada and Mexico — to file formal disputes with the WTO. They claimed that the law punishes exporters to the United States twice because first they are fined and then those fines are handed to their competitors. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&cid=518&ncid=721&e=5&u=/ap/20020718/ap_on_re_eu/wto_us_trade_2

Internat'l Accounting Standards to be adopted
the Financial Services Action Plan. The report, which is part of a series of progress updates monitoring the Commission’s goal to have complete integrated financial services by 2005, contains “real and tangible progress” but “significant challenges remain” said Bolkestein.
International accounting standards to be adopted
Of the eight legislative proposals which are to be adopted by the end of 2002 as decreed by the Barcelona Council, the adoption by the Council, in the next few days, of the regulation on International Accounting Standards (IAS) is one of the most important. Talking before the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee in the parliament on Monday, Bolkestein said he had discussed the “benefits of a transatlantic market for financial services” with Harvey Pitt, the chairman of the American Securities and Exchange Commission, during a visit to the US last week.

The ultimate benefit would then be a convergence between IAS and the American GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) so that European companies could trade on the American stock exchange without having to adapt to American standards. Bolkestein reported that Paul Volker, the former chairman of the federal reserve, saw no reason why “EU companies could not trade without convergence to US GAAP.” To this end, Volker has suggested informal regulatory meetings with the EU.

Richard Sullivan (CEO of Applied Digital Solutions) wants foreigners VeriChipped
Sullivan said the product will be marketed in January [2003] in South America while the company seeks approval in the United States from the Food and Drug Administration.
Approval is expected in 18 months.


German (EU) invests in Latin America (Mercosur)

Schroeder makes trip to Latin America

Brazilian Politician --Cunha Lima---wants to get Verichipped


Canada and America to have one currency

Open Border, Common Market between USA and Canada

One Currency, Open free Trade for U.S. and Canada
Discussions about the use of a common currency between Canada and the United States also took place, the Quebec Premier said, but he said there was no consensus between the groups.
One U.S. governor said it is becoming increasingly evident that the United States and Canada have no choice but to become even closer in the ever-growing global economy.

Canadian and American troops to serve under one command


Canada to eventually switch to US Dollar

economic integration: all Western Hemisphere to trade in American dollars ?
Eventually switch to electronic euro-units ???

One Trading Bloc from Alaska to Antarctica

US getting allied with Canada ??
Canada and US share Energy Program
Canadian alliance needed for Alaskan Oil drilling
Canada is US largest trading partner with 1 Billion $ a day
Canada under our US --NMD umbrella ?
"Trade high on Chretien-Bush agenda (Jim Brown)


CANADA: a Socialistic State
America to "annex Canada" ???


FREE DOMINION...Conservative Canadians

Russians and Chinese entering through Canada



The Ultimate CONTROL----Food Supply


The World is not an Object for Trade

Europe to allow additives (diversity in food)


Organic Farming

The Food Chain

EU to subsidize agriculture, wheather there is production or not
Under the plan, billed as a way to cut red tape, small farmers qualifying for less than E1,250 ($1,075) in annual subsidies would receive a single flat rate payment irrespective of what they produce, instead of having to make numerous applications under different support programmes.

Workers of the World, Unite ! ( Isn't that a famous Marxist slogan?)

With an expanding multinational membership, the ICFTU has made itself an influential lobbying voice within the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations and the World Bank. It advocates collective bargaining and resists wage-depressing child and slave labor. In 1996, the ICFTU organized a one-day strike by workers in 15 countries in solidarity with several thousand Bridgestone/ Firestone union workers who had been fired in the tire maker’s U.S. plants.
       Nevertheless, what gives U.S. workers the most headaches these days is the competitive job loss that occurs when U.S. employers move operations to low-wage countries with child labor and sweatshops and without expensive regulation of environmental hazards and workplace safety. Competitive job loss is not a priority for a globalized organization such as the ICFTU, which is seeking to represent workers wherever the jobs go. Bakvis notes that he has no illusions that a common wage structure can be built into the trade-agreement process. But the clout from unionizing a few hundred million Chinese, Indians and Indonesians, for example, is undeniable.


