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prt one --192 members of the General Assembly

Latest UN news http://www.un.org/apps/news/infocus/

Latest Developments, Summit Agenda September 2005 ;
Bill Clinton Initiative, Clinton Foundation,
WEOG, WEO, NATO, UN and EU .... EU and US .... EU and NATO; ; "One-Voice" at the UN, Security Council, International Court System ; Universal Sharia Law,
UN and Religion; UN and Earth-Ethic ( environmentalism);
Human Rights; UN laws ; the World Wide Web ( Internet )

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The United Nations..... the 7th King of Rev. 17:10
gives backing to .....the 8th and FINAL king : EU policy-maker ...the "one voice"

7th King = UN.... setting up global governance for the 10 toes of the EU ( 8th and final king.... AntiChrist )
[ Maurice ] “Strong’s complicated back-room career. He has spent decades migrating through a long list of high-level U.N. posts, standing behind the shoulder of every U.N. secretary-general since U Thant .
Without ever holding elected office, he has had a hand in some of the world’s most important bureaucratic appointments, both at the U.N. and at the World Bank. A Canadian wheeler-dealer with an apple face and pencil mustache, Maurice Strong has parlayed his personal enthusiasms and connections into a variety of huge U.N. projects, while punctuating his public service with private business deals.
And from China,
Maurice Strong has to this day maintained a network of personal and official connections within the U.N. system that he has long used to spin his own vast web of non-governmental organizations, business associates and ties to global glitterati. Within that web, Maurice Strong has developed a distinctive pattern over the years of helping to set up taxpayer-funded public bureaucracies, both outside and within the U.N., which he then taps for funding and contacts when he moves on to other projects.
Styling himself as a guru of global governance, Maurice Strong also helped to launch a major campaign for the U.N. to entwine its murky and graft-prone bureaucracy with big business, via so-called public-private partnerships”

Maurice Strong: Craftman for Earth-Ethic

News: Educational fair use:

International Telecommunications Union; a UN agency
Mobile phone wallets
"Squeezing the contents of a person's purse into a phone relies mostly on a technology called near-field communication, which allows any enabled device to communicate with a cash register or subway turnstile through a secure radio frequency.
When a phone is enabled with near-field communication technology, shoppers can load bank and credit card information onto their phones and then scan them to buy goods at the grocery store, gas station, subway or any other place set up to read the device.
Doug Brown, head of mobile product development at Bank of America, said the idea is popular with consumers because it simplifies their lives.
"You don't need cash anymore. You don't need your wallet. That's really the endgame here, is that we can replace the physical wallet and all of the cash needs and the plastic that you're using today," he said.

Eye scans and fingerprints [ Ed: reason for Mark of the Beast to be embedded in the forehead or right hand ; see verification ]
would make phone IDs and payments more secure, Brown said. The ID technology might work like a corporate security badge, which pulls up personal information when scanned

UN and Obama back homosexuality
When will they sign a protection of Christian rights ??

"Raiser of Taxes"
-- Obama - Biden " The Global Poverty Act "
The goals are;
1.) The creation of a U.N. International Criminal Court having the power to try and convict American citizens and soldiers without any protection from the U.S. Constitution.
2.) A standing United Nations Army forcing U.S. soldiers to serve under U.N. command.
3.) A Gun Ban on all small arms and light weapons --which would repeal our Second Amendment right to bear arms.
4.) The ratification of the ' Kyoto ' global warming treaty and numerous other anti-American measures.
Recently, the Senate Subcommittee on Foreign Relations (where Sen. Joe Biden sits) approved this plan by a voice vote without any discussion! Why all the secrecy?


Call for global leader

Final Warning : Birthpangs of a New World Order  --
David Rivera

Ban-Ki-Moon to head UN

Looks like the Security Council is an unofficial 6 members
With Germany ( unofficially ) added, "Old Europe" is well represented ( UK, France, Germany )
" The officials of the five permanent Security Council members and Germany said they will keep pursuing a "dual track" approach to Iran -- trying to persuade it to abandon such activities via negotiations while considering new sanctions. "

BK Moon
Ban has advanced a foreign policy agenda that has destroyed South Korea’s alliance with the United States and sent millions of dollars of aid to North Korea (while turning a blind eye to North Korean human rights abuses). For a great example of his sense of reasonable diplomacy, you might want to read this post.
( www.occidentalism.org/?p=90 )
The last thing the UN needs at this point is an uncivil anti-American/anti-Japanese secretary general to alienate the two nations that provide almost half of its funding (Japan is already in the process of decreasing its funding to an ungrateful UN.


