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Different accounts ( sizes ) ;
different ID numbers; different functions


Different Sized Baja local-retailer Chip ( different type of an account)

Ed:  It appears from the latest news article from the BBC that the Chip that was placed in the ARM at the Baja Beach Club was / is for a limited DEBIT- Account set up with the local retailer and is pre-paid for financial transactions.
"Imagine having a glass capsule measuring 1.3mm by 1mm, about the size of a large piece of rice injected under your skin.
The night club offers its VIP clients the opportunity to have a syringe-injected microchip implanted in their upper arms that not only gives them special access to VIP lounges, but also acts as a debit account from which they can pay for drinks."

The size of this chip mentioned in the above article is smaller than the advertised verichip
which is 12mm by 2.1 mm. The chip in the arm is vastly different than the chip in the right hand or forehead.
Different sizes of two different chips pointed out by HV and shared with this author.

A smaller debit-account chip in the arm ( a pre-paid system with a local retailer) is vastly different from the larger 666 subdermal chip in the right hand or forehead used for universal financial transactions and is registered in a global database that is cross - referenced with world wide total networking. The larger 666 Mark of the Beast chip shows allegiance to the Beast and his system.
The chip in the right hand or forehead will perform financial transactions in Real time and will network globally with all banks, and will not be a limited  pre-paid account with specific retailers.

What exactly is the 666 Mark of the Beast ?

Different Number on medical and security chips than on the global 666 MOB chip

Ed: Patient ID and the employee ID are both interchangeable, as the article states below.
Yet the 666 MOB on the Right hand or Forehead will most likely
not be interchangeable with the functions of the arm-chip for medical and/ or security purposes.
Will the MOB be the
only chip with 666 + Social Security number ? Time will tell.

If all three were interchangeable, than the Bible would not have specified only the number in the Right Hand and Forehead as being damnable, but would have said all three were damnable.

Big Brother on a tiny chip-- March 20, 2006 -- Rosie Lombardi
"A key concern was the use of active RFID chips, which emit a constant signal that can potentially be read by criminals covertly scanning passport holders at airports. The agency has since announced it will proceed with a revised plan using passive RFID chips, which emit no signal until they are activated by a reader at close range.
As of October 2006, all U.S. passports will contain RFID chips.

Ed: clarification ....
VeriChip is FDA approved only when it is intra-muscular and used for medical purposes. It is NOT approved for financial and security purposes, and they even say so in their press releases.

"VeriChip is the only company that offers FDA-approved, human implantable RFID. We're the only ones on the block," he says. The company offers a variety of systems that represent the state of the art today in human RFID."

Ed : Comment ...
How can ADS say it is "voluntary" when eventually all medical applications will require a Verichip for record keeping? To choose not to take the chip means that health care will be denied.

Yes, one could be tracked with this chip. Certainly medical tracking leaves one terribly vulnerable to an arbitrary system of adopted guidelines and insurance prohibitives.
Anytime one's implanted arm is near a scanner, one can be tracked.

"VeriMed is a voluntary medical device offered to those who choose to adopt it. This system is not used for tracking – it is strictly for identification, and that's an important distinction," says Procter

VeriGuard ID..
the following statement is very revealing.
It implies that both the VeriGuard ID number and the VeriMed ID number on the implanted chip within the arm is a consigned number  ( similar to an EMPLOYEE ID number) and NOT one's
Social Security number.  The VeriGuard and VeriMed chip can be interchangeable, as the statement below confirms. 

We can then deduce that when VeriChip is finally implanted in the right hand or forehead for
Financial transactions,  then at that time [ and for the first time ] it will most likely have one's unique Social Security number imprinted within it.
At that point, it will not be interchangeable for any other application.

We know from the Bible that the chip in the right hand or forehead HAS to be vastly different from any other implantable chip, since it is damning. Rev. 14 : 9--11
It will therefore have to have a different number and will NOT be interchangeable with the VeriGuard and VeriMed systems, or any other application for that matter. 
It will ONLY be used exclusively with the
666 global Financial System of the beast, complete with his name or number or image.

Since the hand-forehead chip will be different in number, it is not too hard to envision the fact that VeriChip will call these chips by a different name ... perhaps a name that allies with the Beast.
And perhaps a tattoo-image will be externally placed on the skin above the implanted chip for easy
scannability, as well as proclaiming Loyalty and agreement with the 666 Financial System.

"If an employee leaves the company, the ID number is removed from the access list, but the chip is not removed from the employee's arm, he says. "It can be used for other medical identification purposes."

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"Many technology cheerleaders are na´ve and short-sighted about the way technology is, can or will be used," says Philippa Lawson, executive director at the Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC). "People have not thought through the societal implications of RFID. Is this the direction we want to be heading, giving the capability to third parties to engage in ubiquitous and surreptitious surveillance?"

"what is purportedly voluntary in the vast majority of cases is not fully informed consent"

Articles :

VeriChip .... different chips for different functions -- Oct. 13, 2004
The FDA does not regulate VeriChip (but the medical chip does give access to ...) with regard to its security, financial, personal identification and safety applications.
This confirms what Scott Silverman said on the Today show that the medical database can open up one's driver's license and financial information. Pandora's Box indeed.