Globalisation causes a downturn of economy world wide



One Man-Two Inaugurals.........Corporate-America pays for access

Big Business donates to the Inauguration....the true spirit of America

Money begets power...corporate-largesse

Dangerous Liasons between Big Business and Governments


Remember when we took away the words "rogue nations" to make Commerce more inclusive ?
Well now we delist Companies from being excluded from the Stock Market, regardless of impediments.
Sudan re-enlisted for Stock Trade

US business groups and the Bush administration are gearing up to try to derail legislation that would for the first time deprive some foreign companies of access to US stock markets if they run foul of US foreign policy.

e-commerce will wipe out the small business man (entrepreneurialship)
e-commerce favors big business (major corporations)


Both Bush and Gore endorse Global Socialism (NWO)

Evan Bayh....(DLC...Democratic Leadership Council)....and Bush agree



Commerce and Trade....Mafia Archipelago...the MOB
"traffiking in the souls of men"


Cosa Nuova...."New Business"


"what we need is a world-environmental org....with teeth"

Dictates to the U.S.
Newest commodity on the Stock Market: CARBON-SAVING
Mr Meacher said he expected tons of potential carbon saving to become a commodity traded on the markets within two years.

Ecology, ethics, morality, spirituality.....
"Good for the soul--and for the Bottom Line"....Bill Broadway

In the NWO, every establishment is heavily regulated, even the Churches. They will be regulated out of existence. Read the facts in
"UN targets local churches for eradication" by C. Tomlin


"Faith Based Operations" is government control of churches.
Both Bush and Gore are for FBOs. Whoever doles out the money, doles out the rules.

Please see: Separation of Church and State


Halliburton and Cheney and IRAN


CHINA ... and the Kings of the East (Japan, South Korea, ASEAN )

Biggest Trade Zone on earth 1.7 BILLION people (ASEAN-AFTA)
Is the tiger being swallowed up by the dragon ?
PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - China and Southeast Asia have signed a deal to give birth to the biggest free trade zone
on earth, encompassing more than 1.7 billion people struggling to attain prosperity after centuries mired in poverty.

"I would say that this is one of the most significant agreements to be signed this year anywhere in the world,"
Rodolfo Severino, secretary general of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), said on Monday......

Negotiations on the Southeast Asia-China free trade area [ AFTA ] with a potential combined market of 1.7 billion people will start next year. China and ASEAN have a combined gross domestic product of $1.5 trillion (970 billion pounds) to $2.0 trillion.

The free trade area that will stretch from the frozen steppes of China's northern Mongolia region to the palm-fringed beaches of Indonesia will be the largest in the world
10 ASEAN countries :
Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Add CHINA, JAPAN and SOUTH KOREA to this latest agreement. [ AFTA ]

China signs Accord
China can manufacture many products more cheaply than Southeast Asia can, and its market of 1.3 billion people dwarfs the scattered markets of its ASEAN neighbors, which cover about 500 million people. But the Chinese government has argued that the free trade area it has proposed would boost exports on both sides by half and result in faster growth for everyone.

Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee is also at the talks.
The joint declaration signed on Tuesday made no mention of farm goods.
Free trade "is vehemently opposed in many quarters in Japan, so it's not as easy as in China, it takes a lot longer to sign one of these pacts," Jovanovich said. "The big stumbling block will be agriculture." .......
In January, Japan signed its first free trade agreement with Singapore, which has been followed by interest from the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Mexico.

China admitted into WTO

China's Entry into WTO (Nov-10-01) will bring in a flood of cheaper imports
Power to undermine American jobs and economy


Americans buying 14 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. The financial coup.
The United States has its largest trade deficit with China, is a premier investor in its markets and has permitted Chinese companies to raise more than $14 billion in U.S. capital markets through initial public offerings in the past three years, the commission said.

The presence of Chinese debt and equity offerings in the U.S. capital markets
raises U.S. national security concerns that have not been adequately examined to date."
The commission expressed concern about the identities and nature of Chinese companies accessing U.S. capital markets, including the extent to which they have
ties to China's army, defence industry and intelligence services, and may be involved in the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
It said in "egregious cases" denying Chinese entities access to U.S. markets may be warranted, and recommended creation of a federally mandated corporate reporting system to try to better understand the U.S.-China trade and investment relationship.

