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Jan Crouch : Healed from Cancer

from Paul Crouch ( husband) June 2009 Newsletter
"Let me also tell you about Jan’s miracle healing of cancer. In 2003 , my angel Jan was dying of colon cancer. The doctors said without chemotherapy and radiation treatments she would have only six months to a year to live! Bless her sweet heart, she refused any and ALL of the doctor’s advice, except removal of the active tumor, and placed her faith fully in Jesus! And, yes, years later she is alive and well, giving her life completely to TBN and telling everyone of her great miracle from God!

Jan Crouch's Miraculous Story  
" I can see the image on the screen – a horrible cancerous tumor. I can see the name in the corner. It’s my name… Jan Crouch. I can hear the words piercing the air and my heart —

“Mrs. Crouch, we have discovered cancer in your large intestine. We’ll schedule surgery as soon as possible.”

WAIT! I am just tired. I just need vitamins…more exercise…water and I’ll be OK – after all, I’m 65…everyone 65 is tired.

The reassuring smiles of my family said, “Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil – for I am with you. MY rod and MY staff will comfort you.”

Two days whirled – every test possible preparing me for the tumor being removed. A C3 colon cancer had eaten through my colon.

“Surgery’s scheduled at 7:00 in the morning.” That was Thursday. Wednesday night was beautiful. I wish I could tell you I was afraid – that would be normal, but NO fear ever pierced my spirit – NONE. I wish I could tell you “I was worried” – I couldn’t worry. Apprehensive…not one bit. I lay in my bed, shut my eyes and began talking to my Best Friend – my Comforter, my Pal, my Savior and now – as never before – my Healer.

I knew Jesus as a Healer. I saw a cancer fall off a young man’s leg when I was 8. I watched Him heal my pet chicken whose eye was knocked out, hanging on a string, when I was 12…healed in Jesus’ name. I felt His power as He healed li’l Matt’s cut to the bone knee – as Matt put his li’l muddy hands on either side of my face and said, “Mommy, if you hadn’t prayed for me, my knee would have DIED!”

My Healer — 6:45 came quickly and being whirled into the operating room a precious nurse smiled and said, “Jan, I know who you are – can we pray?” “Ohhh! Please.” I’ll never know where this prayer came from, but I heard myself say, Jesus, I’ll see you in a minute, which is OK with me………OR…I’ve GOT A GREAT BIG JOB TO DO FOR YOU! And I love you either way. Amen.”

d: The Doctors operated on Jan and removed the intestinal cancer.

" I could hear my family talking in the distance. I opened my eyes and realized, “WOW! This surely isn’t heaven; so, Jesus, whatever you want me to do – I’m alive and I’m READY.

The doctors report: “You have C3 colon cancer, cancer of the appendix, spots on lungs and liver, and 3 out of 5 lymph nodes…cancer. With massive chemotherapy and radiation you have a good 2 years. Without…maybe 2 months.” Jesus and I said, “No chemotherapy…no radiation. I am healed in Jesus’ name.”

With organic meals and special vitamins and minerals, and a precious friend who fasted for my healing for 4 months,
one year passed: All tests clear of cancer;
2 years ( 2004--2005 ) – PET scan – CAT scan – blood tests – mammogram… clear – no sign of cancer;
years 3 and 4 ( 2006--2007 ) …8 biopsies in my colon area – all clearno cancer…heart irregularities during surgery…healed

5 years ( 2008 ) – believing – receiving – remembering His love. All tests good…except possible lymph node activity in my lungs.
Biopsy surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – and guess who showed up on my operating table? Jesus – sitting right by me in all His glory…and peace…and love…and joy…and gifts. Results NO CANCER. Maybe infection causing swelling;

6 years
[ 2009 ] – I needed all new tests: pap, mammogram, CAT, blood, heart. My angelic 3 lb Maltese puppy, “Lily,” had a severe hernia…and I needed to renew my California driver’s license, which expired in 10 days (at 71 it’s quite a task).

“Oh Father, how can I praise You?”

Day 2: Mammo — the word came…“GOOD NEWS! EXAMINATION WAS NORMAL.”
“Jesus I love you more than I dreamed I could ever love anyone.”

Day 3: Blood – GOOD“You are my Healer.”

Day 4: Pap – CLEAR“Jesus, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Day 5: Heart – Dr.: “Wish all my 71 year olds had hearts like this.”“Jesus, I receive Your overwhelming love gifts every day…thank you!”
Medical exams over.

Next day : Lily — Feeling her li’l tummy again and again, the doctor then looked at me and said, “Hmm, that hernia HAS CLOSED UP – NO SURGERY NECESSARY.”“Lord, I fall at Your precious feet – how can You love us so?”

Day 7: Driver’s test – 10 years ago I failed. I was nervous – my license expired in 10 days. I had "0" time to study and I had to pass…“I’m leaving for Orlando in 5 days – can’t drive without a license….”

Along with everyone else, I was handed that ominous test and little stubby yellow pencil and pushed into a cubby hole to answer all questions by myself – you can only miss 3 and you’re out! “Jesus – please help me. Lord, I need you NOW. Fill my mind with wisdom and help me pass…please.”

“Turn your test into window 20.” The 15 minute wait was ominous. I thought, “I’ll have to take it again. I leave for The Holy Land Experience in 5 days. I have to drive myself – Jesus help me.”

Janice Crouch – Window 20 please….”

“Mrs. Crouch - I just showed this to everyone in the back room,” pause, “CONGRATULATIONS! You made 100% on your test!”

“OHHHHH MY! Thank you, Jesus! Jesus…You helped me pass…I didn’t even study. Oh Lord…You are UNBELIEVABLE!”

What a Savior – What a Lord – What a friend!

Why would you or anyone else on this earth not want to know a Savior like our Jesus? Why would you go one more second without knowing and loving and believing in and serving a King who DIED for you on a cross? You don’t have to go to hell – He PAID it all. He’d rather have gone to HELL for you than HEAVEN without you.

Why would you not want to know this HEALER? One day He said to me when I was thanking Him for healing me, “No Jan – thank YOU for receiving my gift of healing.” It is His good pleasure to give you that GIFT of healing… He took stripes on His BACK just for YOU!

He healed me of cancer – heart problem – swollen and infected lymph nodes. He healed my angel 3 lb baby Maltese of a serious hernia…healed Matt’s knee…Please receive Him as YOUR Healer…a gift – all wrapped in precious GOLD and a Crimson red ribbon all around it – and your name on the GIFT. Please receive it NOW!

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