BK Moon "non church christian ".
The Mukyokai, or non-Church Christians, constitute one of the best known Christian movements in Japan...Founded by Uchimura Kanzo (1861-1930) in reaction to Western denominationalism, this small (about 35,000 adherents) movement is considered to be the most genuine form of Japanese Christianity. The Mukyokai reject all formal Christian institutions, having no sacraments, liturgy, professional clergy, church buildings, national headquarters, or membership rolls. Instead, this non-churchism is based on independent Bible study groups centered on the traditional teacher-disciple (sensei-deshi) relationship. The teachers have no formal training in the Bible, setting up group when inspired to do so; the group thus disintegrates when its teacher dies or retires
Ed: It seems to me that this is a "logical-faith movement". No mention of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ or the authority of the Bible. If each one " does what is right in his own eyes " ,
who is their Lord ? ... the guidance of the Spirit of Jesus, or their own intellect ?
Home churches are fine if under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of His Word.

WFP : Josette Sheeran-Shiner ( a moonie, journalist with
The Washington Times )
One typical worried parent is New Jersey's state insurance commissioner James Sheeran, three of whose daughters—Vicki, 25, Jaime, 24, and Josette, 21—are Moon converts. He wants laws to protect people from 'cruel and exotic entrapment of their minds, souls and bodies.'

CITO - Counterterrorism and Intelligence Treaty Org. " power of cooperation"
Edwards said the centerpiece of his terrorism policy will be a new multilateral organization called the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Treaty Organization. He said it will be designed to coordinate operations like the recent arrest of three suspected terrorists in Germany who were suspected of plans to bomb airports and other institutions in the country.
"Those nations who join will, by working together, show the world the power of cooperation," Edwards said. "Those nations who join will also be required to commit to tough criteria about the steps they will take to root out extremists, particularly those who cross borders. Those nations who refuse to join will be called out before the world."


UN to govern "global commons" air, earth, land and sea of entire planet
plan includes : "An aggressive campaign of worldwide vaccinations"
EcoSocialism : "Authorizing global taxation on currency exchange and use of the "global commons"
To provide security for the planet, the plan called for authorizing the U.N. Trusteeship Council to have "trusteeship" over the "global commons," which the plan defines to be: " ... the atmosphere, outer space, the oceans beyond national jurisdiction, and the related environment and life-support systems that contribute to the support of human life."

UN seeks global power

preparing the way for the 8th King
Alas, a reader who has the fortitude and diligence to plough through all of its 158 provisions will discover that its main thrust is to extend the U.N.'s power directly into countries and over the lives of citizens, corporations and private bodies. That ambition is not, of course, advertised. Most of the language used, in addition to being sleep-inducing, is mildly benevolent in tone. For instance:
"We recognize that development, peace and security and human rights are interlinked and mutually reinforcing and cannot be enjoyed without each other."

Yet the U.S. government is coming under enormous pressure to endorse this catalogue of potential interventions as a result of pressure not from despots but from its closest democratic friends. The European Union is strongly in favor of transferring power from nation states to transnational bodies because it is itself a trans-national body — and sees itself as the harbinger of a new sort of trans-national political order superior to sovereign nation states. And the current presidency of the E.U. is held by Tony Blair, the president's best friend, who is himself an extreme devotee of "muscular multilateralism." [
Ed: one worldism ]

Jack Kinsella : UN makes it's move

We ( Apocalyptic Hope ) do not see Annan, Clinton, Bush nor Maurice Strong as the antiChrist.
The EU "one voice" seems to be the likely candidate.

Annan [ or even Clinton in the future ] may be the front-man, but US leadership determines global militarism under the guise of MNF ( multi-national forces ).
US leadership will back the EU through the UN.
America is the " tail that wags the dog" ( UN ).

"A three- fold cord is not quickly broken" Ecclesiastes 4:12
the EU- UN- US ........

1. E.U. Political leader of the world ...Global policy-maker "one voice"
The "one voice"of the EU does not have to be a native European . He will be "diverse from all" Daniel 7:7, 19..
He will be over
WEOG (Western European and Others Group.)
Israel belongs to WEOG, ( "other") and thus is under the EU.
Do the 12 stars of the EU flag symbolize the 10 EU core nations, the 11th nation (diverse from the EU...America ?)
and the 12th nation ISRAEL ???? Time will tell.

2. Military Alliance... might of the world ( WESTERN ( US-EU ) command over the UN-NATO multinational forces )

3. Judicial might , U.N. ... Human Rights policies enforced through consensus and
world courts; also enforcing the "earth-ethic" environmentalism.