10,000 Red Chinese bank employees to be trained in US
Chinese bank workers, ranging from tellers to top executives, will be trained at a new US program designed to bring China's financial services into step with global practice. SCMP Aug.14-2001
Rick Wiles ...American Freedom News

CHINA to become member of WTO....141 members....29 more waiting
WTO summit in Qatar


CHINA and the EU

Historical perspective of World Economy; Kings of the East influence World Trade


The Shainghai Cooperation Organization SCO
While encouraging member states to cooperating in economy and trade, science and technology, culture, education, energy, transportation and environmental protection, the SCO aims to create a new international political and economic order featuring democracy, justness and rationality, the analysts said.

INDIA : Democratization, Globalization, economies, and technology


Exploit a Tragedy ! Empower the U.N. !
As U.S. and Russia converge on terror, seed of nwo seen--- S Farrell
/ S Montgomery
In a column we wrote Sept 14, posted Sept 15, we predicted what seemed impossible, the Council on Foreign Relations coached Bush Administration would find a way to turn our retaliation against terrorism into an invitation to have "Russia . . . join our coming occupation force in Afghanistan as our "ally," as they did in the NATO "peacekeeping" fiascoes in Bosnia and Kosovo, to serve as a symbolic reminder to the bossed and butchered of the "good old days" under the Hammer and Sickle."
We hoped we were wrong. We weren't. Russia is there, and worse, we now officially support their brutal and merciless war against civilian populations in Chechnya.

"Terror attacks in the United States . . . instantly thrust Washington and Moscow into common cause on a top strategic priority, a historic shift presaging a genuine realignment in world order . . . Yes, the Russians are open to proceeding more in cooperation with the United States, to building a new world order of which they are a part."
Agence France Press... Sept. 27-2001
We want a victory over terrorism, but when we are through, we want our liberties under the US Constitution - not tyranny under the nefarious UN Charter, not a further empowerment of still communist run Russia.
and at:

US to get oil from Russia after midEast war (Levant war)
Closer energy ties would also further diminish U.S. dependence on oil from the Middle East and give Bush flexibility in confronting Iraq.
"The United States wants to be prepared for some kind of disruption," said Konstantin Reznikov, the senior oil analyst at Alfa Bank here in Moscow. "The relationship between the United States and the Middle East -- and Saudi Arabia in particular -- deteriorated after the September 11 events, so now they're targeting to get more crude oil from other regions."
And there is the Murmansk port, where Lukoil, Russia's largest oil company, has proposed building a deep-water, ice-free shipping terminal. Supertankers loaded there could head up into the Barents Sea and directly out to the Atlantic.

Leonid Fedun, vice president and part-owner of Lukoil, said U.S. interest has grown noticeably since Sept. 11. "For us, the U.S. market is very attractive and inviting," he said, noting that Lukoil already owns 1,300 gas stations in the United States that it bought from Getty Petroleum.
(this will factor in to our delay in the Magog war....Ezekiel 38,39)

Kaliningrad: Russia's Door to Europe
Kaliningrad : trading portal between EU and Russia

The European Commission has come up with a proposal, which will make the direct transit of people and goods between Kaliningrad, and the rest of Russia as easy as possible, once enlargement of the EU has taken place. These proposals comprise a 'Facilitated Transit Document' or a 'Kaliningrad Pass', which will fulfil the same requirements as a visa.

Kaliningrad, the small Russian enclave, will be surrounded by EU territory, once Lithuania and Poland join the EU, probably in 2004. Although the borders between the new member states and present member states will not be lifted immediately after accession, but more likely after 2006, visas will still be introduced in Poland and Lithuania next year. http://www.euobserver.com/index.phtml?aid=7610


African Union....53 African States

AU (African Union) to replace OAS

Gadaffi and the OA

Caribbean Trade Market....CARICOM
But he is encouraged by efforts by the Caribbean Community (Caricom) to integrate the economies of 14 countries with a cumulative market of 13m people.


Nuclear Shipping Routes

By road and rail...Yucca Mt. Nevada

4.4 quake near Yucca Mt.
The quake had a preliminary magnitude of 4.4 and hit about 5:40 a.m., 75 miles northwest of Las Vegas and about 3 miles beneath the surface, said scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colo.
Allen Benson, a federal Department of Energy spokesman for the Yucca Mountain project in Las Vegas, told The Associated Press that about 100 scientists and employees at the site on Friday were not reporting any damage.
Yucca Mountain, about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, is the site that President Bush picked in February to store the nation's spent commercial, industrial and military nuclear waste beginning in 2010.
The waste, expected to remain radioactive for more than 10,000 years, would be buried 1,000 feet below ground.

