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Last eve I passed beside a blacksmith's door,
And heard the anvil ring the vesper chime;
Then, looking in, I saw upon the floor
Old hammers, worn with beating years of time.

"How many anvils have you had," said I,
"To wear and batter all these hammers so?"
"Just one", said he, and then, with twinkling eye,
"The anvil wears the hammers out, you know."

And so, thought I, the anvil of God's Word,
For ages skeptic blows have beat upon;
Yet, though the noise of falling blows was heard,
The anvil is unharmed---the hammers gone.

Author Unknown

"God is dead"....signed Nietzsche
"Nietzsche is dead", signed God.

Christianity's Resilience

It's Never Too Late.....to read the Bible ( many resources )

Analogy of Gradual Apostasy:
An ax has two parts : the head and the handle.

If the head becomes replaced....... and then later on the handle is replaced,
do you still have the same original ax ?

Do we still have the same "church" today ?
Moral : The more things change, the more they don't remain the same.

Let us repent, and return to our first love : Jesus Christ.

Side by Side

They lie on the Table side by side
The Holy Bible and the TV guide
One is well worn and cherished with pride
No not the Bible, but the TV guide.
As the pages are turned, what shall they see.
Oh, What does it matter turn on the TV
So they open the book in which they confide
No not the Bible the TV guide.

The word of God is seldom read.
Maybe a verse before they fall into bed.
Exhausted and sleepy and tired as can be.
Not from reading the Bible, from watching T.V.

So then back to the table side by side,
Lie the Holy Bible and the T.V. guide.
No time for prayer, no time for the word.
The plan of salvation is seldom heard.
But forgiveness of sin, so full and free,
Is found in the Bible, not on the T.V.

-unknown ( posted by Donna Dana, 5 doves )

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