UN World Bank Robert Zoellick

From Kofi Annan :
" Larger Freedom" ; Global Security System -- New World Compact
Summit Agenda ;New Panel ; Peace building Commission
“16-member High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change, which I had asked to make proposals to strengthen our collective security system;
All states -- strong and weak, rich and poor -- share an interest in having a collective security system that commits them to act cooperatively against a broad array of threats. The basis of such a system must be a new commitment to preventing latent threats from becoming imminent and imminent threats from becoming actual, as well as an agreement on when and how force should be used if preventive strategies fail
I therefore propose the creation of a new intergovernmental organ in the UN: a Peace building Commission. The commission would be a forum in which representatives from donor countries, troop contributors, and the country being helped would sit together with leaders from other member states, international financial institutions, and regional organizations to agree on strategy, provide policy guidance, mobilize resources, and coordinate the efforts of all involved.
Human Rights as a war effort
The UN, as the vehicle through which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and two international human rights covenants have been promulgated, has made an enormous contribution to human rights. But the international machinery in place today is not sufficient to ensure that those rights are upheld in practice. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights operates on a shoestring budget, with insufficient capacity to monitor the field. The high commissioner's office needs more support, both political and financial.
The Security Council -- and in time, I hope, the proposed Peace building Commission -- should involve the high commissioner much more actively in its deliberations.

The Commission on Human Rights ...The time has come for real reform. The commission should be transformed into a new Human Rights Council. The members of this council should be elected directly by the General Assembly and pledge to abide by the highest human rights standards.
No human rights agenda can ignore the right of all people to govern themselves through democratic institutions. The principles of democracy are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
-- remaking the Security Council
-- more power to the Secretary General”

Russia, China sign pact ... more power to the UN
According to Yakovenko, the declaration will affirm the parties' commitment to forming a new fair and rational world order and to increasing the role of the UN in international politics.

Good resource
articles.... Wm. Pfaff www.williampfaff.com

Council of Religions

UN Alliance of Civilizations ...cross-culture
100 million dollar funding of UN's slant on tolerance
These included a 100-million-dollar (67-million-euro) fund to finance major film productions that promote cross-cultural understanding and counter stereotypes
He said the Alliance will also set up a network of "goodwill ambassadors", create a global network of philanthropic foundations as well as a Youth Solidarity Fund.
Another major initiative was a fund to reduce youth unemployment in the Middle East and North Africa.
Qatar announced Monday it had contributed 100 million dollars to the fund, called Silatech ("your connection" in Arabic).

Bill Clinton

Clinton like Jimmy Carter

Clinton's main priority will be that of
raising money (taxes) for humanitarian concerns. ... as we see it.
He does need our prayers, as his health is an issue of concern.

Clinton : Religion as a force

Consensus means agreeing to agree ; not necessarily THAT you agree ...
quoting Mr. Clinton ( trying to find a consensus on Faith )
RRET MB : " Is he saying all we have to give up is
our belief that we are in possession of the truth?
Just this one little thing and then we can all live together? "

MR. CLINTON: " Let me just make one brief observation. This is very moving to me, and, as you can see, the audience cares a great deal about this, and I think some of the members in our audience are not Christians, Jews or Muslims, because people are dealing with this everywhere, this sort of – the political impact of one faith and identity as a force of separation rather than unity. The only thing that I would like to say, I’d like to make two brief points. The reason there has to
be some space, even though there doesn’t have to be, as Secretary Rice said, a separation of church and state, politics and faith are different. Why? Because politics is about imperfection. It is not possible for human beings who are fragile to have the whole truth. It doesn’t mean – faith means that you believe there is a whole truth. You believe there is a truth, but if you accept the fact that people are fragile and that politics is a human institution, it can never completely reflect the whole truth. Therefore, you have to have some measure of tolerance, because in this lifetime we can’t achieve it.

That’s all you have to give up in order for all of us to live together.
As long as you say I believe there’s a truth, but we’re not in possession of it, we can all live together.
That’s all we have to give up


" Come out from among them, and be ye separate" -- 2 Corinthians 6:17

Clinton-- no savior -- but a good money collector
FOBs have deep pockets
how to reduce poverty, [ Ed : exchange capitalism for global socialism ]
using religion as a force for reconciliation and conflict resolution, ( Ed: what religion ? What force ?? )
implementing new business strategies and technologies to combat climate change, ( Ed : earth-ethic )
and strengthening governance.
[ Ed ; "you ain't seen nothing yet "]

Clinton Initiative

Bill's Statement -- not a world-leader but an Integrator

Bill launches HIV / AIDS program

Rwanda is the final stop on Clinton's six-nation tour of Africa, aimed at focusing attention on the continent's AIDS crisis.
The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative has partnerships with more than a dozen countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia.


Clinton Global Initiative

His recent appointment as the U.N. representative on tsunami relief is the highest-profile example of Clinton's travels and activities abroad. The extent to which the 42nd president has preserved influence even after leaving the White House will be far more obvious in September. That is when a large delegation of world leaders, U.S. politicians, business leaders and celebrities of various stripes will arrive in New York for the first Clinton Global Initiative.