Map of Routes

From Japan to Britain and back to Japan again...MOX
Britain's nuclear policy, in other words, is like the old woman who swallowed a fly. Every solution is worse than the problem it was supposed to address. Every new justification ratchets up the probability of a major nuclear accident or breach of security. Yet the programme's institutional momentum carries all before it.
This programme can sustain itself only until the public grasps the two unavoidable facts of nuclear power. The first is that there is, as yet, no safe means of disposing of the wastes it produces. The second is that even if one were found, the monitoring and safe management of these wastes requires 250,000 years of political and economic stability. No government on earth can guarantee five.

When power resides with private companies, the British government will nest with them and raise their young. When it resides with a state-owned monster which would not have looked out of place in Brezhnev's Russia, the same government will happily mate with that monster. One moment it will warn of such threats to our security that the police must have access to our email accounts, protesters must be classified as terrorists and Afghanistan must be bombed; the next it will dismiss such concerns as nonsense in order to ship plutonium round the world in civilian freighters.


From Colorado to So. Carolina--- 6 1/2 tons of plutonium
weapon-grade...sold out of the country ?

The Strong Arm of Trade

EU to "punish" Israel for protecting herself

IMF dictates to Ecuador on Value Added Tax (VAT)

OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) ----
the Power to control Commerce http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2001/4/23/214714.shtml

TRADE WATCH http://www.tradewatch.org/

Europe all "euro"  http://abcnews.go.com/sections/world/DailyNews/europe010213_euro.html

NAFTA can force Canada, U.S. Mexico to export water

Trafficking in humans....Rev. 18:13....Daniel 12:4 and Rev. 13:10

Traffiking in Body parts...Regeneration of Florida

U.S. Blacklists 23 countries for human trafficking
trafficking from former Soviet states, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and Asia.
Greece, Saudi Arabia, South Korea etc.
"The others in tier three were Albania, Bahrain, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of Congo , Gabon, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Sudan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia."
China, France, Japan and the U.S.
Britain, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong were in this section, along with Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan.
The list includes Israel (but I don't believe it)

400,000 children in sex trade in US


What is tcommerce ?? Interactive TV commerce ?

What is TCom ???

JOAN VEON http://www.womensgroup.org/

Explaining Public-Private-Partnership

Hear Joan explain Globalization very clearly at SouthWest Radio Church

Public-Private-Partnership ...J Veon
The UN's Shocking Millennium Agenda......Sustainability...Rio.....Gaia


PPP in England

Cloudy future for PPP

The Real Implications of Globalization ...J Veon....People's Parliament
Borderless planet...deregulation...GATT...reinventing government


FASCISM.....monopolies and governments
Words Have Meaning ...J Veon


Changing the Global Rulebook...JV..
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable Development
WICE World Industrial Council for Environment


Global Parliament is Birthed...JV....unequal parity (inequity)...
Monetary de-Regulation Act



That Great Sucking Sound Going South.....
"When Free Trade Theorists Dodge Reality" SF


#1. Technology, Sovereignty and the Third Wave (3rd Way)


#2...... 21st Century Democracy and the Third Way


#3. Republicans and the Third Way...SF and Diane Alden


Other articles pertaining......
You can't have Socialism without heavy taxation
The "progressive " income tax


Fascist-Socialist HEALTH PLAN USA

Hypocritical Hippocratic Oath

Playing God.....Doctors refuse to treat smoker....MORAL FASCISM
"The man, 56, is thought to be the first person to die since Australian doctors decided to take a stand on smokers and their treatment which, critics say, borders on “moral fascism”.

Quo Vadis, America ?
Losing more and more of our sovereignty and identity, we blend in with the world's economy. We now no longer have "rogue nations", whom we embargo and to whom we apply sanctions. Anyone with a buck (or electronic unit) is our traffiking partner.


Politics of the Radical Center (Watch Unto Prayer Min.)

The Dialectical Process

THIRD WAY = Progressive Governance

See Vic Bilson's Excellent article:

Quoting Charlton Heston

"Political correctness is just tyranny with manners."
"I wish for you the courage to be unpopular.
Popularity is history's pocket change.
Courage is history's true currency".

Mr. Heston stated that the Bill of Rights were God-given and should be protected.
RDF 1-11-00

We must feed our Faith and starve our doubts

When Fear knocks at the door, let FAITH answer.

Salvation https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html