Silverman to appear Thursday on 8am segment of The Today Show (NBC)
DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 13, 2004--Applied Digital (NASDAQ:ADSX - News), a provider of Security Through Innovation(TM), announced today that its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Scott R. Silverman is scheduled to appear on NBC Television's The Today Show on Thursday, October 14th during the 8 am time period. The Today Show airs in most major markets beginning at 7 am local time.

Mr. Silverman is expected to discuss the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) clearance of VeriChip(TM) for medical applications in the United States. The Company also held a conference call and webcast earlier today to discuss these developments. A replay of the webcast may be accessed at http://www.adsx.com/content/index.htm. http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/041013/135921_1.html

Chip to access Health records --Oct. 13, 2004

A computer chip that is implanted under the skin won U.S. approval on Wednesday for use in helping doctors quickly access a patient's medical history.
The VeriChip, sold by Applied Digital Solutions Inc. (ADSX.O: Quote, Profile, Research) , is placed in the upper arm in a painless procedure that takes minutes, the company said.
Privacy advocates have voiced worry about the speedy transfer of sensitive medical information via computer. Applied Digital said the data would be kept secure.
Shares of Digital Angel Corp. (DOC.A: Quote, Profile, Research) , which licenses the VeriChip technology to Applied Digital, rose nearly 29 percent to $3.49 on the American Stock Exchange.

Fantastic Voyage...History of Verichip

Database Privacy ?
Emily Stewart, a policy analyst at the Health Privacy Project in Washington, said it was unclear if patients would be able to limit their accessible information to blood type or other information critical in an emergency.
"This kind of technology could offer all kinds of benefits in terms of improving the quality of health care, but if privacy protections aren't built in at the outset there could be serious consequences for patients," Stewart said.

Medchip not the same as financial chip in right hand or forehead
About the size of a grain of rice, the microchip is implanted in the triceps area between the elbow and the shoulder of the right arm. Inserting the chip involves a brief, painless procedure using local anesthetic, and once under the skin, the VeriChip [ actually this is a medchip ] is invisible to the naked eye, the companies said.

Ed. note: adsx uses the term "veriChip" very loosely to mean any rfid chip that is subdermally placed in humans. If adsx was more forthright and honest, they would admit that there are several different forms of this subdermal chip, and each one should be called by its technical application.
There is a medchip ( subdermal ) placed in the arm for medical, health purposes only.
There is a security-chip (subdermal) placed in the arm for access into areas of security, buildings, etc.

As of this date ( October 13th, 2004) there has never been an actual financial-VeriChip placed in
the right hand or forehead of anyone publicly. This refers even to those of the Baja Beach Club whose patrons received a stored-value rfid debit chip in their arm ( or anywhere) with limited capacity and it is not for ALL global financial transactions. The Baja chip is not associated with the 666 economic system. The rfid chip in their arm is no different than an rfid chip in a key fob. All of those rfid chips have limited abilities and are not universally applied, nor are they associated with the world leader (beast).

Both Applied Digital and Digital Angel shares jump -- Oct. 13, 2004
Comment from sender:
"The fear factor card is always played right before a debate. Whether it is a implantable chip/Chechan rebel."
We agree with you , the Fear-Factor is the greatest controlling factor at this time. Notice how it all comes into play at the darkest time of the year when people spill over into anxiety and worry and fear more than at other times. Good point !

FDA Chip
The chip's serial number pulls up the patients' blood type and other medical information.
Silently and invisibly, the dormant chip stores a code - similar to the identifying UPC code on products sold in retail stores - that releases patient-specific information when a scanner passes over the chip.
At the doctor's office those codes stamped onto chips, once scanned, would reveal such information as a patient's allergies and prior treatments.
Club hoppers in Barcelona, Spain, now use the microchip much like a smartcard to speed drink orders and payment.

Medical History implanted in body

Who Will Watch the Watchers ? Christopher S. Bentley
VeriChip Persuasion

"Just as the Mexican people are being worn down to accept microchip implants for their kidnapping plague, Americans are being softened up psychologically by the threat of terrorism to cave in to similar surveillance state solutions. The American people are continually being held in suspense and bombarded with warnings that sooner or later terrorists will strike again

This biometric control mechanism is also one of the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. Its report states: "Secure identification … [means] biometric identifiers [that] measure unique physical characteristics, such as facial features, fingerprints, or iris scans, and reduce them to digitized, numerical statements called algorithms." The report added: "Americans should not be exempt from carrying biometric passports."

Such a totalitarian recommendation is no surprise. Half of the 10-member (supposedly "independent, bipartisan") 9/11 Commission was comprised of members of the world-government promoting Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). CFR members on the commission included Thomas H. Kean, who served as chair, and Lee H. Hamilton, the vice chair, along with Jamie S. Gorelick, Bob Kerrey, and John F. Lehman. Philip D. Zelikow (CFR), one of three members of the commission’s staff, was the executive director.

If biometric identification is deemed insufficient, the "solution" would be to make unique ID more "tamper-proof," such as by implanting the microchip, as is now beginning to take place in Mexico. A July 27 Associated Press report noted that Applied Digital, which manufactures the chips being used in Mexico and elsewhere, is positioning itself to market implantable microchip technology in the United States — where thus far it has received a chilly reception.

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