Among those planning to attend are British Prime Minister Tony Blair, King Abdullah of Jordan, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R). Even Rupert Murdoch, whose New York Post and Fox News network are favorite platforms for many of the harshest Clinton critics, plans to be there.
Jimmy Carter,
the 39th president, also organized his post-presidency around international endeavors. But, as the upcoming meeting illustrates, Clinton's post-presidency is in many ways without precedent......

The role of
Ira Magaziner also reflects the theme of second chances. He was famous as the policy architect of the 1993-1994 health care initiative, one of Clinton's most extravagant failures. These days, Magaziner is working nearly full time on the Clinton Foundation's policy programs. [ Ed : money - raising ] He said Clinton has a stature that allows him to draw attention to AIDS treatment and issues that most people never could.

Clinton is highly popular, European commentators said
Asked about
Clinton's dream of heading the United Nations, [ Helmut ] Kohl said: "I do not know if Bill wishes to go to the United Nations. If he wants, I would support him."

Bill Clinton to run the UN ?

Bill Clinton, Secretary General of the UN ?

That's the word according to a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist who reports a "major international move" is afoot to help install the ex-CEO of the most powerful nation as the CEO of the most powerful world body – the United Nations.
Sunday's "Dateline D.C." column, which the paper says is written by a Washington-based British journalist and political observer, named no names but cited reports that Clinton had already lined up support for his candidacy for the secretary-general position from Germany, France, England, Ireland, New Zealand, a handful of African states, Morocco and Egypt. The Tribune-Review also reports Russia has made it known it would not object and added that China is also a big fan of the former president.

Clinton stressed the need for
abiding by international law
In addition to increasing his visibility in the media, Clinton is taking a cue from his Democratic predecessor former President
Jimmy Carter and conducting international diplomacy.

Secretary-General Clinton ?
Early in the fall, ... the U.N. General Assembly may select a new secretary-general . Kofi Annan is under pressure to resign before the end of his second term in 2006. If he does, the General Assembly, on the recommendation of the U.N. Security Council, will approve a replacement.
Over the years, there have been secretaries-general from Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, but never from North America. Add to that fact the interesting detail that the U.N.'s towering Secretariat Building on Turtle Bay (First Avenue and 42nd Street to New Yorkers) is more than 50 years old, crumbling and is overdue for rebuilding. That takes money -- the kind of money only the long-suffering U.S. taxpayer can give, plus a cash-grabbing fund-raiser.
Add one more fascinating fact: a well-known (notorious to most of us) American is looking for the secretary-general's job -- William Jefferson Clinton.


UN Security Council -- REFORMS and Restructuring

OIC ( Moslems) want permanent seat at UN Sec. Council
Editor: I thought the representations were of countries, not religions
SANAA (AFP) - Foreign ministers of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) opened a meeting with a call for a Muslim permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
OIC secretary general Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu urged a greater role for Muslim countries in world affairs and demanded a "permanent representation for the Islamic world on the UN Security Council".
"The Islamic world, which represents one fifth of total mankind
, cannot remain excluded from the activities of the Security Council which assumes a fundamental role in keeping security and peace in the world," he said Tuesday.


We do not believe Solana to be the AC or FP . Perhaps the final EU "Union Minister of Foreign Affairs" is a most likely candidate.
Will Solana take the EU seat at the UN and echo the "one voice" of the "UMFA" ?

UN Sec. Council's approval neccesary for preemptive strikes Proposed by Russian Primokov
Now the position must change, but such interference must be first sanctioned by the UN Security Council and the criteria for the decision must be pre-defined, Primakov said.

UN ...a definer of Truth ?
UN to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Prosecution Chamber

It is envisaged that the 'special chamber' would have the competence to prosecute those bearing the greatest responsibility for the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Burundi," Zacklin said.
The mission called for a majority of international judges and an international prosecutor, but Zacklin stressed that the Burundian people must feel a "deep and genuine" sense of national ownership of both the truth commission and the special chamber.


Bush proposes
Democracy Fund; 26 countries agree
The letter from the 26 governments said the Democracy Fund should provide assistance for projects in new and emerging democracies ``which are often the most vulnerable.''
In addition to the United States, the other signatories were:
 Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Britain, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Peru, Poland, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Japan may have seat at Security Council -- needed for financial backing of the mnf
The United States announced Thursday that it would propose remaking the UN Security Council to include two new permanent members, one of which would be Japan [ Ed: the other one, the EU ? ]
In defending Japanese membership, Burns noted that Japan trails only the United States in its financial contribution to the United Nations, and is a major provider of military supplies for peacekeeping operations

EU wants "one voice" to sit in the Security Council for global policy
This commitment to multilateralism is a founding principle of EU foreign relations. Our goal is to strengthen international security through concerted work within the framework of international organisations".
"I think that one should consider a special seat for the EU in the security council given its foreign policy significance

Europe must speak with one voice in the Security Council".

At the moment, the UN security council has fifteen members. Of these, five are permanent veto-wielding members – the UK, France, China, Russia and the US. The other ten are elected by the General Assembly for two-year periods.
In all, 191 countries are members of the UN.


EU wants "one voice" at the UN for "communal approach"

Benita Ferrero-Waldner, who was confirmed in the post on Thursday, believes that the EU must take a more
communal approach in international institutions
such as the UN.
"The more we speak with one voice, the better for us and the better for Europe. We are not important if we don't speak with one voice," she said

Miss Ferrero-Waldner, a former Austrian foreign minister, said that the creation of an EU seat would give greater representation to smaller member states.
The commissioner also called for more co-operation between Europe and America

Germany wants an EU "one voice" at the UN
The future must lie in a European seat in the Security Council and not a national seat," Schaeuble told dpa.
If Europe is to stand on a common foreign policy, then it needs a common seat in the Security Council," he said.


UN and WEOG aka " WEO " Western European and Others Group ( ISRAEL )

UN wants pullout in West Bank and Jerusalem
The construction and operation of a seaport and an airport, as well as a permanent geographical link to the West Bank are absolutely vital for the Palestinian economy,” the bureau said, calling on the international donor community to live up to its commitments to provide necessary aid quickly and efficiently to revitalize Gaza’s economy.

Dan Gillerman ( Israeli ) Vice-President of UN Gen. Assembly

Elected by WEOG ... Western European and Others Group
Gillerman was the candidate of the Western nations, a bloc containing some 30 states, including members of the European Union, Canada, Australia and the United States.
http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/587374.html no longer available

From Dr. Dore Gold ( former Israeli ambassador to UN )
the UN has always been totally discriminatory against IsraelEvery year, for instance, it passes some 20 anti-Israel resolutions in the General Assembly - and this is why Israeli governments have refrained from allowing the UN an active role in the diplomatic process... 
A third or a quarter of the decisions of the UN's human rights committee are anti-Israel and deal with Israel's civil rights violations, while there is not a single resolution regarding the violations of Iran, Saudi Arabia, China and the like."


Comment : The devils temptation :
The worldly system, the "beast" knows his time is running out and will do anything to prevent Israel to turn to his G*d.
If Israel accepts the Sanhedrin and a Torah law abiding monarchy,
it would be the countdown to the G*d hating UN existence! ---from U.P.

"Just because they put an arm around you doesn't mean they accept you; it could be for a stranglehold".--Anonymous

Israel's WEOG membership limited to New York
Similarly, the U.S. has continued efforts to promote full and equal Israeli participation throughout the UN system. In particular, we have supported Israel’s membership in the geographically-based consultative groups that are the organizing venues for action within the system. For example, intensive U.S. efforts led to Israel’s being granted in 2000 full membership in the "Western Europe and Other Group" (WEOG) in New York for a period of 4 years. Because Israel was unable to obtain membership in the Asia Group -- its geographic home -- during that period, Israel’s WEOG membership was extended for another four years in 2004.

Unfortunately, Israel’s WEOG membership applies only to New York. It does not have the same level of participation in WEOG activities elsewhere, including, for example, at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs or the UN Environmental Program. We will continue our efforts to correct these anomalies


WEOG Members
25 select European places, Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand, Israel

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holy See, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

UN and NATO ... see also "Forces"  https://hopetotheend.com/forces.html
The UN is engaged in "nation-building"... turning regimes into so-called "democracies".
But the U.N. itself is anything but democratic. There are no elected officials . All committees are served by NGO's (non-elected officials). It is an elitist form of tyranny. ( superceding nation-states )
"The iron and the clay do not mix" Daniel Chapter Two

NATO: The UN’s multi-national force
The UN is transforming NATO from a regional security arrangement into the standing army it has always desired.
When the USSR supposedly dissolved, NATO should have as well, but its founders had other plans.
On March 19, 1949, Secretary of State Dean Acheson stated that the pact was "designed to fit precisely into the framework of the United Nations," that it was "subject to the overriding provisions of the United Nations Charter," and that it "is an essential measure for strengthening the United Nations."

soldiers into place" in Bosnia. Those 20,000 U.S. troops and forces from 15 other NATO countries have never worn the UN blue helmets but, without question, they are a UN force

Consider where all of this is heading. On August 27, 2001, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman called for "NATO to occupy the West Bank and Gaza and set up a NATO-run Palestinian state." Note that this outspoken pro-UN internationalist doesn’t envision the UN itself implementing his suggestion. There is no UN army to do what he wants. But there is a NATO armed force.
"to take effective action … without conditions or restrictions" if Iraq
[Ed. note: or any other state ] refuses "fully and immediately" to comply

UN and NATO...NWO Partners http://www.newsmax.com/commentarchive.shtml?a=2001/10/21/235013

Nicholas Burns: "NATO does the big military operations ( U.S. led coalitions ) "
.. EU handles the peacekeeping


New Concept: "League of Democracies" ; backed up by NATO Forces
a peoples-government or else
"My solution: Competition. Why not create a new multinational organization that has members who share common ideals and that isn't based on the antiquated assumptions of 50 years ago. In this League of Democracies, membership would be restricted to countries with democratic values and the rule of law. This wouldn't be the "West versus the rest" either. Japan, India, South Korea, South Africa and others could be members.

At the same time NATO, which is already the military wing of the world's leading democracies, is desperately in search of a new mission, particularly at this moment when the European Union is pondering developing a separate military force. A League of Democracies could solve both problems. It could speak with moral authority, and it would have the military might to back it up.


See Daniel and Michael New's information on UN

Who can make war with the beast ? Rev. 13
NATO now has more nations from which to draw its forces and fewer nations to stand up to its growing military strength. In the process, the UN has acquired through the back door what it has not been able to achieve openly.

UN and EU ...wants a seat at the UN Security Council
filled by the
Union Minister of Foreign Affairs ( European Foreign Minister )

UN - EU website http://www.europa-eu-un.org/home/index_en.htm

UN need a European lead
The UN's Charter follows principles that we in Europe would recognise as implicitly European. The UN's basic philosophy of multilateralism, international law, peacekeeping and social justice is a philosophy which is also perhaps closest to our own than to any other. The UN is not the European Union writ large - but it is very much a member of our family
"The European Union is committed to do more, better and faster," said Louis Michel, the Belgian Commissioner responsible for International development, last week while launching a pro-development information campaign with the cuddly title of 'Europe Cares.' "We have taken the political lead in development to make poverty history."

EU sides with UN (
HR international agreements) vs. UK extradition laws

A strong EU for a strong UN
 by Armin Laschet MEP
The parliament resolution on UN reform to be voted on in Strasbourg is first of all a strong political signal.

The message that will be sent to New York will reaffirm the parliament’s strong support for reform of the UN.
First of all parliament reaffirmed its original 2004 goal of
an EU seat in the reformed security council.
The European seat is a logical consequence of EU political integration and of the main principles of the
Common Foreign and Security Policy laid down in the draft European constitution including a legal personality of the European Union as well as a future
European foreign minister
EU ... stronger voice and enhance Europe’s influence in the world

UN and EU anti-Christian
A report issued in 2003 by the EU Human Rights Commission had described religion as one of the worst enemies of human rights and as a danger for world peace.

EU army and the UN

The concept of a European force needs to be very carefully examined. Is this to become a benign force under which Europe will undertake humanitarian missions or will it be a surrogate for the US and NATO?
The defenders of the concept claim that
it would operate only under the terms of the UN charter and by a majority vote of the EU council of ministers.

ERRF European Rapic Reaction Force
The European Union has already agreed to establish a European Army known as the Rapid Reaction Force. The ERRF will have a strength of approximately 250,000 which is the number estimated to be needed to place 60,000 soldiers into a field of conflict for at least a year. Ireland is allocating 850 soldiers to this Army, nearly 10% of our armed forces. This Army has been given the right to operate within a radius of at least 2,500 miles outside the EU, ie, as far as Afghanistan, although military plans have already been drawn-up to suggest its involvement in parts of the world well outside that area. While it is claimed the ERRF will operate only with a UN mandate, this is not required by the Amsterdam or Nice Treaties which authorised it.

EU and UN work at countering terrorism
The EU also remains committed to meeting in full our counter-terrorist commitments under the relevant Security Council Resolutions. We will continue to cooperate with the Committee and with partner countries to halt the flow of funds and other economic resources to terrorists and terrorist groups, to prevent their access to the arms necessary to carry out their attacks and to ensure that terrorists will be unable to find safe haven either within the EU or externally.  The EU also wishes to recall that any amendments to or additions made to the Consolidated List of the 1267 Committee are automatically included into the Annex of the relevant European Regulation


see also Atlantic - Alliance  https://hopetotheend.com/6bibi.html
EU wants to work closely with the UN ( EU - UN - US ties strengthened )
Development and humanitarian aid have also been discussed as areas where the EU should speak with one voice, as has representation before the Breton Woods institutions (The World Bank and International Monetary Fund) but it is not clear if this will be recommended in the final document.

UN and Europe : anti-Semitic

EU Foreign Affairs http://www.euobserver.com/?sid=24

UN and US
Is this ( UN ) the covert "horn" of the two horns of the Lamb?
One horn representing his own nation, and the other horn commandeering the UN? Time will tell.

US backing needed for Human Rights re-definition --  
Newt Gingrich
Ed : Calling it "genocide" when it isn't exactly genocide
It is critical that this principle be understood broadly to encompass mass killings and massive and sustained human rights violations, whether or not they meet technical legal standards for genocide. The outcome document's conclusion is also consistent with the task force's view that in certain circumstances, a government's abnegation of its responsibilities to protect its own people is so severe that the failure of the Security Council to act must not be used as an excuse for the world to stand by as atrocities continue.....

Prompt action must be taken to abolish the discredited Human Rights Commission,
replacing it with a new Human Rights Council, consisting of member nations committed to decency in the treatment of their own people. The president of the General Assembly should be prepared to put the matter of the composition of such a council to a majority vote in that body. If the UN is not successful in establishing a credible replacement, the United States and the other democracies should consider whether to participate in the scheduled March 2006 meeting of the Human Rights Commission

It will continue to take concerted leadership by the United States, working with the world's other democracies, to help the United Nations meet the enduring goals of its Charter.

US to define restructuring of the UN
The tail-member that wags the dog :
1. multi-national force 2. restructuring-commission 3. Human Rights COUNCIL
Washington's powerful influence to promote urgent and necessary reforms
The task force report offers useful proposals on restraining nuclear and other weapons proliferation, and on peacekeeping and peace-building, human rights, economic development, and strengthening the badly discredited UN management systems. It offers more than 100 specific recommendations
The most important include the creation of an independent audit and oversight board,
1. more militarily robust peacekeeping operations, [ Ed: multi-national force, mnf ] strengthened access and inspections rules for the International Atomic Energy Agency and other international bodies monitoring the proliferation of unconventional weapons, and stronger cooperation between the United Nations and the World Bank

2.. "replacing the morally bankrupt Human Rights Commission with a more credible Human Rights Council and
3. creating a new peace-building commission [Ed: restructuring commission ] to follow up on the work of
peacekeeping missions
[ Ed: mnf victories ]

When a UN summit meeting convenes in New York this summer to discuss and build on the secretary general's proposals, the United States should take a leading role.
The problem is not with the changes Congress wants the United Nations to adopt, because some of them are constructive. The problem is in trying to use the payment of dues as a bullying blunt instrument. As the Bush administration rightly recognizes, that tactic will make it harder, not easier, for the United States to mobilize broad inter- national support for needed reforms

Bush wants to pay UN dues
Nicholas Burns and Henry Hyde:
"allow us to play the leading role that we need to play on reform."
"we intend to exercise it in pursuit of meaningful U.N. reform."
A White House statement echoed Burns' comments and said the administration also opposes provisions in Hyde's bill that it said would improperly infringe on the president's authority to direct foreign policy.

US control within the UN : "Community of Democracies"
Moreover, democratic countries have come to appreciate, as never before, that undemocratic countries are a direct security threat. President Bush is touting a "forward strategy of freedom in the Middle East," and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, earlier this month, said: "The best defense of our security lies in the spread of our values."
As it amasses influence and prestige, the Community of Democracies could help isolate intractable dictatorships while giving wavering countries an incentive to democratize, much as NATO and the European Union have done for the former Soviet satellites.

In the Senate, Joseph Biden of Delaware, the ranking Democrat on Foreign Relations, is sponsoring a similar resolution.
Eventually, officials say, the United States would like to see the caucus shape policy not just in the Human Rights Commission but throughout the U.N. system. As of now, that seems ambitious. Getting the democracies to coordinate their committee nominations is about as big as anyone is thinking.

But consider the long-term potential. By the time the Community of Democracies becomes strong enough to act coherently inside the U.N., it will also be strong enough to act coherently outside the U.N. It will contain most of the world's countries, including most of the strong ones. It will be unencumbered by the vetoes of tin-pot tyrannies. As it gains confidence and skill, it will attract money and authority. It may sprout an aid budget, a relief program, a peacekeeping arm, perhaps treaty powers.

Bush gives 1.2 Billion dollar loan to renovate the U.N.


Congress lets down the U.S.



Agenda 21
Agenda 21" is a policy document adopted at the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development, by more than 170 nations in 1992. It was implemented in the United States by President Clinton's Commission on Sustainable Development, created by Executive Order, with no congressional debate or involvement. The agencies of government set out to implement the recommendations of "Agenda 21" by rule, and by economic "incentives and disincentives." This means, simply, that grants are available to states and communities that do what the feds want, and penalties and fund withdrawals await those communities that resist. [ Ed: punitive control ]

Earth-Ethic and the Ark of Hope

UN and the Power of Religion
Shredding the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Tromping on the First Amendment
; Correct Theology not allowed

Pope B16 speaks in favor of humanism and unity at UN -
( Ed: What about the Gospel of Jesus ? )
My presence at this assembly is a sign of esteem for the United Nations, and it is intended to express the hope that the organization will increasingly serve as a sign of unity between states
[ Ed: Pope is a head of a State. (see below) This means that he is saying there should be unity between Religion and Governance; please see Chapter 17 of Revelation ]
and an instrument of service to the entire human family," the pope said, speaking in French ."
( Ed: a bow to Sarkozy and his EU leadership in July 08 ).


Pope : prime religious leader
" The pope is considered a head of state and thus outranks the secretary-general -- not to mention the Dalai Lama, Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, who, though viewed by followers as a living god, does not represent a state according to U.N. protocol.

Pope Benedict the 16th : Human Rights Advocate
" The pope went on to note that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He said respect for human rights is the most effective way to eliminate inequalities among countries and social groups, and for increasing security. He said respect for human rights must also include the right to religious freedom.
"It should never be necessary to deny God in order to enjoy one's rights," he said
[ Ed: Yes, but Satan is the god of this world ( 2 Corinthians 4:4 ) and Human Rights endorses homosexuality )

Outlawing criticism of Islam

Religion Index https://hopetotheend.com/religionindex.html

UN plan for global religious unity 

United Religions Initiative

Multifaithism ( Interfaith )
" For there shall arise false christS, and false prophetS, and show great signs and wonders;
insomuch that if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." --Matthew 24:24

"many false prophets are gone out into the world" 1 John 4:1

Good message from John Tng:
"For truth by definition is intolerant. The devil will have you believe all religions should be tolerant towards each other, and believers of all faiths should refrain from claiming theirs is the only truth. How ingenious a lie! There is only one slight problem. What do you do with the followers of Jesus who insist that He is the Only Way, and that no one comes to the Father except through Him?
Do not be surprised these so-called pacifists will suddenly turn very intolerant of you and even label you as intolerant. These are hypocrites since by their show of intolerance they just prove that they cannot unite everyone and show tolerance to everyone.

"Whoever secretly loves the world more than Jesus Christ dares not look into the flaming eyes of the Judge" -- Harry Bultema
-- from " Maranatha: A Study of Unfulfilled Prophecy "

"General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army once said:
I consider that the chief danger that will confront the church in the twentieth century will be :

1. Religion without the Holy Spirit,
2. Christianity without Christ;
3. Forgiveness without regeneration;
4. Morality without God, and
5. Heaven without a hell

UN unconditionally accepts Gay Marriages

Human Rights now is at  https://hopetotheend.com/hr.html

UN and the World Wide Web

The problem with "multiple internets"
Various groups, including the International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations agency based in Geneva, have suggested that the U.S. government has too much control over the Internet, which has become a vital link in commerce and communications around the world since it grew out of U.S. Defense Department research in the 1960s and 1970s

And that's where the idea of multiple Internets comes in. If the United States uses its power over the root zone file arbitrarily, or denies requests for changes made by other countries, they theoretically could just start up their own
domain name system, or DNS.  

A single addressing system, developed over time and with consensus, is what makes the Internet so efficient, global and powerful. With multiple Internets, addresses would no longer be predictably reachable

The report, which is to be delivered on July 16, [ 2005] is part of a two-year-long global debate organized by the United Nations on policy issues of the digital age, like who should control the Internet. The conference, called the
World Summit on the Information Society ..

The single driving force behind these principles is the security and the stability of the Internet," said David Gross, the U.S. State Department official in charge of international communications policy.  "Part of that is saying to the world that we will continue to do certain things that we have already been doing

US to control the Web

UN to control Web



"Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket,
and are counted as the small dust of the balance:
behold He taketh up the isles as a very little thing......
All nations before Him as are nothing;
and they are counted to Him less than nothing, and vanity......

It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth,
and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers;
that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain,
and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

That bringeth the princes to nothing;
He maketh the judges of the earth as vanity.....
And He shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither,
and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble"  ISAIAH 40:15,17, 22-24.

UN continued in part two:  https://hopetotheend.com/2bibi2.html
UN part two: Includes Global Army, Community of Democracies, Bill Clinton as Secretariat; Global Tax, Sea Treaty, Population Control, Internet Control; UNESCO, UNICEF; American Socialist Foundation;
Transfer of Wealth, Background History of the UN.

Salvation https://hopetotheend.com/sal.html

Song: What a Friend We Have in Jesus